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Desserts 🍨🍫

Desserts 🍨🍫

Featuring FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, Riviera Forlino, Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (East Coast Road), Two Bakers (Jalan Besar), Zafferano, Hei Kim Cafe, T Bob's Corner, Poofy, Genki Sushi (Orchard Central), Creamology
Sher Ong
Sher Ong

📜Mascarpone Cremeux | Novara Cookies | Coffee Gelato Orelys Valrhona Sauce | Marsala Gel

Not included in Burpple deal

I love love this dessert!! Could have swallowed in all of it.

The mascarpone creameux thing is like.. mind blowing? The texture is fluffy and nice! Almost like a softer version of a soufflé pancake! I could eat it in big gulps if there was more.

The Marsala gel had a sour taste to it which was a lil overpowering if you had more of it.. but overall a very nice dessert to end off the dinner!

The gelato melts a little fast too so pls eat it quickly!

Pls order this!

Not sure of the price but was too gao for me!

Tasty dessert! I always enjoy a Mont Blanc.

Probably not one of their best flavours

Taste was light but texture was good
Stronger rose taste compared to peach 🍑

Loved the black sesame! Good texture and went well with cornflakes

Matcha was a little sweet to my liking.

Love their waffles here and so value for money! $7 for buttermilk with 1 scoop.
$3 for additional scoop and $0.80 for premium flavour.

$10.80 for pistachio and Thai milk tea here!

No need more words. These melt in your mouth and are so fluffy!! Loved the vanilla chantilly cream as well. One is my favourite soufflé pancakes for sure. Hope they move should habitat close down.

Premium scoop $4.50
Brown butter waffle $5.00 with salted caramel sauce and dried lavender leaves on the side

Ice cream wasn’t too sweet and was creamy! Freshly made from scratch. they do have interesting flavours but not as unique as Tom’s palette perhaps! Waffles are nice and crispy though we had better ones from Creamology in Jurong!

And they do charge an additional 10% service charge! A little expensive for a neighbourhood ice cream joint!

📜cloud syphon ‘tiramisủ’, mascarpone, Marsala

I can make my own tiramisu so tasting tiramisu means a lot to me! This was good and soft, I like things that melt in your mouth.

Taste was deep and intense. This is how a good tiramisu tastes like! Our macarons were complimentary.

Perfect ambience with amazing scenery for date night.

Bao Zi : chrysanthemum white choco mousse, yuzu, lemon and matcha sponge $8.50

Mian Jiang kueh (background) : crepe layer, salted caramel chantilly, peanut butter and roasted peanuts $8

Both were yummy but the bao Zi was definitely more refreshing and unique! It was also very pleasing to the eye and good for all the ‘gram shots! Not such a fan of peanuts hence lesser love for the Mian Jiang kueh but cool take on this local traditional dessert of ours!

Yummy yummy affogato! Perfect blend of the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the ice cream. Ice cream tasted atas and creamy! Biscotti also provided a good crunch to the dessert.

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Sher Ong

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