Burgers are priced around $12 each. Small size for the price.

Beef and chicken was well cooked and juicy. Great taste and aftertaste. You won't regret coming here.

wait time is huge. expect around 40 minutes to actually get to your food. Seating is also less than the people, better to take away.

Service is fast and friendly.

Decor is superb. total 4 stars

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2 small chicken burger, 2 small chicken legs and 1 drink.

All for $9. Good for 2 small eaters.

Always value for money, always tasty. Burger King is 5 on 5

A lot of chicken curry. Salad, egg, rice and Miso soup.

All for $7. Complete value for money.

I highly recommend this place, if you are in the mood for cheap but good food.

5 on 5

unbelievable apple pie with coke zero. just 1.50

limited promotion on mc app.

got for it!!

perfect drink in this heat. cools you down and has a perfect mix of sweet and sour

5 stars

Staff is rude but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying.

OMG Sour Plum Honey Drink for $3.

I love sparkling drinks and this was was the best.

I highly recommend this. So good 5 stars

Complete value for money.

kebab drink and side included for $8, which is prefect. I ordered the chicken, there are beef and impossible options too.

The only downside is the staff. Very confused and unclear. Rest is good. Not taking it as a negative for such an inexpensive place.

4 on 5 for me

Little dry for my taste, but everyone else loved it on the table.

Presentation was great. Nice dish for Instagram!!

must try it!

Unbelievable taste. served piping hot.

Value for money at $5.

We ordered it twice. 5 stars

The dish is superb taste. complete value for money

We splurged with the order for 5 people and only spent 100 total.

I highly recommend this place. 5 stars

omg the food here is heaven. order anything and you won't regret it.

We ordered like crazy for 5. The total bill was exactly 100.

5 stars ✨

Wonderful taste. Absolute value

$2 only. 5stars. Must try this


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