This has got to be one of the most value-for-money breakfast in my list of hawker finds! Loaded with tons of protein - ngoh hiong, fried fish (fresh!) and chunky lor bak. This bowl of delicious mix seemed small but it left me extremely filled. This probably explains the 20-30mins long’ queue but definitely worth every second of wait time. My papa had this for the 2nd time and he rarely queues for food!

Super long queue but super worth the wait!! Testament to the worthiness of the food is the .. queue! Most ordered the white beehoon and fried fish. I decided to go for the claypot noodles instead - was in the mood for salty that day! It does overpower the light, refreshing and milky taste of the soup tho. So select your noodles wisely!

We were around the hood for something else but it was closed! Turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we got to try this yummilicious asian delight served with a modern take! Chef Joel’s meekia was served with runny onsen, shredded crab meat and thiccccc braised charsiu. It was a very satisfying, slightly upscaled version of meekia.

Crispy horfun was mind-blowing. There wasn’t any sight of horfun when the dish was served. Turns out, the crispy, keropok-like strips were horfuns! Yes, they’re battered and fried - not exactly the healthiest but I’d say it’s indeed better when battered 😂 Doused in horfun gravy with egg swirls and served with a generous serving of pork slices!



$4.50 per bowl, serving wasn’t exceptionally huge. Neither was the taste. Not bad, but not wow. Better, cheaper options available!!
Face-palm 🤦🏻‍♀️

$4.50/serving, with extremely generous serving of wanton noodles and thick slab of chicken cutlet. The cutlet was fried-upon-order, hence you’re assured of a freshly-fried piece of chicken each time you order. The batter was crisp and the chicken was tender and juicy - nothing tough and distasteful. It was pretty addictive and ... a sizeable piece that leaves you really full after some noodles too. Definitely not for someone with a small appetite (advisable to share). Jiji serves this with their special wanton noodles - slightly thicker version than most wanton noodle places that I’ve been too. The thicker noodles soaks up the curry very well; with a springy texture that makes you wanna finish all up even if you’re already very filled up from the cutlet. The curry was a tad more salty than the version from Cantonese Delight, also located in the same hawker, but definitely very yummy too.

At $10/bowl, this certainly isn’t the cheapest in the hawker but definitely one of the must-tries, especially if 3 uncles ahead in the queue (seemingly HOBOs of the hawker centre and the precinct) ordered the same. It was a blessing in disguise that the cheaper items on the menu that I’d budgeted to try were sold out! Crayfish were succulent, juicy and peeled off the shelves very readily! Prawns were peeled - so much ease to just pop a pump one into your mouth!

Rich, cholesterol packed bowl of noodles with really good chilli paste. Served with a side of soup!

This was EXCEPTIONAL, especially from young owners who’re just around the 30y.o! As unassuming as it seems, the meepok were evenly coated with some secret oil (yes, calories, fats and fast track to paradise), with every single strand being cooked al-dente. Who doesn’t love springy noodles?! The young owners have mastered the skills of charring their charsiew to the perfect balance of tender insides, with charred (& sweet!) ‘crust’. The roast pork was cackling kinda crispy and the minced pork - again, as unassuming as it looks - were packed with flavours. There has to be some sorta secret seasoning in there!!

Oh. Not sure why there’s laupasat on the bowl but am pretty sure the legit outlet is the one at Old Airport road 👌

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Love the herbal-y touch to the wanton noodles! I HATE gamey, tough duck 🦆 but this was fine this time! It’s... kinda based on luck tho! Recall having the same the other time and there were too many teeny bones and gamey ducky aftertaste that ruined the lunch experience. Uh-oh, perhaps the chef who prepared the my noods the other time was... a quack?! 🤭

It was lunch time & the pretty popz Alexandra food village was packed with options. Competition is strong the vendors and therefore value for $ awesome eats like this are mainstays of the hawker scene. Unlike other wanton 🏠, the springy wanton noods here doesn’t come drizzled in black, sweet sauce nor red chilli/ tomato sauce. As pictured, it’s served in its purest, with light broth to wet the noodles. Presumably also the soup that the noods were blanched in. Comes with the usual charsiew and 4x wantons.

Comes with 3 crispy wantons and 3 normal wantons, with plenty of charsiew and mushrooms!! They’re so generous that the ingredients covered the wanton noodles beneath!

Super love pontian’s wantons - both the crispy and the boiled ones! Whoever came up with the recipe to include salted fish 🐟 in the boiled wantons is such a genius! Along with the springy noodles and charsiu, this is such a perfect match.

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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