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Sweet dessert everyone will crave after a good dinner
Clarence Chan
Clarence Chan

The ice cream cost me $4.50 and its not worth my money.

The ice cream is so milky where no taro taste, and the jelly balls is like no texture. Definitely will not come for this again.

The ice cream only serve for buffet diners, however the ice cream wasn't frozen. It was so soft and the texture was even softer than soft serve ice cream... It was very bad that it feels more like cream instead.

Yes, sweet tooth it's a must... A warm cheese durian pizza, it goes pretty well. It will make you crave for an actual durian after.

This hotpot is 1 of the most unique taste I ever had. You can't really taste the durian but the soup base turn very very sweet. You don't really taste much of the different but only sweet.

The sambal chilli also have durian paste, making it taste unique. Good experience, but definitely will not try again.

$5 per cone, its so savoury that the melon will hit you hard. Definitely an ice cream you want to end your day with.

Went for double scoop, and no regrets. The chocolate has very chocolatey taste compared to normal chocolate. Chocolate lover don't miss this ice cream.

Great deal for these macarons! Super nice dessert to end my lousy dinner, not too sweet! Super friendly staffs, very good service!