Western 🍽

Western 🍽

Suit yourself with a fork and knife and you’re ready to go
Munch Kinggs
Munch Kinggs

📍Shake Shack📍
💸 ShackBurger: $9.20 (Single); $12.70 (Double)
💸 SmokeShack: $10.90 (Single)
💸 Shroom Burger: $10.80
💸Black & White Shake: $6.90
💸 Crinkle Cut Fries: $4.50
Presenting to you...our very first Shake Shack!! We’ve passed by Shake Shack many times overseas and even when it first arrived in S’pore, we didn’t had the strong urge to jump into the queue for it🥱Since we were craving badly for some beef burgers, decide to grab ourselves some and see what’s hype all about!!🍔🍟🥤Since Shake Shack has pivoted itself as a fine casual restaurant as opposed to the regular fast food joints, we would say that the beef patties definitely taste more premium and those potato buns - wow fluffy and buttery🤤 Initially, we shied away from the Shroom Burger as it’s a whole deep fried portobello, imagining that it’ll taste really greasy. But glad that we gave this popular burger a shot, the mushrooms really gave this earthy flavour and meaty texture, mimicking the beef patties. Moving on to the shake, it is simply way too sweet for two person to finish let alone one person (gets jelat real fast) and we’ll probably also give the fries a miss in the future😶

📍The Masses📍
💸 C&C&C&C Pasta (main size): $19.90
💸 Duck Confit: $18.90
💸 The Masses Lu Rou Fan: $16.90
💸 The Masses Ramen: $20.90
💸 Char Siew Lamb Rib Rice Bowl: $18.90
💸 Morel & Ikura: $13.90
💸 Mix Bread: $3.50
💸 Mix Umami Butter & Caramel Kaya: $3.50
💸 Mimolette Cheese Carrot Cake: $9
Mother’s Day feasting continues with delivered food from The Masses - affordable french cuisine with an asian flair and happy food for our tummies🤰Pretty much enjoyed almost every dish but some really stood out more than the others. The C&C&C&C Pasta was a personal favourite, with that rich and decadent sauce. We would have love to inhale an entire portion by ourselves but with that rich flavour profile, it’s best if it remains as a sharing dish😂 Also enjoyed the duck confit with its crispy skin and paired with “wok hey” rice noodles but if only we could have a bit more of the rice noodles...Special mention goes to the unami butter and caramel kaya🧈- omg only ordered a small portion to go with the bread but hitting ourselves hard right now for not ordering the big bottles of butter so we could dip our spoons into and have them anytime we want🤤

It’s been a while since we’re in the area for lunch and decide to brave the lunch crowd for some bagels🥯🥯🥯Was surprised to see two men bagel with a revamped shop front and menu!! We were spoilt for choices (as usual) and got the pearl habour and hawt cheeks which were huge and packed full of ingredients(like all their bagels)- super filling!!🤤🤤

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📍Tenderfresh, Cheong Chin Nam (Near Beauty World MRT)📍
💸Crispy Skin Chicken Steak: $8.90 (student meal)
Always back for Tenderfresh’s affordable student meals available Mondays to Fridays from 11am to 6pm👩‍🏫👨‍🏫For every 2 student main purchased, it comes with a free starter! Not a fan of their brown sauce but the chicken steak is a good and filling choice👍🏻

📍Wine & Chef, Keong Saik Road📍
💸Crab Tofu: $19
Got to try the crab tofu which had a really strong asian taste to it because of the ginger chili- I believe is this black sauce at the bottom! Btw the restaurant was really really dark😂

📍Wine & Chef, Keong Saik Road📍
💸 Beef Cheek Pasta: $29
The beef check pasta was also rich in flavour! A really hearty dish and the beef cheek was super tender, you could tear the meat apart with your cutlery without much effort👍🏻

Today we MUNCH-ed on...🤤
📍Wine & Chef, Keong Saik Road📍
💸 Scallops Capellini: $28
This meal came up to be a lot cheaper thanks to purchasing chope voucher ($50 voucher for $27.50 aka 45% off)!! This voucher is only valid for Sat 12-2pm🤩
Eyeing the Scallops Capellini way beforehand because I’m a huge capellini fan and it never disappoints! The truffle smell really hits you when it was served🤤

Occasionally enjoys pigging out🤙🏻 Also on insta @munchkinggs

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