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Jovial Jakarta

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Tiny Tummy
Tiny Tummy

Indonesian style fish soup. There are 3 types of soup - clear, yam style or tomyum.

Clear soup is for the one who loves light soup. The fish is steamed, served with tomato and basil leaves.

Yam style (as shown in photo) has spicy sour taste. Served with yam, the fish was fried resulting in crunchy skin yet tender meat.

Tomyum is the spiciest option available. The soup is quite strong so be prepared.

If you’re looking for conveyor-belt sushi, come to Sushigo! The sushi selections are amazing, more than 100 types of sushi (salmon, ebi, unagi, scallop, beef, inari, and many more); and all are priced at $1.5 per plate!

Salmon Bomb is the must try. Rice wrapped with torched salmon, topped with spicy mentai sauce. It melts in your mouth :9

Didn’t expect the noodle is thick and heavy (feels like lormee). The chicken is karage style, while the onion sauce is super tasty! There is chili sauce if you like your lamian to br spicy.

I did not manage to finish the whole noodle as it turned out filling. Currently it is on 40% promotion if you order via Grabfood (“PALUGADA” promotion code).

Fried dory fish with nori toppings. Decent taste but small portion. Small cafe with wifi, nice place to work.

Hidden gem sushi place! Located nearby Pasar Ikan (Fish Market), in a super ulu place. Yet the
3-floor-building is very modernly designed, similar concept to Taipei’s Addiction Aquatic Development.

The first floor is seafood supermarket, while the second floor is dessert shop. The restaurant is located on the third floor, having the capacity around 12 people on the counter and 200 normal seats. Please call the restaurant to make a reservation as it gets crowded easily, especially during dinner time and weekends.

Recommended Dish
1. Kabuto Beef ($9) - beef with special sauce with 1 nigiri rice. Must try.
2. Salmon Mentai Aburi Sushi ($2 for 1 piece) - thick salmon with generous mentai. Oishii!

Another good thing is ocha is free & no service charge

Totally enjoyed making my own smoothie. Choose 2 fruits between kiwi, strawberry, banana or dragonfruit. You’ll be given the fruit chunks, granola and honey. Spend around 5 minutes crushings the ingredients inside smoothie tumbler.

Plus point, the cafe is very instagrammable!

Cheap yet good dimsum place! Open 24-hour so this will be my go-to-place for supper, especially after having a late night flight. The location is 15-minute drive from airport so it’s convenient.

My favourite dishes:
1. Steam babi cincang / minced pork rice ($2)
2. Hakao / shrimp dumpling ($2.3 for 3)
3. Siao Mai babi / pork siewmay ($2.3 for 3)

The parking is a little bit difficult, as the shop is located by the road. You may need to queue (15-60 mins) during peak hour, eventhough the place is quite huge - they use 3 floors for the restaurant.

My top recommendation for seafood place in Jakarta.

Air-conditioned indoor modern seafood restaurants, available for both walk-in and booking. They have huge parking lots (more than 100 lots), so it will be convenient for those who drive.

Top dishes:
1. Nasi Cakalang ($5 for 2-3 people) - Tuna baked rice in Indonesian style. They use coconut rice (nasi lemak) with cakalang fish toppings, a little bit spicy and savoury.
2. Udang Pancet Bakar ($8 for 5 shrimps) - Grilled Giant Shrimp that is super tender and juicy, topped with either honey sauce (sweet) or Banjar sauce (sweet & spicy)

Note: if you order ikan bakar (grill fish), they will ask you to choose which fish - my preference is “ikan kuwe” for grilled option. They have ‘live seafood’ option as well at higher price.

Top drinks & dessert
1. Alcopi ($3.3) - avocado, chocolate ice cream & coffee. Super duper good! The coffee is served separately, put it more coffee if you prefer to have your avocado less sweet
2. Es campur ($3) - shaved ice with rose syrup with coconut, avocado, jackfruit, chendol, and grassjelly

My favourite sushi for the past 8 years. Consistently good yet affordable.

Must go dishes: Black Dragon Roll
Fusion roll of ebi with cream cheese topped with unagi and mayonaise

Lunch - International Buffet

Had a wide varieties from salad, cheese platter, oriental & dimsum, japanese, indian, pasta station, western and chops (lamb & beef) as well as dessert bar.

My favourites are:
Japanese - sashimi are fresh and sushi rolls varieties are great. Special applause goes to Dynamite roll. They even have veggie roll for vegetarian!

Yong Tau Foo station - DIY yong tau foo (fish cake, beefballs, tofu, veggie & mushrooms) with varieties of noodles (yellow noodle, vermicelli, beehoon ane others). For soup, choose between chicken, beef or tomyum soup.

Dessert - this is the best. Collage is known for the numerous options of desserts. Ice cream, cakes, breadpudding, jelly toffee and nuts are available.
They even have giant chocolate fondue with marshmallow & fruits. My best pick: chocolate lava cake, creme brulle & vanilla ice cream.

Promotion available using Eatigo or BCA credit card
Lunch: $40 for 2
Dinner: $60 for 2

tiny tummy, titanic appetite

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