Bring The Fam

Bring The Fam

Great for groups and sharing!
Alicia Ng
Alicia Ng

What a satisfying meal. The ground pot chicken was certainly new to us and oh boy, the braised potatoes and hand pulled noodles were amazing. The dumplings and mantous were polished off pretty quickly. Would revisit this friendly eatery again. Be sure to come in groups so that you can try more items off their menu!

New found gem! I love anything Middle Eastern and you cannot imagine my delight when a huge vegan-friendly platter of hummus, pita, dukkah etc arrived at my table. Value for money and tastes great!

I will definitely revisit to try the other dishes on the menu.


The place's selling point is definitely it's novelty, with unique dishes. Great for groups to try different interesting dishes. We felt that the flavours of each dish may be jelak for one to finish on their own. Recommendations: Unagi fried rice.

Have been craving for Indian food recently and Gurkha Palace's Nepalese and Indian cuisine really hit the spot. The cozy dining space is decorated with Nepalese classical décor and traditional brass utensils.

The four of us shared a couple of butter and garlic naans to go along with palak paneer (cottage cheese with spinach), aloo jeera (cumin seeds spiced potatoes), shahi korma (braised chicken curry with cashews), steamed momos (dumplings) and chicken sekuwa (skewers). The momos were rather underwhelming, nothing super fantastic - just minced chicken and doughy skin. Perhaps the fried ones would be a better choice. BUT that's the only disappointment. The Nepali skewers spiced with Himalayan blend were tender and flavourful. The Mughlai curry dish was so creamy and rich from the cashews, just with a little heat in the aftertaste. Potatoes dish were simple yet tasteful - might try to do this for a meal prep. And our favourite was definitely the palak paneer. Smooth and delicious spinach puree with paneer cubes was just so satisfying. Yums.

Definitely come here in a group to try all of these comforting and hearty dishes. It is really affordable as well, with the total bill coming up to ~$60. You are sure to be full! Oh, and they have complimentary papadums with a bomb-ass hari chutney.

Yes to the big slab of unagi. Not so much for the fried rice; tasted like an ordinary fried rice, the garlic didn't come through.

Wokhei porridge didn't have much wokhei either. Though the fish eggs and scallops were great additions. Prefer the porridge to the fried rice but will I purchase either without burrple beyond? Nay.

This mess tasted better than it looks - salty, cheesy, creamy. It was a lot going on for sure, in a good way. Though you might get really jelat after eating it as it is ricccch and heavy. Worth the price though. In other places, oridinary fries are already costing up to $12.

Laksa vongole was the winning dish for us. Legit creamy laksa and they didn't skim on the clams. Wished that the youtiao was softer to soak up the laksa though.

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