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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

This was a quite a dense braided bread. Liked the toasted & caramelised pecans, both my sis and I tasted a hint of orange or smth citrusy that contrasted the nutella. Not bad! But it’s a bit heavy, cut a thin slice if you get full easily.

I liked the mochi! Chewy, soft and sweet. The bread was kinda dry and meh, and they could have been more generous with the red bean. Would buy again if there’s still the $1 promo and I happen to walk past, but for $2.90 maybe not - there are other better options from gokoku/asanoya/etc.

Honestly I don’t usually buy bread from Paris Baguette because it’s all wrapped in individual plastic and it puts me off slightly (I like to kiap it and place into my container haha personal habit) but this was $1 (on promo, U.P. $2.90) so why not! Also means their marketing promos work on me LOL

The red bean filling which consists of paste + skin is not too sweet! Rather natural tasting which I liked. Could have more filling though.

Bread is fluffy and the filling is slightly grainy, was pretty hearty. The sweetness level is fine - not bland & i didn't feel like it was overly sweet. Not bad but I think I’m still a red bean bun kinda girl! Thank you to the fellow burppler that recommended this to me :)

This is something I’ve been eating since I was a kid, so my review is definitely biased because there’s the added factor of nostalgia & habit. The bun is generously filled with red bean filling that is not too sweet, encased within a rather soft bun. This is my fav thing from mama! My mom always bought it for us since we were in primary school :)

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Walked past the ghim moh outlet and was attracted by the smell :p This was a very floofy and soft enriched buttery bread, was not bad! Freshly baked, the auntie sliced it just before I bought it. It’s plain enough such that you can still put spreads on it, but flavourful enough to eat on its own.

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The red bean bun’s bread kinda has a gardenia taste haha. It’s soft, and the red bean paste has a mix of skin & purée bits and it’s pleasantly sweet. I like it and I’ve had it several times - it’s just your regular red bean bun, nothing much to shout about. The green tea red bean was nicer because the bread itself had a mild green tea taste.

The filling was very crunchy/grainy, not too sweet! There was a mix of white & black sesame in it. However, the bread was v flat and wasn’t very satisfying. I don’t mind repurchasing, but I would rather get my usual red bean bun.

Bread was superrrr soft n floofy, to the point that I was afraid of squishing it if I held it in my hand. The red bean was rather nice to me, with an acceptable amount of sweetness. Coco filling was nice too! It wasn’t dry, rather joosy. Would repurchase! Also, it’s very value for money.

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I really enjoyed my croissants for lunch! There were three separate dips and I loved maple the most. Kept my croissants overnight and heated them up still tasted as good as fresh :”)

I usually toast shio pans that I buy back, as they get nice and crispy at the bottom due to the butter content. Barcook's shio pan is decent with a crisp bottom after toasting, but it could have been softer inside, and it was less flavourful than expected. I’ll go for So Good Bakery's shio pan over this anytime, but barcook’s locations are more convenient.

The waffle had a slight sourdough tang, and was crisp outside, kinda cakey inside. It was really airy though, and we prefer waffles that have some density to it. The whiskey crancherry had a strong alcoholic kick, with some tartness from the cherries and cranberries. The marula tasted a little like pear, and the crunchy cacao bits were a good addition. Flavours were alright, but in terms of texture, it was kinda flat and thin. The gelato dissolves immediately when eaten. Everything we tried here (both waffle & gelato) was weirdly airy, not a big fan.

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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