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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

After trying a few white toast / shokupan loafs from different Japanese bakeries, gotta say that Kamome does it best :-D It’s superior in terms of both texture and flavour! The bread is superr soft and fluffy, and has a subtle milky taste. I toasted it with some butter and it formed this shatteringly crisp layer on the exterior!! I love it 🤩 Their toast comes in different thickness, it goes from 4 slices (2.8cm per slice) to 8 slices (1.3cm per slice) so it depends on your preference! I think they also increased the price slightly to $3.70 after I went in Jan, but it’s fine because it’s really nice and it’s still a pretty average price, worth it!

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Ahhh I love bread and I love TBB!!! 🤗🤗 I’m sure TBB doesn’t need much introductions but still gonna contribute to the list of great reviews. Kouign Amann and Green Tea Almond Croissants have been my go-to in TBB - I love how big, crispy and buttery the pastries are (also I feel that they have been consistent throughout the years and across the outlets). Salmon and Spinach quiche was alright - was the kind of cooked salmon, might not order again! But the focaccia was SUCH a pleasant surprise and esp when they served it piping hot and the rosemary was so prominent, giving it a savoury taste! 😋 coffee was good as usual perked me up! ☺️

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We got 3 pizzas to share between the 6 of us - mushroom pesto, clam & garlic, roast beef and garlic. My favourite was the mushroom pesto, which was quite cheesy but I felt that more pesto could be added. The garlic and clam one was quite seafoody with a fragrant garlic flavour but there was no 腥味 so that’s good. We didn’t enjoy the roast beef one at all, the beef was really dry and tough.

The sourdough pizza base was reminiscent of a focaccia. It was thick and fluffy in the middle, with very crunchy pizza corners, kinda like breadsticks.

The parmesan garlic sourdough knots were very delicious, as it was similarly thick and fluffy, with cheese in the middle. But it’s rather small, pretty pricey at $3.30 per piece.

Their shokupan is good - it’s thick, soft, fluffy and very tasty when toasted with butter. It’s my second fav shokupan currently!

This was quite meh - the matcha taste was subtle, cheese was masked by the red bean paste (it just gives a slightlyyy salty taste). The red bean paste used was good though. Get the regular an pan bun over this, it’s more satisfying.

This is one of the nicest sourdoughs I’ve had, it checked all the right boxes! I had a slice toasted w butter and so it had a crunchy exterior. The sd was chewy and dense, with a nice tang!! Also, I liked that the crust wasn’t hard. Some sourdoughs have a v hard crust which makes it tiring for the jaw, but it wasn’t the case for this one. I’ve tried some ~meh~ tasting sd loaves from homebakers but her loaves are pretty good, tasted better compared to some established bakeries out there!

I like the addition of the soft and mooshy chestnut! There’s about 1.5-2 chestnuts given, 1 piece as topping and 1 more inside the bun. The red bean is like their regular red bean, it’s generously filled as usual and red bean paste is a bit sweet, but still at an acceptable level of sweetness bc the sugar brings out the flavour of the red bean. Bread itself has a very slight bitterness to it, it has discernible difference from the regular red bean bun. I think this is one of my top 3 fav buns from mama!

The sweet ptt cubes inside were very naturally sweet, bread had a nuttiness to it, prob because of the black sesame seeds! The bread I got (maybe because I bought it at night?) is a bit tough though, wasn’t as soft as their breads normally are, and more like a baguette.

Matcha taste was there, there was some astringency/bitterness to it! It’s one of the most intensely matcha flavoured breads I’ve had - most rely on the filling to bring across the matcha flavour, and those that don’t have matcha filling end up having a very mild matcha taste, which I don’t mind because I’m not that big of a matcha fan, but I know a lot of matcha fans so it’s important to them.

Texture is chewy and fluffy, like the original shichifuku bun. There was this roasty flavour reminiscent of kinako, and a slight sweetness. The grains within the dough also added some texture. The piece I got was HUGE but it's usually not so big, the other pieces around it were smaller (but still decently sized for the price). The fam enjoyed this a lot, it was gone in no time :)

For some reason this bun was more dense than the coco one. The red bean was pure paste (no skin) and was quite hearty, very dense and not too sweet. In comparison mama's red bean bun feels much sweeter. It’s pretty decent but I prefer the coco bun as the bread tasted better!

The bun was v soft and floofy, coco filling was joosy and sweet, I enjoyed it! Might be on par with oishi's coco bun which is one of my fav places for coco buns. Also, it’s great that they didn't use orange sugar. I’m more partial to brown coco filling over orange ones, bc I prefer the gula melaka taste over orange sugar.

WAH guys the sourdough was v nice. It had a very nice soft & pliable quality to it, texture is rly quite good! The olives were dispersed evenly and gave a tangy briny flavour, went well with the rosemary fragrance. I toasted one side to get one side soft and one side cronchy. I liked that the crust wasn't super hard so it was v easy to eat. Now I want to go back and try all their diff sourdoughs :'D

Escargot was v crisp after toasting! The adzuki was nice, there’s a light sweetness and I quite liked the idea of red bean in viennoiseries - I haven't seen that before. Just that it could have been cooked down a bit more. The matcha wasn’t very pronounced. Croissant was crisp upon toasting, it's decent but I felt that it was kinda greasy. Had it a few hours after purchasing, the humidity rly gets to it and it was v soggy, I couldn't not toast it. It’s ok lah it was still nice bc buttery stuff r yummy but I'll still stick to petit pain for plain croissants!

Their olive sourdough usually comes out after 2.30pm and I was there too early at 12ish, but the kind auntie was like wait wait let me go check the kitchen! When she returned she told me that it'll be about 7 mins so I waited for it. Thank you!! The staff are nice and it really adds to the experience - I'll be back even tho it's q far from my place :)

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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