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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The cinnamon bun was soft, moist and cinnamony, with a pleasant tang to it. The cream cheese wasn’t too sweet, and was a nice accompaniment to the bun :)

The soft, crisp, charred buns was delicious! Together with the cold butter and kaya which was not too sweet/eggy/coconutty, this made for a satisfying treat.

The toasts were good, they were tangy and crunchy. The nut butter toast was almost as good as woodland sourdough’s version but fell slightly short. I still enjoyed it nonetheless :) Quite liked the flat white, which was smooth and well balanced.

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Oof these were great! Soft & fluffy with good crunch from the cinnamon-sugared pecans, it was very satisfying :)

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This was available during their 1 year birthday party in June 2019, so I’m not sure if they offer it currently. But waaaow this was really good! The sourdough donut is light but chewy, and the blueberry cream complimented it well. It wasn’t too sweet, with just the right amount of tartness. My mom and I really enjoyed this :)

This smelt really good esp because of the rosemary! The bread was chewy & tangy; the filling (potatoes w onions and sesame seeds) was soft and tasty. Yumz!!

This medley of mushroom, cheese & spinach encased within well-toasted slices of bread (sourdough maybe?) was really delicious. A good combination of fresh ingredients & bread! I love toasties and this further affirmed it :)

Had this for the first time in 2014 and present-day me still loves it! SUPER soft and fluffy, with a pleasant matcha taste, and it’s a rather hydrated bread I feel! The white choc bits aren’t too sweet and provides a textural variation (it’s melty) which is delicious. Would have this all the time if not for the fact that it’s really pricey.

Was really impressed with the toast here! It was ultra crisp which I really like.

Not a big fan of the homemade kaya though, it was too lumpy for my liking, and didn’t have a distinct taste. The french toast was decent.

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The kaya toast was relatively (not superrr) crispy and came with a pretty thick cold butter piece. The homemade kaya was nice, texture is slightly similar to tong ah’s but not as lumpy (which I appreciate), and it had a light pleasant taste and wasn’t too sweet! Would have preferred if the toast was more crisp :)

Coffee is interesting! A bit sour and has q a strong coffee taste bc I ordered kopi o.

Sourdough was warm and toasty, crisp crust and soft interior; it held up well against the generous serving of avopesto + onsen egg + cherry toms :) the avopesto was rly refreshing & yumz :-D

Pretty pricey but it was delicious, clean and light (as opposed a heavier sinful cheese toast?) and I love it!! Tbh it’s good that it’s expensive if not I would be fat and broke bc it’s like an 8 min walk from my workplace


Mascarpone, honey, toasted walnuts sitting atop a sourdough slice. Quite delicious but I rly expected to have my socks blown off after reading reviews but this was not quite life-changing. It’s good & I like it, but not phenomenal. Think I would prefer if the mascarpone was a better textural contributor; this was a bit too soft (like very soft butter that has been left out for 5 hours). But the honey and walnuts were good though. Sourdough was a little more chewy compared to the 3 cheese’s sourdough! Works for this combi.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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