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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

This was very fragrant, but it felt more oily than the gokoku one. Very similar in terms of taste, texture wise it was more fluffy. Not bad but I think I still prefer gokoku/sogood’s shiopan!

Gave this a quick toast, and it got superrr crisp. It’s a very nice, buttery salted roll that is flaky and fluffy between the layers. This and sogood are my top 2 places to get shio pan :)

Oops I did not think I will be reviewing packaged bread, but here I am. It’s kinda like a cinnaroll, with the sweet maple filling applied on dough and rolled up. Bread surprisingly soft and fluffy, I’m q amazed esp since this is packaged bread. It is on the sweeter side of things tho, but the maple ness is present. Not something I would purchase or crave for bc I would rather have freshly baked bread which is more healthy in a sense, but I think it’s the best packaged bread I’ve had, and it makes for a convenient breakfast when you’re busy. Also, I think they don’t add any preservatives so that’s good :) This was free for office so yeah I wouldn’t mind trying another flavour if it’s avail again!

Ciabatta was my fav out of the breads I tried here. It had a crunchy crust, while the insides were so soft and elastic. I had it plain and was pretty satisfied. I realise their breads have a distinct soft chewy texture, where the bread has a rly nice stretchiness/elasticity to it and I’m all for it!

Honey brioche had a pleasant honey fragrance which perfumed the loaf. It was nice but I don’t think I’ll repurchase as it wasn’t as outstanding as their other stuff!

This was nice and crunchy when toasted, crust is just nice - not too hard. Some sd loaves have a hard crust that isn’t as easy to chew on, some even giving a jaw ache. $4.50 per loaf? I’m sold.

Texture was great - nice crumb, chewy, and crisp when toasted. Very easy to eat as the crust is not too hard. This was pretty hydrated I think, felt very moist! Flavour-wise would have liked a teensy bit more sourdough tang. This is quite big for a $12 loaf, i can see myself repurchasing it! The family enjoyed it too :)

This was a quite a dense braided bread. Liked the toasted & caramelised pecans, both my sis and I tasted a hint of orange or smth citrusy that contrasted the nutella. Not bad! But it’s a bit heavy, cut a thin slice if you get full easily.

I liked the mochi! Chewy, soft and sweet. The bread was kinda dry and meh, and they could have been more generous with the red bean. Would buy again if there’s still the $1 promo and I happen to walk past, but for $2.90 maybe not - there are other better options from gokoku/asanoya/etc.

Honestly I don’t usually buy bread from Paris Baguette because it’s all wrapped in individual plastic and it puts me off slightly (I like to kiap it and place into my container haha personal habit) but this was $1 (on promo, U.P. $2.90) so why not! Also means their marketing promos work on me LOL

The red bean filling which consists of paste + skin is not too sweet! Rather natural tasting which I liked. Could have more filling though.

Bread is fluffy and the filling is slightly grainy, was pretty hearty. The sweetness level is fine - not bland & i didn't feel like it was overly sweet. Not bad but I think I’m still a red bean bun kinda girl! Thank you to the fellow burppler that recommended this to me :)

This is something I’ve been eating since I was a kid, so my review is definitely biased because there’s the added factor of nostalgia & habit. The bun is generously filled with red bean filling that is not too sweet, encased within a rather soft bun. This is my fav thing from mama! My mom always bought it for us since we were in primary school :)

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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