Affordable Eat$ 🤙🏻

Affordable Eat$ 🤙🏻

Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Umi Nami, Le Coq, Meat n' Chill, Sin Heng Kee Porridge (Hougang), Watami (Junction 8), Hong Sheng Sliced Fish Soup (Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre), Yonehachi @ Takashimaya
Ayps  Yue Qi
Ayps Yue Qi

Got the spicy salmon don and swapped the carbs for shirataki noodles (spicy). Just a heads up, IT IS RLY SPICY HHAHAHAH. My friend took prolly a good 5 mins taking out the small chilli padis but if u do well w spice I guess that won’t be necessary HAHAHA. The salmon was really fresh and there were HUGE chunks of them!! Still had a few cubes left even after I had finished eating the shirataki noodles.

This place p much exceeded my expectations!! Servers were lovely and the service was really quick.

🐟Topped up and got the $6 fish soup. Super thick slices & generous portions of fish & bitter gourd. Love the dipping sauce to go with the fish slices.

📌first time dining here bc bUBz was craving for steaks

🐮bubz got the grass fed ribeye (250g) w coleslaw & truffle fries as the sides and I got the New York strip (250g) w corn bread and green salad as the sides.

Can I just say that was prolly the thicCcCckest cut of steak I’ve ever had. The red wine sauce was pretty good too, actually req for the mushroom sauce but they kinda got my order wrong - no complaints bc it was smthg new to try!! The steak was super juicy!! The fats to lean meat ratio was just nice and the fats rly do melt in your mouth!! 🤩 bubz ribeye was more tender (dUh)

Tried a lil bit of the truffle fries and they were amazing!! The portion was huge as well. The cornbread tasted pretty interesting!! First time trying it and I was pleasantly surprised. The gravy went rly well w it.

Damage: $61.20
Super affordable & yummy!! Rly chill & simple dining set up

📌Back here again!!

🐟Momsie got special salmon don +$2 to have the salmon cooked cause she isn’t a fan of raw salmon & I had the anago don for the second time!!

The mayonnaise concoction tasted p good tbh, wasn’t too overwhelming and each cube of salmon was nicely coated w a good amount of it!! The salmon was cooked but was still moist & tasted rly fresh.

Anago don was yummy and I didn’t rly have a problem w the bones bc it was so tender. A big thank you to the staffs for being so patient and explaining the dishes to momsie!!

burpple 1 for 1 deal made it rly worth

✨If you’re looking for yUmmEh affordable dons this is the place to check out!!

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📌 the chicken set is my go-to order whenever I visit this restaurant!!

🍱There’s always a snaking long queue and I can see why!! This restaurant serves up decent jap food at an affordable price (no GST no service charge!!) Their salmon glutinous rice is rly popular among diners just give the others a pass and just order this!! Price ranges around $12-$15 for a set that comes w your choice of protein (Saba fish, salmon fish, chicken etc), choice of glutinous rice (red bean, salmon etc cant rmbr the rest l0l) w a small bowl of salad & miso soup.

📌 got the baked eggs c0c0tte and all in Brekkie tgt w a pot of tea (African sunrise) & iced Long black to share between 3 of us!

🍳The p0rti0ns were hUgE!! The baked eggs c0c0tte was rly flavourful! My new fav comf0rt f00d!!

🥓Didn’t rly try the all in brekkie but the mushr00ms were tasty unlike other bland & overly salty mushrooms that most cafes serve.

📌dropped by around 11am on a weekend and the cafe was alrd packed. Servers were friendly and helpful when it came to recommending stuff on the menu!!

Will def0 be back for more 🤙🏻

📌Personally not the biggest fan of porridge but this is the 0nLY porridge place I’ll keep returning to.

🍲My go to order is the meatball porridge w an additional egg ($4.50) & bUBz would normally get the signature bowl ($6).

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📌 bestie and I grabbed anago don and she told me that’s unagis cousin (her words, not mine!!)

🐟The servings were pretty generous & it was rly fresh!! Was $9/each after the burpple deal & I guess that’s alright.

Will defo be back to try the other items on the menu!!

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📌 give the other dishes a pass and get the avocado salmon sashimi sushi!!

Not rly a big fan of watami but their dinner sets are pretty decent for sharing & their student meals are affordable as well