Asian Flavours

Asian Flavours

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Alicia Ng
Alicia Ng

The jackfruit curry is a must order. Flavourful with all the right spices.

Purchased the sweet potato, yam, black sesame and red bean variant of the rainbow lapis, and a kueh salat. The black sesame and red bean flavours are more pronounced than the former. Love the springy, smooth and soft layers of each kueh. If you love peeling layer by layer, these are sure to givd you that satisfaction.

Tofu noodles was pretty similar to what I had in Yangon, not too bad. But portions were really small despite the higher price.

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What a satisfying meal. The ground pot chicken was certainly new to us and oh boy, the braised potatoes and hand pulled noodles were amazing. The dumplings and mantous were polished off pretty quickly. Would revisit this friendly eatery again. Be sure to come in groups so that you can try more items off their menu!

Love the soft and pillowy pitas. Hummus, babaganoush and tahini were all fragrant. Pickles were just the right amount of tartness. Would recommend to get another pita as they are extremely generous with the hummus. Limited seating though.

A lovely place to have Middle Eastern Cuisine and cocktails.

Selected the Kale Tabbouleh, Fried Cauliflower, Cashew Hummus and Sweet Corn Hummus from the lunch menu. The cauliflower dish and cashew hummus are a must-orders for me. Kale Tabbouleh was a refreshing salad with great texture and flavour from the spiced chickpeas. Not feeling the sweet corn hummus though, perhaps a tad more sun dried tomatoes would elevate the dish.

However, we felt that the appetisers overshadowed the mains. The spring pea falafel and chicken shish kebab were decent but that's about it. Felt that my previous visit before the menu change had a better combination of flavours for the kebabs. Was a tad disappointed with the mains but felt better after the yummy cake at the end of the meal.

Ordered the plain naan and chapati to go along with the palak paneer and mushroom mutter meshi. Both were great and hearty. The bread are on the smaller side so do get one each. Dahi Poori is refreshing in a savoury way. Would recommend!

Cost: $30ish for two after using Burpple 1-for-1

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One of the better, if not the best, banh mi I had in Singapore. The baguette was crusty on the outside and soft in the inside - still not as fragrant as the actual Vietnam bread but it will do. The banana spring rolls [$5] were nicely deep fried and sweet.

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I call this Atas Hawker Food or Hawker Food lv 2. A substantial bowl of dry noodles that delivers good flavours with every bite. The truffle smell is strong but taste wise, was more on the subtle side. Place was really quiet as well, so you don't need to rush to beat the lunch crowd.


The place's selling point is definitely it's novelty, with unique dishes. Great for groups to try different interesting dishes. We felt that the flavours of each dish may be jelak for one to finish on their own. Recommendations: Unagi fried rice.

Huge lover of peanuts like me? Spicy Dan Dan noodles is the way to go. Robust peanut flavor from the broth with the pile of crushed peanuts. Yum.

Great bite to the noodles. Wasn't too oily either from the sesame oil. A good amount of heat that will cause you to sweat a little - would prefer for them to amp up the spice level though, since it's a Sichuan dish.

Other dishes I enjoyed were the Scallion pastry, egg white with fish and scallops, and the soy sauce jellyfish.

Roasted Black Grouper ($28++) skin was crisp with a flavourful sauce. We like strong tasting food so mixing in the garam masala spice in really hits the mark! Full of unami and the pickled shimeji adds a tad of sourness. Canto Grouper ($26++) had an sweet broth reminiscent of those wedding dinner soup, but elevated. A must try! They use sake here instead of the typical Chinese wine. Sweet potato noodles - springy for that mouth feel. If we had to be really picky, the dish could use some chilli or stronger alc for an added kick .

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