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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The jjm noodles were softer than expected, sauce was very savoury and got a bit salty towards the end. But there was a rather generous portion of onions + beef pieces. Decent but I’ve had better! It’s kinda similar to hawker beef noodles with 粗米粉.

Stew was meh, I didn’t have much of it. There is a part of a small crab which was surprising. Banchan was also average.

This was alright. Out of the 3 (pork belly, marinated spare ribs & Boston butt), the Boston butt was the nicest but it wasn’t v tender or anything. The marinated spare ribs were tender but I felt like it was a bit salty.

The best thing in this pic? The grilled enoki + hot kimchi LOL but the enoki is really nice, since it’s grilled with the meat juices!

It’s near my place so maaaybe I’ll try their pajeon/bibimbap next time but not in the near future :p Service is pretty slow and they’re nice but everyone is so busy so it’s pretty hard to catch their attention. Also doesn’t help that it feels like they block out their peripheral vision and only attend to what they are doing at that time. So if you see someone on the way to do something you gotta expect that it takes a lot more than wildly flailing arms to catch their attention.

The hot stone bibimbap was very delicious! It came with carrots, beansprouts, cucumber, spinach, mushrooms, some korean veg (I rly dk what it is), beef slices and a fried egg. The mushrooms and beef were particularly flavourful, and I liked that there were crisp rice bits at the bottom! It rly retained heat well, and the food was still piping hot towards the end of the meal. The soup of the day was a fish cake leek soup which was quite peppery, and for the sides I chose the beef, seasoned beansprouts, broccoli and lotus root. Didn’t rly like the beef side dish as it was tough; beansprouts were tasty; broccoli was average; my fav was the crunchy and sweet/savoury lotus root. Kimchi was great too! They also give a free drink, I chose hot barley and it was like the typical roasted barley drinks you get at korean restaurants. I was really really full after this meal!

At $12++, this is v good value because the food was really quite delicious and I think the portions are big enough such that 3 pax can share 2 sets. Will definitely be back!

Have been eating this for a longgg time, probably for the past 8-10 years. I call this the “korean caifan” - you get rice, 4 dishes, and seaweed soup. My fav dishes are the beef, braised potato slices, taukwa, broccoli, kimchi and omelette. I rotate between these options, depending on what’s available. I also like that they use good quality rice that is slightly sticky! Overall it’s yummy, very homely, with generous portions. I was really full after the meal so rmb to bring a big eater to give some of your food to 😂

Tried some of the pork and I think the beef is much better, but my friend says that the pork is decent and “better than food court korean”. They also have bbq outlets so maybe I’ll try that in future, but the original store (this one) just has a charm that has me coming back again and again :)

OBBA jjajang has been my top korean restaurant in Singapore down since I discovered it years back (super homely vibes and they have GOOD jjampong & jjajangmyeon) and super pleasantly surprised to find that they opened an OBBA BBQ just few stalls down. And OBBA BBQ truly doesn’t disappoint as well!! Can’t remember the exact pricing but we paid $150 for 4 pax.

I don’t take beef but the pork itself was super satisfying / the pork belly had its fatty portion which was palatable and not too greasy and the marinated pork was sweet and savoury (super flavourful!).

Kimchi cheese pancake is a must-order as well - they are super generous with their cheese which totally melts into the pancake itself. I think you can give the naengmyeon a miss I’m not a fan haha. Tofu soup that came with the set was belly-warming too was on a cold rainy day 🥰

Also love the refillable banchans (kimchi was fresh and had a kick, felt that it was handmade by an ahjumma in the kitchen :”) ) and!!! the staff cook everything for us! (Plus point for my lazy friend here who doesn’t like to cook his food). V v good experience will def be back!

12-pieces set was having a really good $9.90 deal!! We got the soy garlic & yangnyeom flavours which reminded me of 4 fingers so much. Personally I liked yangnyeom more which had a kick from the spiciness. The wings were really crispy and fully drenched in the sauces.

Kimchi had a kick as well!! Honestly can’t find many places that do kimchi justice but glad to find it here! :-)

Tteokbokki fries was a disappointment tho - I expected Tteokbokki fries (like literally Tteokbokki as the fries) but it turned out to be “Tteokbokki & Fries” - 3 measly Tteokbokki :-( I mean there was the sauce on the fries but other than that, nothing special about it.

Overall still good & their noodles / rice dishes look promising - will be back to try!! 🥰🤩🥰🤩

Liked this a lot previously as it was thick and chewy, but still crispy on the outside. However, it was pretty disappointing this time, as it was pretty floury, and not crisp at all :( The amount of ingredients also seem to have decreased.

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Had my first naengmyeon ever at their plaza sing outlet previously, and I still liked it this time! It comes with white vinegar & mustard that you can add by yourself. The noodles are thin and chewy , and I love the broth especially after adding the white vinegar - it is delightfully sour and refreshing. I never thought the words “cold” and “broth” would go well together, but this proved me wrong. Found the noodles a little clumpy this time, but would still go for this when I here :)


how could I have not discovered this place earlier!!! ok tho not the best best korean restaurant but I would def come back bc it’s so worth and so so comforting!! The pancake is a must-get - the sides are so so crispy dipped into the sauce! Ps the queue on a fri night was crazy so do come early

Back here and am actually pretty impressed once again how their soups tasted so legit without any meat / onion / garlic!!!! And actually I prefer ordering the small soups to share rather than getting the huge sharing budaejiggae ($42) - always too much for us!! Good meal :-) got the tangsukyuk this time round (they used fried mushrooms) which was well fried without being too oily but I still like the kimchi pancake best

These 2 dishes amazed me!!!! So much nicer than I have remembered them to be 😍 the spicy pork tasted like a bowl of typical delicious comfy bowl of bibimbap with the gochuchang sauce but the teriyaki chicken surprised me so much because it was a mayo base but the whole combination worked well!!!! Spicy tofu soup was alright (not v flavourful)

I love obba jjajang, especially if they give you the rooms - cosy and warm vibes! Favourite will be this jjampong - might look ordinary but brings me back to korea!!! Enjoyed the jjajangmyun too and the kimchi pancake! Complimentary refills of banchans (side dishes) - get that KIMCHI!!!!! But say no to the army stew :-( was an expensive disappointment!

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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