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Featuring Baristart Coffee (Tanjong Pagar), London Fat Duck (Scotts Square), Tiong Bahru Bakery (TANGS Orchard), Kazo (Chinatown Point), Balmoral Bakery, Potato Corner (Funan), Liang Sandwich Bar (Raffles City), Tip Top (One Raffles Place), 1A Crispy Puffs (AMK Hub), Osaka family mart
Zoey Belle Wannabe
Zoey Belle Wannabe

Pain au chocolat, crisp and flakey, the flakes just fell all over. The inner was fluffy and buttery. Each of the layer was distinctive and goes all the way inside and they were doughy like bread rather than puff pastry, and was wonderfully light.

Finally tried Balmoral Bakery. An old-school bakery located near Sunset Way. Decided to try their old school chicken pie. Their pies are kept in a warmer cabinet to keep them warm. Flaky pie crust with a bulging pie dome. I feel the pie is slightly on the dry side but the crust was really buttery and fragrant though. Very nostalgia.

Curb my hungar pangs with Faves and on my way to a tummy good time! Dig into delicious crispy-succulent cup of handmade popcorn chicken drizzled with Homemade Truffle Aioli sauce, top it off with Butter Button Mushroom and Chives! Fried to golden-brown perfection, right amount of crunch, nicely seasoned and not overly oily. Chicken with truffle and mushroom is a comforting dish with a luxurious feel and horribly addictive! Also available in 4 others flavours with their own garnishes 😋😋

Ripping into the soft hot steamed dough, the initial aroma is indeed pizza-esque. Biting into it actually reveal much more. This pizza bun was so good with it's extra generous helping of cheese. Just biting into it made it gush out like a waterfall! The sauce is just as good too. Tasted like actual tomato sauce. It was fresh and harmonized perfectly with the pizza bun for a taste that couldn’t be beat.

Kim Tee famous for it's uniqueness in that it is made considerably thinner than most. Love the Signature Bak Kwa that uses finer bits of minced pork and all their minced pork jerky are make by hand which is why it's fresh and tender. Each slice is also consistently made and with smoky aroma and sweet taste that melt on the tongue. It's softer and pulls apart much easier. One will definitely find it hard to stop at just one piece.

Love 1A Crispy Puffs for their uniquely thin pastry crust that are multilayered and really crispy yet the texture was soft. It's buttery, thin, flaky and light and crumbles easily in your mouth which adds an addictive crunch to it. Though deep fried, it wasn’t oily. The curry chicken puff filling is more liquid unlike the traditional pasty fillings and the curry filling is very generous. One thing I like about 1A is every time I buy puffs from them, they are always nice and warm. I think that's really the key in providing consistency in quality and taste. 

Truffle fish skin upon opening the aroma filled the room and comes with a generous coating of spice. The addiction is real.

Salted egg fish skin bursting with flavour. Can't stop once you started. Is that addictive.

I'm in love with fish skin!!

I'm a die-hard cheese fans and this Cheese-flavoured fries, which is almost like a comforting version of cheese rings really got me hooked!

I love the fries from Potato Corner, because EVERY SINGLE FRY is thickly coated with the seasoning powder, thanks to a special “shaking” method used to coat the fries and that ensures that the seasoning is evenly distributed.

Their fries also conveniently come in 5 different serving sizes, which range from Large that’s perfect for those who just want a snack, to the monstrous Tera, which can almost feed a family of 4.

This is one addictive FRY!


The cream puff has a crispy exterior and come in the size of a gigantic ball with the luscious custard cream that is being whipped with BIEI Jersey Milk that filled to the brim. It overflows the moment you sinks your teeth into it. Despite being so rich and creamy, it's doesnt feel jelak but light. It's definitely oh-so-addictive to indulge. #burrple

The puff had a cookie like crust and crunchy exterior. It's airy, crispier and flaky yet much lighter when you bite in.
Generously stuffed with a rich fluffy and light cream. The durian puff was the best! Also like the cream ones too, not clingy and heavy at all. 

The puff is deep-fried till golden brown perfection and yet it is not too greasy. The pastry is buttery and goes down the throat extremely sinfully delicious. The filling within is also dense and compact.

The crisp layers of this croissant flake away nicely as you bite into it and the spicy shrimp and floss flavour brings croissants to a whole new level.

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