Featuring Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao (Chinatown Complex), King Of Fried Rice (Golden Mile Tower), You Peng Noodle Dumpling House (Beauty World), Shang Palace (Shangri-La Hotel), Tung Lok Xihe Peking Duck
Nicole L.
Nicole L.

Added $1 of tobiko for that nice crunch. This place consistently delivers with humongous servings of pork cutlet and flavourful fried rice. Their XO fried rice is so savoury and delicious! Would recommend this over their regular fried rice any day. Even though I’m trying to eat less carbs, I actually ate a double portion of their rice for lunch 😜

Wouldn’t recommend coming here for takeaway because I waited 1h30min. No preorders allowed. I’d suggest going for the delivery option instead ($5 flat rate islandwide). I was especially salty because I paid $4.80 just in parking fees.

The pork cutlet was even better than the one served by Din Tai Fung. It was soft and tender!! And the rice, omg... So pearly and chewy 🤯

After a while, it was a bit too jelat and oily for me. Sadly, I couldn’t finish the entire dish but this happens to me at DTF as well.

Definitely would recommend. Better than DTF and cheaper too!


Quite a filling bowl of noodles. Pretty good, but I think it’s nothing remarkable. Just your average bowl of zhajiangmian.

Admittedly it’s very cheap, but I probably won’t queue again for this.

This shop is really famous but I found their XLBs to be average. Other hawker centre XLBs have impressed me more in terms of juiciness and evenness of the XLB skin. As you can see in the image, the XLBs were a little misshapen.

Admittedly, it’s extremely good for its price, but I’d rather pay more to get a better XLB.

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$7.50 for 10 XLB is really worth it for this quality of XLB. The skin was thin and the soup was plentiful and flavourful. This is definitely a thrifty alternative to Din Tai Fung!

I love this place. This is the perfect balance between crispy duck skin and tender duck meat! Do try some of the more unconventional fillings for the duck skin wrap. I personally loved the mustard (?) sauce because it helped cut through the fattiness of the duck skin. And of course, give the 泡泡糖 (popping candy) a try!

Quite pricey though, so I’d reserve it for a special occasion with relatives.

Went here on a special occasion to celebrate a birthday! Had the Peking duck to share. The duck was crispy and indulgent. It filled us right up!

One gripe we had was that the duck meat wasn’t as juicy as we’d anticipated. It wasn’t dry per say, but it wasn’t succulent either. For more succulent duck meat, we still prefer Tung Lok’s Peking duck.

no $ but rlly hungry

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