clean eating ≠ bland
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Tried this again to affirm if I really prefer project acai and I was indeed affirmed. I realised the acai here is more icy compared to project acai’s. Not to say it’s very icy, just that comparatively project acai’s one has more substance and melts way less quickly. I do like their granola & pumpkin seed toppings tho, it’s nice and crunchy. There’s a variety of fruits too: blueberry, banana, strawberry, dragonfruit & dried goji. Quite pricey tho, so I’m better off at project acai - for the same $9.90 paid I get a more shiok acai + a larger portion that is good for sharing

This had a short queue at ~6.30pm on a Saturday. Had seen some raving reviews of this but sadly we didn’t really find it very impressive. There’s long beans, red beans (I don’t usually see this in leicha!), tofu, peanuts, long beans, cabbage and some other veg. Some of the tofu was very tasty, as it was soft with a bite to it; but some of the smaller pieces weren’t as nice. Peanuts were crunchy, the rest of the ingredients were decent, nothing much to say. On first taste, I found the bowl quite meh, but I found it better towards the end. It’s very clean tasting, it’s definitely a good choice for those on a diet. But it tasted a bit flat? Compared to other leichas I’ve had. Maybe adding mani cai would help? The soup has a palatable level of bitterness so it was easy to drink.

Overall, I’ve had better leicha at other places, but I hear lots of people love this so this might be to your preference!

Q nice overall, would return! Curried cauli was alright, think daily cut's is more flavourful. Sweet ptt was nice with the crisp edges, but they could have been cut into bigger cubes as I prefer if there was a better proportion of soft:crisp, now its mostly just crisp/dry. Red brown rice normal. But glad this wasn't clumpy / mushy. Fish was like those kind of cheap dory, but decent la they seasoned it with garlic and the edges also had a little bit of a crisp. Basil pesto sauce is yummy!! Liked kind of thicker pesto, and it was flavourful too - it added a brightness and refreshing taste to the bowl!

Spotted Grains & Co with a long (but fast-moving) queue at the corner of timbre plus and it was a wholesome hearty lunch!! Portion was generous I was so stuffed. I’ve got brown rice + romaine bases (brown rice is actually pretty flavourful!) / 5 toppings (shout out to roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes!!) / teriyaki chicken (sweet savoury yummy teriyaki glaze) / japanese sesame (that just can’t go wrong)!

Got this at $7/pax after burpple 1-4-1, which is quite a steal! I had the roasted salmon, which was still soft & flaky, not dry at all. I liked the skin, which was crisp and full of flavour. The accompanying baked tofu (it’s actually taukwa) was really nice, and I liked the mushrooms (shimeiji, shiitake) as well. The sweet potato is a little bland tho. Tried a small piece of herb chicken and felt that it was pretty meh. Generous portions are served here, but it’s healthy so you don’t feel bloated / too full after the meal :)


Simple fuss-free guilt-free salad with a myriad of topping choices!! They are super generous with their serving and the salad kept me full for the entire afternoon :-)

Surprisingly to find such good and yummy and affordable açai at a poke place!!! Highly recommend, makes it a happy lunch 😌

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Bowl of comforting noodles but didn’t find anything special about it given the good reviews :”( perhaps try the dry ones instead, seems like the dry ones are more popular!

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It tasted good and healthy but perhaps i had high expectations from the reviews :( but I like chicken and scallop porridge a lot better!!!!!

😍😍😍 love it!!! Super generous with the toppings and a free $1 topping if you BYOC!! Overall super filling and I love the almond and the salmon! Didn’t find much difference between the normal salmon & Mentaiko salmon tho

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This comes with salad (lettuce with your choice of dressing) + 1 main + 2 sides. I chose the olive rice as my main, which was rather nice & savoury, but slightly too oily. I’ve tried the tomato pasta, cheese pasta & potato salad, which are pretty decent options as well!

For the sides, I chose broccoli & cheesy pumpkin. The pumpkin is good! Broccoli was very normal, there’s nothing much to say about it. Other sides like the zai er and vegetarian protein ball are not bad too.

Overall, this is a decent meal option as it’s pretty healthy and cheap! Of course it can’t be compared to CBD salad places, but trust me this is one of the better healthy options in NTU.

My favourite was the burger, as the bun was well toasted and the “chicken” patty was tasty from the spices. The sweet potato wedges were nice and naturally sweet, but a little soggy after takeaway.

The breakfast burrito was decent too, and I liked the earthy mushroom flavours. For the tempeh bowl, it was half filled with raw vegetables, so I didn’t understand the $18 price tag, but I did like the miso ginger dressing which had a pretty interesting taste.

Even though the portions look small, the four of us were surprisingly stuffed with these 3 mains.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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