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clean eating ≠ bland
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Very generous portions! Beetroot hummus (cold topping) was buttery and there wasn’t the beetroot smell that I dislike, so I enjoyed it. Texture wise there was a good mix of purée & chickpea bits. The shimeiji mushrooms & roasted veg (zucchini, cucumber, tomato, onion) were good! I was surprised by how much I liked them. Pesto sous vide chicken breast wasn’t dry, and the pesto went well with it. I got brown rice as my base, which made this meal even more filling.

Will be back bc this was delicious and healthy, which is what I need for office lunchtime meals :)

We both preferred the chicken bowl, which came with pesto, pickled mushrooms zucchini cucumbers beets quail eggs, non pickled corn and sprinkled w pumpkin seeds on quinoa. The chicken wasn’t dry and the pickled items tasted better. The pesto is good!

The salmon wasn’t overcooked, and was q tender. Didn’t like the pickled onions & jalapeños on this, which also came with an onsen egg & brown rice.

The interior was really nice! Good place for working / studying :)


Got these 2 shakes (L) at Shake Farm which was definitely good and refreshing (strong Açai bits and flavour which I’m not complaining)! Good post-workout fuel but even with BB it’s around $7 each can be pretty pricey ☹️

My sis had the bibimbap and I stole a bit, it was q nice! My leicha was not bad too, but I know I have a lighter palate so it might be a bit too bland for some. Not the besttt I’ve tried but decent! A good dinner option close by to home :)

I chose the:
- couscous w chickpeas (base of the month)
- beef
- ratatouille (cold)
- roasted sweet ptt
- miso caramel sauce
- furikake
- beansprouts

Liked my selection! It was clean & light, and also v tasty. I would eat here v often if not for the price :’( portions here r huge we were stuffed but to be fair we get full easily

Tried my friend’s tuna, cucumbers & tomato salad and it was q refreshing!

Second time here and I had grandma’s roast the first time & I liked it, so I recommended it to my lunch bud. It’s rather filling for me, and I enjoyed the sweet ptt + carrot mash, chicken breast, charred broc + cauliflower + zucchini.

I had the veganlicious this time, and I quite liked the mix of roasted carrots + pumpkins, nuts, quinoa, vegan feta, cranberries & beetroot hummus. However I have realised that I can’t eat onions raw bc I hate the aftertaste, and the onions were raw in this.

It’s too pricey without Beyond though, I wouldn’t pay $16 (full price) for this!

The Bubba Gump was a salad bowl with carrots, red cabbage, cucumber, canned pineapple, shrimp, cherry tomatoes, guac and cranberry relish. No carbs but it was surprisingly filling! The shrimp was rather juicy and fresh, giving a nice bite. Guac was good!

My lunch bud had The Wiki Wiki 2.0, and I had some of the salmon, which was q fresh and went well with the tahini dressing. There was kimchi, red rice, guac and jalapeño in it as well. My friend liked the guac a lot too!

Coffee was not bad, thank you Serena for making it for me!

Will be back to try the other options :)

- W

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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