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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

sweet potato, sauced veggies, macadamia cheese, goats cheese, pumpkin seeds,

LOVEDDD this. We've always had their non-pizza items, this is the first time we're trying their pizza. I never expected to like pizza at a cafe?! This was SUCH a pleasant surprise, from now on we’re probably going to order this every single time.

Objectively it is more of a healthy flatbread (the base is wholemeal and flat, no fluff no gluten development, just a lil bit of crisp) but the toppings are wonderful, everything went so well together. The macadamia cheese is slightly cheesy, texture was a bit like a beany purée, I liked this a lot. Sautéed veggies were delish - zucchini, red peppers, mushrooms, onions, sweet peas, all soft with a bite, cooked well. Sweet potatoes gave extra sweetness and creaminess. And the goat's cheese was not too stinky, very palatable. Pumpkin seeds for the crunch. SO GOOD.

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Romaine, Teriyaki Fable, Warm Baked Mushrooms, Potato, Pea Sprouts, Cherry Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Bulgogi Aioli

I love saladstop, it’s good for days I feel too full for a normal meal. Portion size is decent, filling enough when I’m not ravenous. This time I tried their Sep seasonal special, and swopped out the pea sprouts for asparagus. It’s a decent mix, the teriyaki fable is a nice meat-free alternative, it’s flavourful and not dry, a bit stringy, kinda like a meatball + pulled pork hybrid. The shiitake mushrooms could have been juicier, romaine lettuce was amply sauced and crunchy, tomatoes were sweet and juicy. Wasn’t a fan of the cold potatoes, and I don’t prefer creamy sauces in my salads.

Overall decent I didn’t dislike it, but I prefer their previous seasonal special / other options!


Rice was p fluffy and soft, dry enough to pair with the rendang sauce. Lion mane mushroom was meaty, went well with the flavourful and spicy rendang sauce. I liked the stir fried cabbage, as well as the tangy sweet achar it came with. Pappadum crackers were crisp! They served it with lotus root soup (with lotus root and peanuts), which is my fav soup so I was happy. Soup is not the most 浓, it’s v thin but it’ll do! I was p full and satisfied, though I don’t think this is v healthy but probably healthier than regular rendang.

So good!! I loved that it had tons of veggies - enoki, naibai, potato slices, lotus root slices, baicai, and goji. Yong tau foo pieces were crisp as they were deep(?) fried. The stuffing is vegetarian but resembled minced meat, was flavourful but not salty. I liked the taupok the best, but the stuffed mushroom and eggplant were both great as well, juicy and tasty. It's also served with some tanghoon, with a pumpkin broth (I wouldn't call it gravy bc it's not v thick) that had a nice natural sweetness.

Was v filling, I was full and v satisfied!

Organic red and brown rice, falafel of the day, red pepper, grilled pumpkin, Japanese cucumber, tofu, plum sesame sauce

Ahh I love toss and turn! It’s one of the better salad options around my area - I prefer it over the salad fork, poke theory, and other less well-known brands. The falafel was sooo good? Crunchy, well-spiced and flavourful 👌🏼 The tofu was p fresh, grilled pumpkin was sweet, cucumber and red pepper was refreshing and crunchy. Plum sesame sauce was tasty too! My mom’s mushrooms were juicy and earthy, was rly yummy. Portion is good too.

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This is from Cookhouse by Koufu at Velocity.

Happy to find leicha at this food court, but compared to other leichas I’ve eaten, this pales in comparison. This is by no means bad, but the ingredients aren’t as tasty. There’s long beans, cabbage, xiaobaicai (that was overcooked), firm tofu cubes, ikan bilis, floss, and peanuts. I got brown rice, and it wasn’t mushy, and I did like that the ingredients weren’t oily. Thunder tea soup was alright, had sufficient bitterness. I wouldn’t mind eating this again since it’s convenient, but it’s very average.

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It’s good!! A salad bowl type of place with more interesting options than the usual daily cut / heybo/ etc. I got a mix of sushi rice (was quite pearly) and raw spinach leaves as my base, for protein I got the boneless fried chicken. Fried chicken is actl very off-brand for me but I didn't feel like eating cold raw food that day (they have salmon/ tuna poke). They reheat the pre-fried chicken in an oven and then toss it in a delicious kicap manis sauce - it's a worthy fried / heaty item!

For veggies I got green papaya, kimchi, and cucumber. I liked all 3, they were crunchy and refreshing. For sauce I got the sambal mayo (they recommended, it’s not spicy at all and was ok but no particular liking for it), I tried my friend’s yuzu mayo and it was v pleasantly yuzu-ish, might get that / go sauce-less next time, as the bowl was alr sufficiently moist and flavourful, didn’t need any sauce. For the 2 toppings I got spiced peanuts (yum! crunchy and a bit sweet) and furikake.

TLDR: delicious and I would definitely go back!

Other than the fried chicken it’s quite healthy and this is a salad bowl place so I’m j going to put it under the health album

Yums!! The meepok had a nice bite, wasn’t as springy as the good hawker meepoks but still pretty satisfying. It came with a savoury sauce that wasn’t salty but still had flavour. Did not like the konnyaku fishball, it was wayyy too bouncy (I’ve never eaten anything remotely close to such a texture) and there wasn’t much flavour either. My friends who had the same ingredient in their noodles (Laksa/Angelica noodles/Taiwanese spicy noodles) also shared the same sentiments.

LOVED the shiitake mushroom - it was juicy, tender and had a rly nice bite. Not salty like the typical braised mushroom, but even more tasty. There was also minced soya (to imitate minced pork) which was v savoury, “fried cabbage” that honestly just tasted like raw lettuce, and blanched bean sprouts. Came with a bowl of soup, which is served with all noodles / bento sets.

Definitely will repurchase, it was a satisfying, clean lunch, but will ask if I can swop out the fishball for more mushrooms!

Dumpling skin was quite thin and smooth, and filled with carrots, mushrooms, turnips, black fungus, and beancurd. I’m all about the textures so I kinda wished there was some water chestnuts for more crunch. The dumplings were drizzled with organic sesame oil and tamari, which was v fragrant and flavourful. A nice starter / snack, delicious but clean tasting!

The homemade pesto is herby and not cheesy like the true Italian ones, so it’s much less salty but also thinner. But I find that the crumbled boiled potatoes added gave some body to the pesto, and there were also some nice chunkier potato bits (yay!) The olives gave a sharp and slightly tangy taste, and the grilled cucumbers were soft and tender. Topped with basil leaves + feta cheese for some additional flavour. Spaghetti was also slightly softer than al dente. Portions are quite generous, and I liked that the dish overall wasn’t oily!

Was quite nice! Mushrooms were quite juicy (there’s shimeiji & button mushrooms) and the cream sauce (soy-based) was thinner than a regular one, so it’s less cloying and more clean tasting. The nutritional yeast acts as the “cheese” but it had a slight msg smell to me, tho there was no aftertaste. The spaghetti is a bit soft, tho still acceptable but it could have had a little more of a bite. Generous portions, but admittedly a little pricey.

Haven’t been to TDC in a while - inflation definitely hit, the bowl has shrunk by at least 1/3? That aside, was pretty pleased with my selection: Cilantro Lime Quinoa (a nice base with a light citrusy tang), Baked Sweet Potato (yum! really very sweet), Herb-Crusted Dory Fillet (skip it, it’s meh), Eggplant w/ Garlic & Herb (alright but was a little dry), Sautéed Mushrooms (shimeiji was crunchy and delish!), Pomegranate Seeds (for a pop of flavour), and Pesto which is what I always go for, for that herby and bright flavour. I do prefer a thinner pesto tho, but their dressings are generally quite thick and creamy.

For my own reference, replacing the eggplant with fajita veg and dory with peri-peri chicken would be the most ideal combi! But I shall give the other options a try too.

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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