Less Sinful ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Less Sinful ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Featuring :Dual, Urban Mix (One Raffles Place), Boon Lay Place Food Village, YOLO (The Star Vista), An Acai Affair (Westgate), Take-Out Salad (YewTee Point), Kraftwich by Swissbake (Hillion Mall), Wheat Baumkuchen (International Plaza)
Shania A.W
Shania A.W

Did a regular - 1 base, 1 protein, 4 sides ($12)
Am pleasantly surprised that i do not have to pay more for salmon? Like salmon and chicken as protein cost the same?? And they gave a really huge piece of salmon im so thankful๐Ÿ˜ญ i choose the chasoba with sesame dressing but cant really taste the dressing D: Had broccoli, kimchi, wakame and sweet potato as sides! They have quite a variety of sides too choose from. Felt that this was a really filling and satisfying meal - would come back if not for the price!

Finally got to try their sandwich because of their rather regular 1 for 1s! I love how the combination of all their ingredients! Vegs included tomatoes, lettuce and onions. There was some cream cheese too. They gave a generous serving of smoked salmon which im grateful for. My salmon was a lil salty D: overall a filling and hearty meal!!

1 base, half protein, 2 sides and 1 topping.
Real sad that they changed their menu :-( previously it was build your own bowl without any fixed composition so I could try and save some bucks HAHA. Anyways!! I love their cauliflower rice!! I think they stir fry theirs with other seasonings which make it flavourful. Their half protein size is freaking big, making petite worth it. I like their spinach egg too! Their broccoli was super salty that day :-( and their kimchi quite inconsistent

+$1 for the carrot and sweet potato mash which was real good!! On fridays after 3pm(?) there is unlimited topping which is good hehe allows me to get more vegs. Don't usually see wakame as an option so twas good! The kimchi had a good spicy kick

Probably one of the most value for money bowls!! I like their sweet potato mash, mushroom and carrots!! Its a standard size which is around petite/small in other salad bars? Portion may or may not be satisfactory depending on your appetite!

$4 with brown rice! Probably one of the cheapest around??? and such generous portions too. definitely my favourite place if not for the location!

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Got the smallest size (5.90) because acai is just so expensive:"(( really like the combi of acai and coconut sorbet!! i keep going back to an acai affair for their almond butter tho ๐Ÿคช i love the nuttiness together with how refreshing the smoothie and sorbet is. The smallest size can surprisingly make you feel probably because of how rich in protein it is

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For the smallest size - you get a base of lettuce, choice of a main, a protein and 4 toppings!! The mains include soba and thai vermicilli. I chose the thai vermicilli and really enjoyed the spicy kick hehe. Included proteins grilled chicken, egg and ham etc while proteins like smoked salmon requires additional top-up. I think its super affordable for a salad especially since the serving is pretty big!

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