Food Around Orchard!

Food Around Orchard!

Looking for new places to conquer during lunch
Abi T
Abi T

They serve very good renditions of the local Singapore cuisine. I loved every dish - every single one. Try the porridge, fish soup, and the sticky date pudding. The service was top notch as well. Quality evening. Totally worth coming back again.

Nice place to catch up with friends. Do not over order the okonomiyaki, gets very boring after a while. Pricing $10-14. The ingredients were very little. I.e. 4 thin slices of small bacon.
Try some teppan too. Beef steak with yakisoba $38 was okok. Highball $10. Would suggest to email to make reservations.

When weekends come around and brunch beckons, head over this al fresco cafe at the entrance of Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. If you've got a huge appetite, go for the lavish Crossroads All-Day Breakfast Platter ($27) – think bacon, mushrooms, hash brown, eggs and sausage paired with toast (choice of sourdough or wholemeal) or an English muffin. Don't miss out on the decadent Primetime Burger ($38), featuring lightly seasoned wagyu beef patty accompanied by seared foie gras, bacon, Stilton cheese, pickled onions, arugula and a spread of black garlic aioli sandwiched between a charcoal bun.
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Cute and fancy elements to the menu.
I had pig pao, rose pao, charcoal tofu, carrot cake, mangosteen looking lobster cake... majong tiles and a cute juggly pig and its butt for dessert. The star winner would definitely be the seafood porridge for me, hearty and generous ingredients and enought for 1 person at $24.90. The miss from this place would be the sweet snd sour pork on ice. I cannot understand how ice made the dish better...hmm...
However this is a place to share. Come with family and friends! Unique looking dishes!

Top up $2 for a set.
The salmon don was the clear winner. 3 types of textures and flavours. Quite a generous serving considering the price. The beef don was slightly losing its stand but the garlic bits added to flavoured crunch!
Had a great lunch date.

Indulgent day!
3 course set lunch. They change the menu every month?

Started off with bread sticks and fresh vakes. The bread was so good. So so good. Eat it on the spot!

Appetizer - tart was so good. The partner got mozzarella cheese +$10 (imo... was so so).

Mains - not much of a selection but I got the broccoli pasta. Perfectly al dente but still not my favourite. Partner got the barrumundi - skin was crisp to perfection *crunch crunch crunch*. The barrumundi had a very balanced flavour. It was a winner. Surprising as their mains are usually more focused on pasta.

Dessert of the day. The trio was so good we enjoyed ourselves from cake 1 to cake 3.

Lovely day!

$7 for 1 set (1 chicken and pasta + drink).
The original chicken was delicious. The pasta was... like kids pasta. Sweet tomato sauce with melted cheese and sausages. Was skeptical to try it but cant say i didnt enjoy it. Indulgent day!