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good vibes n views ☀️⚡️

good vibes n views ☀️⚡️

for the places we go to simply for the ambience and views, but will the food be justified by the good views??? stay tuned to find out
bev c
bev c

$38 per set // hidden within the lush flower dome of gardens by the bay lies fennel cafe, where i had an enjoyable tea time!! this set came with about 5 bite-sized savory and sweet items of a mediterranean-french theme, so each item was of unique flavors and not your typical afternoon tea menu.
all of the items were scrumptious and some of the items i enjoyed more due to its uniqueness were the mushroom croquette, red pepper hummus and sourdough chips, spiced creme catalan tart and citrus dark chocolate scone. due to each item being bite sized, i got to enjoy a wide variety of flavors without being too full, which left me feeling just right to go explore the flower dome after my meal!!
you’re entitled to enter the flower dome with the afternoon tea set so that made my meal more worth it!!
the quality and taste of the food definitely matched up to the great garden themed dining experience i had, and i’d sure to come back for more if they offer new seasonal menus 🌸🌸


smoked cheese and arugula pizza ($16) + peach snapper with a shot of tequila ($8 + $4 for the shot) // the food was justifiable, not bad but also nothing to rave about, it was good enough to leave my palette a little more than satisfied. and the cocktail as well, enjoyed the quality because it was rather strong and it wasn’t just a pure soda kind of taste
the real star of the evening was the vibes and views of this place!!! all the tables are laid out on the sand and with fairy lights strung all around, the sea within my reach and armed with a little bit of alcohol, i felt transported into the world of a tropical vacation and was in such a relaxed mood. would totally recommend for the decent food and especially if you have the feels for a short getaway 😛🍹☀️

$24 // lmao wished for cake and got WAY more than i could have ever asked for. 10 alternating layers of chocolate devil’s food cake and peanut butter mascarpone, 2 of my absolute favorite flavors and also my guilty pleasures!! the cake was fudgey and moist and the peanut butter mascarpone cream cheese frosting was great as well and it was covered in chocolate ganache, which was the perfect cake combination, but idk who thought it was a good idea for a 20 layer cake, and why did i think it was a good idea too lol. ate and ate and ate and yet we barely made a dent in the cake, even though it was SUPER good. (and we were so sick of it at the end to even think of bringing it home as a takeaway, and i also noticed a lot of other tables didn’t finish their cake as well) i guess this is a novelty thing, but if u plan to eat this, i recommend u bring a few more people and be super hungry before coming 🤪🤪

but the ambience at lavo was amazing, such chill vibes against the backdrop of singapore’s skyline and the setting sun!!!

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count your blessings, not calories 💫

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