SG: Japanese

SG: Japanese

Featuring Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Shukuu Izakaya & Sake Bar, Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City), Tendon Ginza Itsuki (Tanjong Pagar), Ramen Nagi (Suntec City), Le Coq, Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei, Sushiro (Tiong Bahru Plaza), Gyoza King, IZY FOOK
Carmen Chan
Carmen Chan

Pretty decent ramen! Noodles sufficiently springy but flavour is ok only, tasted almost like those Chinese yellow noodles. My black garlic broth is oddly milder than the normal garlic broth, but I preferred mine because the garlic broth one got saltier towards the end. They even have fresh sliced garlic in the soup itself so if you don’t like garlic don’t get their Umami series 😂

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Well grilled skewers! Featuring basic kushiyaki such as chicken meatball, chicken wing, shishito pepper and shiitake - a diverse variety of skewers. Favourite was the chicken thigh!

Crispy baked Parmesan chips served with honey and cherry tomatoes, recommended by the waitress. The chips by itself were kinda salty for me but with the honey and tomatoes, that’s were it really shined. The tomatoes go so well with the cheese chips, I didn’t think that flavour combination would work. The sweetness of the honey and tomatoes lent itself well to the savouriness of the chips. Very interesting dish to try at least once, but I would save my money to order something else on the menu next time.

Simple no frills oden. I really liked it! Especially when it was raining outside and chilly. The soup wasn’t too sweet and didn’t taste like it had MSG (unlike a lot of other odens out there).

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Used Burpple 1 for 1 for this!
We chose the Tiger Prawn Ramen for our first dish (in my other review) and the other dish that was part of the 1 for 1 deal was the Kuwayaki chicken: Binchotan-grilled juicy chicken thigh topped with spring onions, sesame seeds and togarashi. Simple dish but executed well. I liked that It wasn’t seasoned too much but still brought out the natural flavour of the grilled chicken. $18 for this originally which honestly is a pretty pricey dish.

Used Burpple 1 for 1, this used to be one of the four dishes you could choose from for 1 for 1, but now you can’t.

Nevertheless the broth was thick and flavourful. The noodles were the right texture and had that bounce. The tiger prawns were big and didn’t taste super fresh, but good enough. It was also topped with loads of mini shrimps. I appreciated the portion! $28 for this is pretty steep though.

Located on level 3 of Fortune Center, what gives the restaurant away is the many tables outside the actual restaurant and crowd that has congregated at the entrance. Around 7pm, there was already a waiting list so I suggest you make a reservation beforehand. Environment was ok, I was definitely expecting a more Izakaya vibe though. Service was initially not bad but the male server seemed a little hostile especially when we mentioned we were missing some skewers? But oh well people have their days I guess.

We ordered a ton of food: from yakitori, Don, fried food to grilled fish. The reviews seemed to speak very highly (like 4.8 star rating on Google reviews high) of this place, but we thought it was probably worth a 3.5-4 star? A few dishes worth mentioning were the succulent chicken gizzard, salmon mentai and unagi don and shime saba (vinegared mackerel). I think the rest such as skewers were generally slightly above average, but not worth a 4.8.

Our meal came up to $170+ for 3-4 people which was quite pricey in our opinion. Too bad we didn’t get to use the Burpple 1 for 1 deal (we ate on an eve of PH), and I wouldn’t come back without it.

A quaint hole in the wall at Fortune Center that serves small Japanese eats like an izakaya. To eat here, the Japanese boss says you MUST drink. So for non drinkers like me maybe prepare to drink something like the Umeshu soda, which is mild in comparison to other drinks. The sake our table ordered were quite pleasant and smooth to drink though!

We ordered the tori karaage, steamed Asari clams in sake, fish cakes, raw oysters in ponzu and braised pork with root vegetables. Our favourite was the oysters - it was fresh and the sauce was refreshingly sour. The rest were slightly above average but nothing special.

Juicy, tender and delicious hamburg steak! The tempura prawn was also really good. One of the best parts of the meal was the free flow salad, egg, sides and dessert bar. They have 4 types of egg: tamagoyaki, scrambled, sunny side up and soft boiled! I was really impressed. Other than the long queue and waiting time, there was nothing to fault here at all, it was a really enjoyable meal.

Had the prawns, squid, imitation crab meat, lotus root and green beans in this set. Well executed, basic and didn’t feel greasy. The robot waiters were hyped up and gimmicky. But food was generally affordable, below $10 without the set and for the basic tendon.

This was $7.90 for a pair futosushi. Not bad at all! Liked
the smokiness of the mentaiko sesame sauce and there was some crunch there as well.

A very decent bowl of Yakiniku Don with tender beef and flavoured rice for not too hefty a price tag. Portion would not satisfy a big eater like me though.

My favourite men is ramen

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