All About For Seasonal Edition

All About For Seasonal Edition

Seasonal Edition for Food & Drinks

Sakura Blossom Strawberry Frappe (got free drink - 60 stars) (Venti - $9.90) oh yes everyone dm me abt the taste for frappe. So I felt that I drank the drink was quite plain or not much taste for a few sips but I managed to taste for chunks of strawberries towards the drink. U can bring the drink to garden by the bays for taking photos of drink as the flower display is under sakura season 🌸

Osmanthus Matcha ($8.00) was quite weird or interesting combination for cake :D I like osmanthus jelly but it's not suitable for Matcha cheesecake. I felt that the size for cake was quite small but it's not worth it for pricing. Osmanthus Jelly got that refreshing and tangy sweet for topping of the cake. Matcha was quite bitter and thick taste for middle of the cake. Chocolate crumbs (oreo) was quite crunchy and sweet taste for bottom of the cake. Managed to get the cake after CNY period lol.

Yole (Plaza Singapura)

Yole Matcha Ice Cream (Limited Edition) (3 Toppings for $5.90) I chose strawberries, almond and dark chocolate sauce (always favourite sauce after all) :") I didn't really taste much matcha taste but the topping especially dark chocolate covered up taste of matcha flavour already. So I expected it already that after seeing some reviews out there, I managed to try on last day before it ended for limited edition under Christmas Season. I missed it out on some Christmas Drink but it's alright because it still have next time (such a optimistic mindset).

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Finally tried Azu-Hayo-Cha ($8.30) after seeing @betterbebittersweet @my_matcha_moments reviews and also my sister tagged with my by ordering Yuzu Beautiful ($6.80). In the end, I preferred Yuzu Beautiful than Azu-Hayo-Cha. My sister asked me that she just doubt me why I even buy this expensive drink and praised me to be so brave for trying their Yogurt drink. 😂 I DOUBT MYSELF TO BE THINKING THIS YOGURT OR MATCHA LATTE WHEN I SIP ON FIRST TRIED 🥴. YOGURT > MATCHA 🤔 Yuzu Beautiful was quite nice and refreshing that even my sister think fruit based can matched well with Yogurt and I agreed with her for this 🖐️. I didn't intended to try again and will be trying another brand instead.

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino ($9) was less milky and I like strong flavour for pumpkin spice inside the drink. 🎃 To be honest, I never tried the drink b4 so its quite okay. OK I forgot to post this but left it at draft mode. 😅👌

Pumpkin Spice Latte ($8.20) was quite milky and got dairy intolerant mood after drinking halfway. I like strong flavour for pumpkin spice inside the drink. 🎃 To be honest, I never tried the drink b4 so its quite okay.

Brown Sugar & Sea Salt Flavoured Milk ($4.50) tasted like similar to gula melaka & bubble tea and got a bit salty aftertaste.

I realised that Mango Jelly for Matcha Mango Freeze (Grande Size - $8.70) was quite pulpy and hard to suck up from thick paper straw. I like Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale (Grande Size - $8.70) made of Matcha Latte and Oolong Tea Jelly. Oolong Tea Jelly was quite crunchy and strong taste inside the jelly. Please don't drink on night time as Oolong Tea contain caffeine and hard to sleep on night.

Matcha Zakuzaku ($3.50) filled creamy and milky matcha custard sauce but I felt its too waterish and not much matcha taste inside puff. For height, the measurment probably around 6-inch in height. I probably head for Matcha Hiyazaku ($4.50) next time.

I finally tried Hojicha + Yuzu (3 oz - $4) as stated at previous post / visit before closing down at shaw tower and moving another new location (51 Beach Road). Hojicha was quite soft texture and mild and not much strong roasted tea taste. Yuzu was light texture and refreshing taste. I decided to mix and match another refreshing taste for new direction.

Chocolate Pie ($1.50) is back to MacDonald's Seasonal Menu for limited time. taste not sweet but a bit of bitter due to different types of chocolate. The filling for Chocolate was quite thick, also smooth texture and similar concept to the molten lava cake.

Houjicha ($7) is less intense than matcha and more towards strong roasted tea taste. I decided not add sauce into Houjicha Soft Serve as got bad experience during first time having soft serve was melting too fast with adding sauce and also want to try original taste without adding sauce at same time.


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