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Benjamin Ho
Benjamin Ho

Food is around $30 +++ and drinks $20 ++++.

It sure is an expensive place to dine at. However they do serve good food. Take for instance this Sakura Ebi Capellini. Well flavored to say the least but not sure if justified for the cost.

Worth if you are here to celebrate a special occasion

Generous ingredients and fish maw for $8. This is the kind of noodle that you can keep eating but the noodle doesn’t seem to decrease

My burger, one fries and one coke cost $30. It’s not the fast food here that will give me the heart attack but the hefty cost.

However, it was an enjoyable experience here. I felt like I was in a US diner. I know many will compare 5 guys to shake shack. Cost wise they are the same but shake shack feels like this indie restaurant and 5 guys are more American diner style which I like

Neither does it need any review because you have to try it for yourself. The soft buttery buns and their well marinated beef patty are simply match made in heaven. I would got for the shack stack which has both the portobello mushroom and the beef patty. So good. Don’t forget the fries and drinks.

This burger will really keep you full for HOURS. The bun is a little too toasted for my liking. Worth it for the 1for1 just for this burger

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Would be better with Parmesan cheese slices instead of the powdered one

The prawn aglio olio is decent but the service here makes me never want to come back again. They do not serve tap water and charges $1 for any kind of takeaways. The friction to come back here is off the charts

The mango sticky rice did not hit me the way I wanted. I cry.

Can’t go BKK but I am here and it is close enough

Can do without the toast. The mala beef noodles and rice bowls are more worth it.

Beef was tender and flavorful. The beef bowl comes with scrabbled egg also. Balanced and healthy meal!

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