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Nurul Hana
Nurul Hana

As you can see from the description, i went back solely for their hummus and bread. Enough to satiate me. The hummus is so creamy, mixing with the oilve oil & the bite from the chickpeas was just so good. Only wish they gave a bigger portion of it hehe😋 and their bread even on its own is good; soft and airy.

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This was a dish my partner had and when it first came, we both thought the same thing. That’s it? Haha.. the plate looked rather empty with just a dollop of the sauce at the side. 😅

The pork chop ($42) was very flavourful and good even on its own. It was well grilled and marinated that eating it with the sauce elevated the dish with the sweet notes of the mango curry. A good pairing indeed. Only gripe is maybe they could have put some fresh salad at the side to accompany the dish to add some freshness, crunch and visuals of the dish. Just a thought .. 🧐


Now this two tiny balls was more affordable on the menu going at $6. Wasn’t really going to try it but hey it being so cheap why not right?

And honestly, best decision ever to get it. It.Is.Extremely.GOOD.! Don’t underestimate these tiny crispy shells, waiting to be popped in your mouth (don’t wait too long to eat it!) and explode in your mouth to reveal a harmony of spices just dancing and tingling in your mouth🤤

If you had Pani Puri, it is reminiscent of it just this is done in a different manner and goes heavy on the yoghurt, coriander and cumin. My partner mentioned it being too acidic which I agreed but I loved it still 🤷🏼‍♀️ would have gotten more but we’re only halfway through our meal ..

This looks like it’s going to be so good and hearty. The roti ($18) was filled with the chicken and huge pieces of pickles sprinkled with fried onion on top. And oh boy was I right, so hearty and delicious with the all too familiar taste of the Indian food I had growing up. So good that my (my partner actually) complain is too much meat? 😂 Don’t get me wrong, they are really generous with the meat which is amazing but in this case, the pickles could have been cold and more acidic to really cut down on the heaviness of the dish and allowed us to taste more of the roti also which really went well with the chicken. Nonetheless, this is super good so get it and your tummy will thank you😉

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Really looking forward to this since it’s their signature ($18) Came piping hot and ate with our hands. Very well seasoned pork, could tell the pork was cooked just right with it being crunchy on the outside and tender inside.

However, there are a few misses. First, we couldn’t taste the betel leaf. We were expecting to get a hit of the aromatic taste of it but none. So i wonder what the role of the leaf is in this dish 🤔 Second, the pork was so flavourful it overpowered the aioli although when I do get a taste of the aioli together with the pork, it’s good. Third, the jalapeños didn’t really come through to cut back on the oiliness and fattiness of the pork. Overall, I must say with the pork being the main star, it deserves a thumbs up 👍

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Excited to finally be here after seeing raved reviews of their food. Came here with my partner and totally ready for some bomb modern Indian food. Dim lights with upbeat music played. Pretty narrow restaurant with an open kitchen which is cool to see the chefs at work albeit non-counters seats.

First dish are their oysters in two flavours - Rasam Granita followed by Mango Chili Lassi ($7 each) Think rasam soup, just cold in granitas form! Went well with the oyster, can see why it’s a crowd favourite. Explosive with flavours 👌 The mango chili lassi is pretty good too, just I felt the very sweet mango puree was too much maybe it covered the taste of the fresh oysters.

One thing I knew I had to order was the Roasted Black Grouper w Vichyssoise ($28) What’s not to love about the combination; shimeji mushrooms, potato based soup, dehydrated mussels, dill infused oil and garam masala?! It sounds like a lot of experiments was done to come to this combination. And oohh I love it when all the components have been mixed, it bring out tons of flavour to the dish. The grouper however was a tad letdown with it being too firm :/ Good dish nonetheless!

Heard so much reviews and praises for their Seabass Pasta ($22) that I just had to order it to try for myself. Honestly, the visuals of the dish made me apprehensive about the taste and even hearing about the dish which is tagliatelle in seaweed cream? 🤔 Hmmm ... unfortunately my fear was true. The first bite of the tagliatelle and i can already feel the jelak-ness. Well we were warned it is on the heavier side if flavour. But, it just wasn’t the good kind of heaviness. Eating it with the daikon did help to lighten the flavour but for us, this dish was just not for us. For me and my partner, we found the taste peculiar and the tagliatelle was brittle as well which further dampened our hope to like this dish. Only saving grace I can say is the freshness of the seabass

Undoubtedly the most popular dish in Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong is the Curry Mussels w Mantou ($16) & I can see why. Juicy plump mussels with a fresh seafood flavour paired with the curry which was full of spices and had a nice kick to it. Mopped the entire bowl clean that we ordered additional serving of mantous (3 for $2) Just simple food but done right 👍

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Fish Pate ($16) came in decent size but the taste of the pate was subtle with hints of smokiness. Wished it has a stronger flavour especially when eaten with the sourdough, the garlic oil infused sourdough overpowers the pate. Nonetheless, love the sourdough and nice pairing with the cardamom cherry spice and berries at the side

Love the ambiance here, opted for the al fresco dining.

To start off our 5 dishes meal, its the Hummus Musabaha ($10) from the appetiser section. Ordered it with the Turkish Bread ($4.50) to thoroughly enjoy the dish. It was a very good plate of hummus except that there were mention of burnt miso but there were no trace of it at all. 🤔 But still swept the whole plate clean 👌

Secondly came all three as seen in the picture. On the bottom is under the Vege section, Fried Cauliflower ($20). We felt it was too oily and too much going on despite it tasting not bad. Personally, I liked the rice popcorn to give that crunchy texture to the rather mushy dish. Would not order it again unfortunately.

The Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder ($42) was extremely good. Love the gaminess flavour from the lamb with its tender meat soaked up in the soup. It came with a plate of onions sprinkled with sumac and two sauces which I forgot 😅 Eat it together with them!

And my personal favourite, the Green Harissa Prawns ($38). This dish was such a delight with the split cream and harissa flavour combining to create an absolutely delicious sauce (reminiscent of green curry) 🤤 Ordered another bag of the bread to sweep up all the goodness. There were 5 medium-sized prawns that came along with the dish and sadly, its just like any other regular prawns. Felt that they weren’t seasoned enough.

Had their dessert as well (new on the menu!), which is on my next separate post. Do read it to see if it is worth the extra calories on your next visit! 😉

Another foodie that loves to eat and share all the good stuff so nobody misses out! 😊

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