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Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Nesuto, Carpenter and Cook, KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar
Pamela C
Pamela C

Situated near Tan Kah Kee MRT station, this cafe looks asethetically pleasing upon entering. Ordered the salmon grain bowl and was served a generous portion. Overall it was not bad, but felt that the salmon mayo was a little dry.

For drinks, we had camellia tea (simple, normal) and avo-latte. For the latter, the taste of latte was rather overpowering so we couldn’t really taste the avocado even though it seems like a substantial amount was added. At a high price point of $9, I wouldn’t go for the avo-latte again.

Although the shop’s space is tight and narrow, it has a good ambience (love their choice of music playing in the background). Nesuto serves pretty good quality cakes and tea (they have a unique list to choose from).

Ordered the yuzu raspberry cake and it tasted light, with a well-balanced tinge of sourness and sweetness. The cheesecake came in 3 layers - the top layer tasted like caramel, the middle (my favourite part) was the cheese and the last layer was chocolate/brownie which was a little too hard.

For the tea, we had peach oolong and earl grey blue flower. The peach oolong was light and refreshing while the earl grey blue flower was fragrant. They also provide a cup of refill for your tea!

Left the place feeling satisfied :)

The moment you enter, you’ll be greeted by the vintage vibe of the cafe. It felt very cosy, absolutely love it! They have quite large tables which would be suitable for groups.

Ordered grilled chicken BLT and it came in 2 huge triangular portion. The chicken had a flavourful taste and the cheese used was of good quality! Would recommend ordering that.

Unfortunately, the potato waffles pales in comparison to the grilled chicken BLT. It was a tad bland and I felt a bit ‘jelak’ by the time i finished the first piece. Waffles could be complemented by the sour cream that came with it, but the taste of sour cream was pretty light as well.

Moving on to the drinks, the cafe latte was one of the best lattes I’ve had! It was smooth and has a slight roasty aftertaste. For the matcha latte, it was a tad thick and bitter. Glad that a generous amount of matcha powder was used, so that it would be great for those who prefer their matcha latte to be thick. Personally, I would go back for their cafe latte over matcha latte.

Visited this place on a Saturday afternoon and it was fully occupied. The cafe isn’t big, but they have long tables so it may be a feasible brunch place for groups.

We ordered the big brekie set. Overall, I find the set a bit too oily especially with their sausage, bacon (it came soaked with oil) and mushrooms. However, I enjoyed the bread which was crispy and avocado which tasted just nice - not too mushy or unriped.

The ice cafe latte was slightly too acidic for my liking, could have use a little more milk. The minty cool lime tea was made simply from a tea bag, nothing fanciful and do not think it’s worth the price.

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