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ice cream πŸ˜‹

ice cream πŸ˜‹

Featuring Aqua S, An Acai Affair (Katong), Birds of Paradise (Jewel Changi Airport), Malaysia Boleh! (Eastpoint Mall), YolΓ© (Bedok Mall), Paulinni (Bugis+), Daiso, Yami Yogurt, Waffletown, Cold Stone Creamery @ CityLink Mall

what i got: strawberry blonde
price: $6.50

SUPER YUMS! favourite part is the pie crust & strawberry bits in the super yummy strawberry ice cream IN LOVE πŸ₯° the shade of pink is too pretty...

ate this at 10pm in vivo bc i was craving it so much πŸ’– seriously in love w cold stone bc u can mix in whatever toppings you want with the ice cream

what i got: small yogurt w dark choco topping
price: $4.90

ate yole after a meal yum! honestly prefer llao llao because serving sizes are bigger and i like their toppings more :-( still good though 😒

what i got: natural yogurt w marshmallows
price: forgot

whenever i go junction 8, i will always frequent yami yogurt because i love this froyo so much πŸ’˜ the auntie is really generous with the amounts that she give A SWEETHEART

what i got: i think it’s called fuji?
price: forgot

i love this a lot πŸ’– the cold ice cream juxtaposes so well w there hot pastry, literally never tasted anything better πŸ˜‹

love this restaurant by the beach πŸ– and will always get this when im in this place

what i got: cendol
price: $2

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS this traditional dessert is so refreshing after a meal, my family would buy SO MANY to share!

only downside is they’re pretty inconsistent with the amount they give 😒

what i got: hazelnut & strawberry
price: $8.80

I LOVE HAZELNUT GELATO... it tastes just like ferraro rocher, so creamy and good 🀀 strawberry was really refreshing to pair w the hazelnut & i am so so happy!

serving size was REALLY big i took quite long to finish myself so it’s pretty worth it πŸ‘πŸ» my go to gelato shop in bugis

what i got: mini Ibiza (lotus biscuit bits, strawberry & caramelised cookie sauce)
price: ~$5.50

craving froyo after lunch so stopped by yole to eat it! i love eating yole so much but todays available toppings for crunch were pretty disappointing :-( because i rly missed the sunflower seeds

will be back to venture the other sauces haha because i always get the same thing

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what i got: meiji matcha ice cream
price: $2

this was such a good steal! for so much matcha ice cream for just $2 πŸ€ͺ the matcha was so rich and flavourful πŸ‘πŸ» a quick filling treat after a meal especially when ure craving matcha

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what i got: waffles, strawberry and cookies&cream ice creamed topped with whipped cream
price: ~$6 rly affordable

the waffles taste really delicious and complements the ice cream really well ☺️ a good eat at balmoral when you are craving for some waffles & ice cream

the vibes of the restaurant is very retro as well πŸ‘πŸ»

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what i got: double scoop in cup (white chrysanthemum and peach&rose sorbet)
price: $8

first time trying bop and it was so so good! decided on the flavours after a maximum of 3 samples (tried above 2 flavours & spiced pear) there were all so unique and yummy

white chrysanthemum is a flavour they are renowned for and i thoroughly enjoyed it! it took some time to understand the taste but it got better the more you ate it ✨ love the little nibs in the ice cream as well

peach&rose sorbet was such a light rosy flavour and i love it so much πŸ’– i feel like im in a bed of flowers when i eat it

really recommend this ice cream store as the botanical flavours are so interesting and you can support this local store ☺️

what i got: sea salt soft serve regular cup with marshmallow topping
price: $5.40+$0.80

it’s my 5th time at aqua s already and they never ever fail to disappoint! i really really love the unique flavour of sea salt and it is a MUST-TRY πŸ’™

they have seasonal flavours on every 1st and 16th of the month which you can look out for on their instagram as well

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what i got: triple A large w cookie butter
price: $13.90
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it was really tasty and was good in such a hot weather! a great alternative to ice cream/yoghurt if you love fruits. very filling as well πŸ‘πŸ»

the place itself had few seats but a good place to hang out with friends because of the good vibes 😚

will be back to try the other items on the menu!

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