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Munch Kinggs
Munch Kinggs

📍Kamome Bakery, Goldhill Shopping Centre (Novena area)📍
💸 Strawberry Sandwich: $5.20
💸 Kids Red Bean Butter: $2.30
💸 Red Bean Butter: $3.20
💸 Prawn Cutlet Bun: $6.50
💸 Croquette Bun: $5.50
💸 Japanese Curry Bun: $4
Wanted to try something different from the usual bakery cafes, so we headed down to Kamome Bakery for some Japanese bakes😀. Got there super early and soooo excited to see that their shelves were fully stocked!!🤩 Loved their wide selection with a nice mix of sweet and savoury buns, toast🍞 and pastries🥐, there is definitely something for everyone. Our favourite was the Strawberry Sandwich🍓. The strawberries were not the sweetest, but thankfully not sour at all. What we loved most was the soft bread and light cream used, which made the sandwich super soft and moist and not sweet at all☺️! Something we would definitely return for👍! Their other bakes are pretty good too, do head down early as it seems that they sell out pretty fast😭.

📍SYIP, Farrer Park📍
💸 Ikura Kombu Capellini: $16
💸 Creamy Chicken Scrambled Egg Croissant: $16
💸 Tater Tots with Garlic Aioli: $10
💸 SYIP White Coffee: $6.50
It’s only Wednesday but we’re already missing brunch time at SYIP😢✨Ordered their popular items which were the Creamy Chicken Scrambled Egg Croissant and Ikura Kombu Capellini😊 The creamy chicken scrambled eggs croissant is something we don’t usually see at other cafes and loved how creamy the eggs were🥚. We also enjoyed their capellini as it was really flavourful and packs a punch, spicy~ 🔥Couldn’t resist getting the SYIP white coffee which was topped with this super thick layer of cream, not too sweet and tasted pretty good😋 Really wanted to get their tiramisu but we were simply too full, hopefully we’ll be back soon!

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📍Flipper's Singapore, Ngee Ann City📍
💸Kiseki Pancake Matcha: $19.80
We love Japanese souffle pancakes for its thick, soft and fluffy texture and we're so happy to have finally tried Flipper's🥞. It's definitely the denser kind of souffle pancake, which was soft and had a strong eggy flavour🥚. Went perfectly well with the cream that was so light and fragrant!! Could've given a bit more matcha sauce though, as we felt that the matcha flavours were not that prominent in this dessert😕. Perhaps we'll go for just the plain one next time as the star of the show was really just the pancakes and cream! Overall a little pricey, but sometimes we all deserve a little treat, right? 😬

📍Champion Bolo Bun, Tanjong Pagar📍
💸 Classic with butter: $5
💸 Curry potato: $6
💸 Champion's milk tea (Hot): $5.50
Waited for the hype to die down a little to try.. but if you wish to try this bolo bun, be prepared to brave the queues and long waiting time🕐! While we were there, the shop was bustling with customers who came for their famed bolo buns. Our first thought when we bit in was that the bolo bun crust is thick. Really crusty and crispy but a tad too thick for us as we would've preferred for it to be more flaky😅. Also, the curry potato was quite disappointing. Though the flavour combination is special, it was a little too spicy for us to handle such that the spice was all we could taste🌶️. Overall, a nice concept but considering the long queue and steep prices, we would probably stick to our good old hong kong bakeries in the future😬

📍Brawn & Brains coffee, 100 Guilemard Rd📍
💸 Oven-baked molten eggs: $18.90
💸 Carrot & Walnut slice: $7.80
💸 Lemon curd donut: $4.50
💸 Iced White: $6.50
To celebrate the reopening of dining in, here we are posting the last food we ate before dining in stopped😂 Finally had the chance to try Brawn & Brains, and we got a variety of their mains, desserts and coffee to try. Firstly their famed oven-baked molten eggs, served with sides of avocado🥑, smoked salmon, salad and toast🍞. Glorious melted cheese🧀 that was super good when it was still warm, but as it became cold and hardened, the cheese got a little overwhelming. However, we do appreciate the crusty cheese bits around the edges which gave a crunchy texture to it😍. For their desserts, we preferred their carrot & walnut slice. It was a dense cake, packed with carrots🥕 and walnut and had just the right amount of cream cheese on top!! A great end to our meal and a good pairing with their house blend coffee☕. Although Brawn and Brains is a little out of the way, the food is good and pretty value for money. Makes a good weekend chill place☺️

📍Dough, Chijmes📍
💸 Strawberry brioche: $5
💸 Passionfruit black tea cake: $8
💸 Matcha mochi: $5
💸 Hot White: $5
Headed down to Dough the other day which is a newly opened cafe at Chijmes, channeling major korean cafe vibes☕. Had to get their bakes for sure, given how pretty and interesting they looked😍. Out of the 3 we got, our favourite was surprisingly the strawberry brioche, a brioche bun with basil infused custard and strawberry puree🍓. Have to admit that we are not a fan of custard, but the basil flavour managed to cut through the sweetness such that its not overly sweet and gave a nice botanical flavour to it🌿. Highly recommend for its unique flavour combination!! The other bakes we got were not too bad but the passionfruit black tea cake got a bit too sweet at the end for us🍰. Also, we didn’t really like the mochi in the matcha mochi bun as it tasted too plain and would've preferred a stronger matcha taste and more of that lovely adzuki bean filling😬.

Overall, we loved the vibes of Dough, and it'll definitely be a lovely place to chill at in the afternoon over a cup of coffee and bakes😌.

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📍Micro bakery, Red house📍
💸 Scrambled egg free-range egg toast
💸 Sourdough egg tart
💸 Kanelbullar (Swedish cinammon roll)
Visited Micro bakery🛕 some time ago and we love absolutely everything about this little cafe. With an in-house open kitchen, it was an absolute delight to see them baking in action and to have the smell of fresh bakes wafting through the cafe!🥖 Love their quality bakes and hearty breakfast options as well such as their scrambled egg free-range toast and kanelbullar which is a swedish cinammon roll.👍

Super glad we went on the weekend they were having an in-house special of sourdough egg tarts.🥰 Got them as soon as they came out of the oven so they were piping hot!!🔥 Their sourdough crust was super flaky and crispy and their custard filling was so light and creamy, almost reminiscent of Portuguese egg tarts. Instantly became a huge fan of their egg tart but it's such a pity that it's a time-limited special on the menu.😭 Please bring them back soon and we'll definitely head down to support!!☕

📍Kream & Kensho📍
💸 Kombu Fries
💸 Mushroom Toast
Weekends definitely got us thinking of cafes and brunches✨🌼🌈Went back to Kream & Kensho some time back and tried their other items. Kombu fries- thick cut fries with all that flavourful bits yums!! Also loved the pairing of scrambled eggs, mushroom and chestnut served on brioche toast🥰Think they no longer serve the same mushroom toast in their current menu but we’re excited to try some of their new additions🤩

📍Bakery Brera & Fine Foods📍
💸Black Sesame Burnt Cheesecake: $8.50
💸Croissant: $3.50
💸Almond Croissant: $5
💸Ferrero Rocher Cruffin: $5
💸Lemon Curd Cruffin: $5
💸Mushroom Onion Cheese Danish: $4.50
*$2 reservation fee
Finally made it to Bakery Brera, a quaint little bakery that we’ve been wanting to try🍞To avoid disappointment, we reserved the baked goods beforehand and managed to snag a seat at one of the tables in front of the shop to enjoy them☺️So tempted to get many items but for our first visit we decide to try items like croissants, cruffins, burnt cheesecake and danish🤤 Really enjoyed the flakiness and buttery flavour of the croissants but just wished that the cruffins had a bit more filling🥐 🥲Also, love all things⚫️black sesame⚫️so we couldn’t resist but got their sesame burnt cheesecake (seasonal)- really rich with nutty black sesame flavour but it’s also quite jelat so best if shared with others (share the calories too🤩)

📍Hathway, Dempsey📍
💸 Ah Nya's Fish Curry: $32++
💸 Octopus Bakar and Sambal Udang: $42++
💸 Hathaway's Big Breakfast: $36++
💸 Pengat Pisang French Toast: $28++
💸 The Queen's Conserve: $16++
One of the newer cafes at Dempsey, Hathaway serves up modern Asian cuisine with strong local influences. Though prices were on the steeper side, we love their innovative dishes that integrates diverse cultures such as Indian and Peranakan into the usual cafe food, bringing something unique to the table.🤩 More than their brunch menu, we much preferred their mains, which were 'Ah Nya's Fish Curry'🐟 and 'Octopus Bakar and Sambal Udang'.🐙🦐 Both dishes were super flavourful and had an interesting twist to it such as the grilled octopus and sambal prawns were paired with charred polenta which suprisingly went well together! Also, a special mention to the octopus which was tender and not chewy at all!!😌

Also tried their 'The Queen's Conserve' which comprised of lavendar ice cream🍦 sandwiched between Kouign Amann but sad to say we were not impressed at all.😔 The Kouign Amann was hard and dry and didnt really go well together with the ice cream. Sad to have ended the meal on a low note, so I guess we'll just be sticking to the mains if we were to return in the future!😬

📍Kream & Kensho, 35 Kampong Bahru Rd📍
💸 Grape & Ricotta Matcha Brioche: $13
💸 Salmon & Avocado: $22
💸 Sakura Ebi Capellini: $18
Though one of the new cafes around, Kream & Kensho has gained quite a following in these few months, evident by our 45min wait on a Saturday afternoon at 2pm.😵 Their food definitely stood out to us, with interesting combinations like Grape & Ricotta matcha brioche🍇 and Salmon with guacamole🥑, curry leaf mayo and multigrain toast. Both dishes tasted new to us, but we were pleasantly surprised by how the components of the dishes worked so well together and we definitely recommend y'all to give it a try!👍 They also offer classics like Sakura Ebi Capellini but we felt that the chilli oil was too overpowering and we wished for more of a nice, charred prawn flavour.🦐 Furthermore, the portion was too little for its price.

Overall, some hits and misses but we felt that Kream & Kensho definitely stands out in the cafe scene. We're also excited to know that they're currently introducing some new items in their menu and we can't wait to go back to give it a try!😃

📍 Narrative coffee stand, Bras Basah complex📍
💸 White: $4.50
Quaint little coffee place nestled within Bras Basah complex.😌 Though within a relatively quiet area, narrative coffee stand definitely has its steady stream of customers—the best proof of its good quality coffee.☕ Indeed, their White lived up to our expectations which was smooth and not too acidic. There are a couple of blends for you to choose from too, depending on whether you like chocolatey or fruity tones. However, have to admit that we were quite shocked that they didn't fill up the cup entirely....☹️

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