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Featuring Rakki Bowl, Umi Nami, Le Coq, Waa Cow! Sushi Bar, Kajiken (Square 2), Standing Sushi Bar (Odeon Towers), Inaniwa Yosuke (Japan Food Town), Kei Kaisendon (Suntec City), Picnic, Chirashi King Kong (Tanjong Pagar)
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This was mentai paradise because there was so much mentai, both in the cream sauce and on top of the salmon. I really loved the thick torched mentaiko on the top while the cream sauce was more diluted and less mentaiko-y. The salmon pieces were super soft and fresh! Portion was just nice while the cod roe given was generous. May get slightly jelak after a while.

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One of the better tsukemen you can find in Singapore! This was almost as good as the one I ate in Japan. The soup/broth was the star of the show as it was so flavorful and tasty! Noodles were chewy too. The meat was charred and tender. Portion is just nice too. The staff even gave us a small portion of yuzu broth and clear broth at the end to add to the dipping soup so that we can drink the soup! Really had a good meal here.

Only available from 2.30pm-5pm on weekdays, this set comes with a cup of hot/iced green tea and miso soup. The rice was drizzled in katsudon sauce and topped with eggs and onions which made the rice really tasty! There were ebi fry, mushroom, brinjal and lady’s finger freshly deep fried. It was crispy and had a good crunch! Overall really worth it for the price.

Portion was quite big considering it’s the small bowl! Soup was really rich in flavor and salty. Sadly it contained msg as we felt really thirsty after. Nonetheless, good service and decent food.

Got the set meal which consists of 1 ramen, a choice of side and a drink for $15.9++. Ordered 2 different types of broths to try, and personally preferred the miso one but my family members preferred the pork broth one which was more oily. Both broths were good. Fried cuttlefish was really crispy and the texture was crunchy on the outside and chewy inside.

Noodles were average only as the soup was not very tasty. But tempera was freshly fried and good. There were ebi fry, golden mushroom, enoki mushroom and sweet potato tempura!

Used entertainer for this so had 1 for 1. Good quality food with generous salmon roe given, although it was slightly salty. Rice was tasty as well!

They have 50% off on wednesdays so the price becomes more affordable. Filled with fried prawn and topped with unagi, this dragon roll was full of flavour! Fried prawn was still crispy even though I ate it 1.5h later and was still delicious.

The mentaiko was the star of the whole meal, but too little was given for the fries. The other sushi were really fresh, especially the salmon which was very tender! Will definitely order the salmon mentaiko sushi again!

There were a total of 38 pieces of sushi and many salmon ones! Quite worth it and good to satisfy sushi cravings without needing to leave home. Sushi was fresh too!

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There were only few pieces on thin salmon sashimi and 5 pieces of unagi. Salmon rice was not bad while the unagi don was good! The egg, onion and sauce made the rice super tasty. There were 2 pieces of soft shell crab which was okay-tasting. Chawanmushi was good. Had the salmon mentai roll too but the mentai given was far too little 😢

Got the burpple beyond set meal, so total it was around $29 for 2 mains, 2 drinks and 2 desserts. Pork bowl was tasty while the chicken katsu don was not as impressive as there were more skin than meat, though still taste good. Personally prefer the cold udon more because it’s more chewy than the hot udon. I got the black sesame ice cream and mochi with soybean powder. The ice cream was good, slightly sweet but was unique and had the black sesame taste. Mochi, however, was too sweet and taste average. Portion of the main was not as big as expected but the whole set was quite filling!

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