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i luv waffles
i luv waffles

Really loved the popiah because it’s healthy and filling! Filled with lots of vegetables and chicken! Mushroom soup is good too but is the watery kind.

The latte had a great balance of milk and coffee. It was unsweetened but not too bitter.

The toast for the gashouse eggs were bigger than expected! Egg yolk was flowy and went well with the cheese and toast! Super cheesy! Iced matcha latte was unsweetened and really thick and of quality! The iced chocolate was not bad too, I liked the touch of chocolate powder on top of the drink. Both drinks were served with metal straws 👍🏻

Salmon mentai bowl had 2 thick pieces of nicely grilled salmon with mentaiko. Personally would appreciate more mentaiko! Rice had some seasoning and was tasty. There were salad, seasoned egg, seaweed and pickles given which was nice! The waffles were better though, because the waffles were really crispy and thick. Quite a lot of nacho cheese and melted cheese were given so it was really cheesy😍 I also had the chili cheese chicken waffles which was the best main in my opinion. The fried chicken cutlet was crispy and thick with the generous portion of nacho cheese 👌🏻

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Used eatigo for this so it was super worth and and really good!! One of the better mac and cheese around! Bread crumbs together with the baked mozzarella cheese at the top layer was amazing!! Truffle taste was quite strong too. Cheese sauce was cheesy and not too creamy/jelak. Will come back to try others or even for this again 😛 The cheddar cheese bacon waffles behind was also good, if you like savory waffles! There were 4 pieces of waffles given which was quite filling and the waffles were very crispy!

Rice is tasty and had the tomyum flavour but slightly oily. Chicken was okay although quite little in portion. Used burpple beyond so it was ok but would probably not come back again as it was just mediocre.

Used burpple 1 for 1 for the set meal. Worth it due to large portions! Soup was more watery compared to other mushroom soups but still delicious. Popiah was amazing, as there were lots of chicken, vegetables, sweet mango and crispy crunch that really added flavour and dimensions to one simple popiah. Iced hojicha latte was slightly too milky and had to top up $2.5 but was worth a try!

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Rosti was average as it wasn’t very crispy on the outside. It was too salty too. Poached eggs were well done while the bacon was crispy and good. However, personally would not come back again. Parking was difficult too.

Waffles were hard as they were slightly over baked. Only 2 small waffles given, which was too little. The fried chicken was freshly fried, and was very hot when it arrived. The skin was crispy but was in all, overly salty.

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Chicken was tender and of the right saltiness. Mash potatoes were not bad.

Stack of 5-6 pancakes which were fluffy and not bad, accompanied with maple syrup. There was also vanilla ice cream on the side, which was very ordinary. Bacon and sausage were good. Overall, the mains here are ordinary.


A satisfying bowl of pasta with many pieces of beef. Beef was not as soft as I expected it to be but was still marinated well and tasty. Was happy with the ratio of pasta to beef as it was just nice, unlike some places where they give few pieces of meat! The base of the pasta was very tasty too and was not too oily. The spaghetti doesn’t really absorb the sauce so remember to scoop some sauce to accompany the pasta to maximise the flavour. Portion wasn’t too big too but enough for me, but still a little pricey after burpple beyond. Food came very quickly though, which was great because I was hungry. Free water provided too :)

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