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The basket contains what is arguably the best fried chicken in Singapore. We got five chicken pieces with a mixture of chicken parts including a generously sized chicken breast and thigh, as well as two wings and a drumstick. The dish came with a side of cheddar waffles and spiced watermelon cubes.

The chicken is cooked to perfection and not overly dry, even the breast meat. The batter though is its best point. It is crispy, beautifully seasoned with the perfect batter to meat ratio. And the chicken it encases just drips with juice from the first bite and is so super tender. The honey hot sauce delivers just the perfect kick of sweetness and isn't too spicy at all.

The waffles pair perfectly with the bourbon maple syrup provided. They're slightly soggy and I thought they could be crispier. Except for a slightly salty aftertaste I do wish the savoriness of the cheddar shone through more distinctly.

The watermelon was the strangest part of the whole dish. It isn't just spiced, it is spicy. It just doesn't seem to work for me but I did appreciate the refreshing crunch.

I think it's really quite worth is for $40. I'm not sure how authentic the food is in terms of being representative of Southern cooking, but that is pretty darn good fried chicken.


This is a part of the cow thigh ($40 for 100grams) with a fine, soft texture and rich flavor. It's my new favorite cut because it is so tender, so juicy with just the perfect bite to it.

Served with salt, garlic chips, mustard and wasabi which the beef honestly didn't need because it was super flavorful on its own. It was this gorgeous medium rare pink with the perfect charred crust on the outside. Even the portion size was perfect for a single bite. The meat quality was obviously top-grade.

An excellent Japanese-style steakhouse which takes its meat seriously.


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This beautiful burger ($16) wasn't too big or fanciful, but that was all part of its charm.

The double beef patties were cooked perfectly pink in the center. They were dripping with melted cheese, juice and grease in the best possible way. There was just a smear of burger sauce on the perfectly toasted bun, which wasn't soggy at all despite the cheese and juices. There were three pickles to add a slight injection of sourness in there. It was the perfect size to get a good portion of all the ingredients in a single mouthful.

Each bite tasted like a well-composed symphony of flavors and textures. Definitely worth the price. In the world of oversized, rubbery monstrosities drenched/stuffed with cheese and other strange ingredients (mac n cheese burger, I'm glaring at you), its really nice on occasion to enjoy a good old fashioned cheeseburger done right.


Oh my goodness. This is the first time I have had traditionally barbecued brisket and I am totally blown away. This is why the Americans make such a huge deal out of their BBQ.

The meat is just so fork tender, barely requiring any effort to pull apart. Its not the melt-in-your-mouth type of beef but its rich gamey taste and soft, perfectly cooked texture means you don't mind chewing it for those few extra seconds. The salt and pepper rub is just amazing; really elevates the beef and stands up to the flavors imparted by the barbeque. And the smoky aroma of the barbeque just lingers in your mouth when you chew it. The best part is when you bite into that line of fat running down the meat; the explosion of meat juice is just mindblowing.

It comes with a side of yuzu coleslaw as well; which is interestingly tangy and very unique. Overall, this is absolutely worthy of being Meatsmith's signature dish.



This is minced raw beef with sukiyaki sauce, raw egg yolk and spring onion. There are no words adequate to describe how ambrosial this dish ($20) tasted.

The beef is so soft, tender and fatty, it just melted in my mouth like butter. The sukiyaki sauce was that perfect mix of sweet and salty, bringing forth the umami flavors of the beef. And the egg yolk was the magic that brought it all together; by mixing it with the sukiyaki sauce, it formed a thick, sweet, rich gravy that coated every single piece of beef, ensuring that every mouthful exploded with flavor. The portion of sauce to beef was perfect, and the spring onions added just that slight tinge of freshness and crunch.

What a perfect marriage of flavors, and what a way to make minced beef (not the most glamorous of cuts) really shine.

This was my first taste of raw beef ($20) and it was so good. Slices of raw wagyu beef resting on top of a bed of creamy marinated onions with a balsamic vinegar sauce.

Take a slice of raw beef, roll it up some onions and dredge it through the balsamic vinegar. The sharpness of the onion and the soft fatty tender beef goes so well together. And there's that tartness that is injected by the balsamic vinegar. Simple, classic ingredients, but so delicious.

And aesthetically its just plated in such a refined, delicate manner too, showcasing that beautiful marbling of beef.

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