Coffee Set

Coffee Set

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Chetan Phøtøgråphy
Chetan Phøtøgråphy

Traditional coffee and toast. Basic service but does the job.

If you are in a hurry and want no drama breakfast, this is your place. Also easy to find at the tangs entrance.

Prices are just right. $6 for a set with kopi, Toast and egg.

Definitely recommend

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24 hours coffee on Orchard, 5 points for just that. Everything else is also great.

I ordered the tuna spaghetti and ice blended mocha coffee. It was delicious.

The staff is also great and keep telling you about new offers. They have a new breakfast set, which is usually some eggs, bread and a specific kind of coffee. I have added a picture of the set for reference. $8 for 1 and $12 for 2 sets. Well worth the money

Cute cafe and a wonderful location at Cecil Street corner. The decor is catchy, so it's hard to miss. The staff is friendly and tries their best to get you service. The kitchen is small so the dishes might take time. That can be the only negative when you in a hurry. Expect around $15-20 including your coffee. I ordered the shakshuka and it was wonderful!!

Expensive for a set every morning, this can only be a “reserve” experience. The set is usually for 10, but I chose iced latte making it dearer.

The experience and staff is the same as any Starbucks, which is good always, but not great.

Coffee is strong, staff is smiling and bagel is nice but not freshly made. Ham and cheese is generous, which is good.
Overall mixed feelings, but still a 4 on 5.

Always the best experience here. The staff is quick. Service is fast. Location is brilliant, right opposite shaw theaters.

Starbucks always has a little burnt taste to its coffee, and you must like that taste. I ordered the iced Latte and no complaints whatsoever. It's not the best, but not at all bad. $7.50 for a huge glass.

4 on 5 for me

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A choice of coffee and a croissant. In the picture you see their chocolate croissant and iced latte. Who can say no to this in the morning?

Right now they are running a promotion of buy 1 get 1 venti sized coffee ☕.

Coffee is great, slightly sweet, so adjust accordingly from your barista

Cookie flavored coffee ☕ $10 for 2

Lovely atmosphere, great staff, awesome coffee

5 stars

Burpple 1 for 1 offer on coffee here.

24 hours service. Need I say more.

It's perfect. 5 stars

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Great shake, heavy and full of flavor.

Coffee flavor was nice and strong.

Expensive for what it is. But five guys is an expensive place overall. 2 burger and 1 shake costed 48,which is huge in my opinion.

4 on 5

Look at the new lid. Strong and holds the cup better.

Can just flip open the lid and drink directly from the cup. Unique and simple design to avoid using the straw.

5 stars for the initiative. Plus great coffee (takeaway only)

Amazingly huge for the price. Complete value for money.

Unfortunately I could not taste the cappuccino. Also strawberry was too strong.

Waffle was soft and fluffy,just like it should be. Ice cream and waffle cream was just great.

4 on 5 for me. It helps that the cafe is open 24x7

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