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Featuring Springleaf Prata Place (Jalan Tua Kong), 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist, 85 Fengshan Centre (Bedok 85), Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, Orh Gao Taproom, Springleaf Prata Place (The Rail Mall), Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre, Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Market & Food Centre, Ming Fa Fishball / Meng Kitchen (Upper Thomson Road), Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre
Wee Jinwen
Wee Jinwen

For a veg, egg and meat in a food court, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it cost only $3. The dishes were all very tasty as well, and did not feel overly salted or oily. I would recommend this simple cai fan stall if you are looking for a cheap way to get nourished!

From Jia Le Spinach Soup at #01-51. Extremely value-for-money and healthy option!

The salted egg sauce is thick and creamy, but did not have bits of salted egg in it unlike other similar dishes at other zichar places. Nevertheless, it is very tasty. However, the pork ribs were very soft and chewy, giving rise to a suspicion that it may not be completely "real" pork meat.

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Tender slices of duck in a slightly too-salty broth. I also felt the noodles do not complement the duck and soup due to the overwhelming "yellow" taste. But this is a classic combination so it's really just a personal opinion.

Thr laksa broth is extremely tasty. The yong tau foo pieces and bee hoon soaks up this rich broth wonderfully! The only downside is that it is quite unhealthy....

They recently renovated the coffee shop so seating is much more spacious and clean! The quality of the yong tau foo pieces is good and portions are very generous. However, I found the soup a bit bland.

This is HANDS DOWN the best roast meats stall in Singapore...bar NONE. The 烧肉 has a crisp skin and the fat (I am not exaggerating) MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH upon each bite. 🤤 the 叉烧 is also in a league of its own, with the lean parts balanced by its delightfully fatty portions, and all slathered in a sweet-but-not-artificial-tasting sauce. Definitely worth the trouble getting to the stall. Queues are not long if you visit just before lunch hour hits!

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3 pc of tang yuan in almond milk for just $2! I was intrigued by the variety of tang yuan flavours this stall offered: yam, red bean, black sesame, peanut and even green tea, to name a few. I tried the green tea and red bean flavours out of curiosity. The green tea paste was a bit funky but I believe I could get used to it if I ate it often, while the red bean was a bit lighter and did not have the intense red bean-y flavour I like. The almond milk was a good option for people who are averse to both ginger and peanut soups, but I found it a bit too sweet and difficult to finish.

All in all, I would definitely visit again to try all the interesting flavours!

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This is the Cantonese-style thick congee, made flavourful by the addition of pork slices and porkballs. Mixed together with the egg, it was a very rich bowl of porridge! Would have been tastier and more balanced with some chives.

With the addition of black soya sauce, this carrot cake is significantly sweeter and wetter than its white counterpart. It is crumbly and messy to eat, but I suspect most people would just scoop a big spoonful of it to eat anyways!

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From the famous stall at #01-16, this carrot cake is crisp and filled generously with chye poh.

The famous YTF from Albert St Food Centre has opened a stall in the S11 coffee shop at Block 504 Bishan. This is a welcome addition to the coffee shop and boasts really long queues during peak hours. I really enjoyed the broth and the various ytf items, but what stood out most was really the fried chicken wing! It was a bit small, but the batter and marinade really packs a flavour-punch (though some may find it a bit too salty).

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