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This is really the epitome of local fusion food - the zichar fav of coffee pork ribs, married with the fluffy soft buns and crispy fries. Overall, I would still consider this local fare with some western elements.

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I loved the bun, salted egg sauce and fried chicken combination. I felt there could be more curry leaves in the salted egg sauce, though! The fries were also excellent.

One of the best kueh salats I have had, which isn't saying too much because I haven't tried many. I like the pandan custard here - it is fragrant, smooth and just the right amount of firmness. The only part lacking is the glutinous rice, which was tough, grainy and didn't have a strong coconutty taste. However, I have tried the kueh salat from the same shop a few months back and it wasn't like this then, so maybe this is an anomaly.

From the colour of the kueh, it is quite obvious that it was mass-produced in some factory and not made with the TLC of some granny in her cosy home kitchen.... The custard was too gelatinous and tasted of artificial colouring (not even artificial flavouring!) and the glutinous rice lacked any coconut fragrance. Thoroughly disappointing.

This stall is called Siaga Rasa and their pandan custard is one of the BEST I have had in Singapore. Unfortunately, the glutinous rice was lacklustre and wayy too much that it nearly marred the smooth and eggy custard. In the end, I ate the rice first so I could enjoy the custard on its own. 😆

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I can't remember the exact name of the stall but it has a black nameboard with the word "WANTON" on it in red lettering! It really stands out so you should be able to find it. :) Reason why I am giving so much detail to my description to identify this stall because the wanton mee is SO GOOD. The noodles are thin and springy, and the chilli coating each strand of noodles was pure delight. As for the sides, the boiled dumplings and pork ribs were the best of the lot. Next time, I would probably just go for char siew wanton noodles or the pork rib noodles rather than the signature, which has almost 5 different (huge servings of) ingredients! 😂

We ordered 2 plates of bee hoon, 4 chicken wings, a plate of cabbage, 1 tau kwa, 1 luncheon meat and 1 fishcake, which is quite reasonable for the $10 paid. The chicken wings are definitely worthy of their hype, and the accompanying chili sauce is very much underrated. I also enjoyed the cabbage, which was more watery/stewy (like chap chye) than oily. The rest of the food items were average, so next time I would zero in on just the chicken wings, cabbage and perhaps tau kwa to eat with the chili. 😋

I was eager to try the famous charcoal otah you tiao (dough fritter) here but turns out, it is only available at their factory. I went for the next-most appealing option to me, which was their yam bun! The dough was light and fluffy, and the yam paste substantial (though I wouldn't call it "generous"). Good enough for a breakfast, paried with a cup of soy milk!

I found this plate of hokkien mee quite underwhelming, and wonder what it is that makes it so popular amongst diners here. There were much more yellow noodles than bee hoon so the alkaline taste was quite strong. The stock also lacked umami, possibly because of the omission of pork. I think this is quite pricey for very average hokkien mee (maybe even below average for me).

The vegetables are cooked through so it is very soft, so it is good that the curry gravy is milder than the other dishes' gravy to complement the the veges. Very healthy-tasting though obviously it isn't. 😝

(Note: This picture shows 2 portions!)

WOW. This has become my favourite beef rendang of all-time. The beef is sooo tender and rendang so lemak. I could eat this all day.

The fish was tasty and the assam sauce addictive, but the portion is a little bit small to properly satiate. A good side dish, though!


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