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Featuring Sunday Folks, Creamier (Toa Payoh), Bread Yard, Twenty Grammes (Bugis), Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (East Coast Road), Tom's Palette, Walking On Sunshine Cafe, Grin Affair, Kindred Folk, Project Açaí (Holland Village)

I don't remember seeing the hojicha ice-cream in the display set so this was a real "off the menu" treat -- not exactly off the menu because the set was on the menu...but if you only looked at the display case you would never find this! Anyway, why I am being overdramatic about this is because the hojicha ice-cream was FANTASTIC! Just the right hint of sweetness to complement the deep nutty fragrance of green tea. I liked the tiny brownie cubes as well, but their rich intensity didn't really pair well with the light hojicha ice-cream. The pocky stick was also a very random addition which I could do without (and have more hojicha ice-cream instead, please!)

The nama chocolate was a bit too sweet for my taste, which left me quite disappointed as I had expected something similar to the Royce nama chocolate. The waffle was delicious, though! Crispy exterior and fluffy interior, lightly doused in maple syrup.

I am on a quest to try every single flavour of cheesecake here! Having gone through about 25% of the menu, triple fromage stands firmly in my top 3. I put it in the freezer for about 30-45 min before serving and the texture was very nice and firm. The saltiness from the sprinkling of parmesan paired very well with the sweet cream cheese cake, and the layer of chiffon also helped reduce any jelatness that could ensue.

Wow!!! I can't believe I have been sleeping on Birds of Paradise all this while. I regularly see people posting pictures of it on Instagram and thought it was probably overrated but trying it for myself has changed my mind. It IS worth the hype. I really liked the spiced pear ice-cream as it was tangy without being overly sour, and had a nice grainy texture to it. The cone was more fragrant than tasty, so next time I would probably skip the cone and go for a double scoop of ice-cream instead. 😜

Probably most pictures you see of the cream puff is of its cross-section and oozing cream, so here is something different! Appropriately so, as for me, I enjoyed the choux pastry sooo much more than the cream filling. The sugar crust is a perfect complement to the rich, milky cream and to me, far outshone it.

I was pleasantly surprised that the pancake was overall more salty/savoury than sweet. Unfortunately none of the pancakes are fresh and microwaved pancakes just aren't as crisp as those just out of the pan. As a result, the pancake was rather tough and rubbery.

Tastes literally like cold chicken rice, with gritty chicken rice grains embedded throughout. Strangely enough, I really like it, especially with the dark soy sauce!!

Rum and raisin here is one of the best I have had, though it can get a bit too rich at the end -- perhaps a lighter vanilla base would have balanced that out better, but it's nothing to make a big deal out of. Granny's Favourite is apparently one of their bestsellers and I can understand why -- it is a very nostalgic flavour -- think a mix of Milo/Horlicks with chocolatey crunchy bits (e.g. cookie dough) mixed in. Not an "elegant/classy"-type ice-cream flavour but enjoyable if you embrace the trip down memory lane!

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First-off, I am in some sense obligated to love these flavours after having spent a good 10 minutes sampling almost everything as I couldn't decide which 4 flavours to bring home (thank you Burpple Beyond!) The ice-cream gal was so patient and helpful in giving me recommendations, and I never once felt judged for being a ponderer -- that's GREAT service!

Back to the food, I really enjoy both flavours because it stands out from most ice-cream flavours I have had. The parmesan ice-cream was just the right amount of sweet-salty, and the crackers added good textural variety. Hazelnut is quite a classic flavour but here, their rendition is extremely rich and nutty which reminded me of gelato.

One gripe, however, is that the ice-cream melts very quickly so you really have to run to a freezer once you've got your tubs.

The gelato here is EXTREMELY thick and creamy, I love it so much! The earl grey was very strong and the chocolate extremely rich and bitter. I really enjoyed these two complementary flavours. Such a pity that they will be closing at the end of the month!

This blew my mind!!! I have quite high expectations of pastries and I was very skeptical that a coffee shop bakery would be able to produce a good lemom meringue tart given the hot and humid environment they bake in. This proved me wrong in every way. The meringue was light and fluffy, complementing the tangy lemon curd perfectly.

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The ambience here is really lovely - everything you saw on Instagram is true! It could be a good place to chill with a book when it is less crowded, such as on weekday evenings when I was there.

The matcha tea latte had a strong matcha taste, but I felt it could have been thicker to give the illusion of drinking a viscous matcha concentrate.... 😋 I personally felt it was a bit thin, but it is really a personal preference thing.

The Hojicha ice-cream was not one of the bestsellers, but I like hojicha and so decided to try it anyway. It was good, but a bit sweet, so I suspect quite a bit of sugar was added to it. I wouldn't say it is the best ice-cream I have had -- the honour still goes to Tsujiri for me -- but it is good enough for a casual, accessible post-meal treat.


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