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Good and bad mix of everything!
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Dense, concentrated pang of cinchalok, loadsa heibi 🦐 & garlicky hints. Totally not my kinda of dish but objectively speaking, a successful fusion between the western pasta and Asian prawn-y dish. Prawns were succulent tho lacking in the ‘fresh seafoody’ hint. Given the price - $18/bowl, I wouldn’t expect anything less than fresh prawns!

Good effort but sub-par execution of the local Bak Chor Mee. While the restaurant made attempts to zhng-up the dish (& also the price) with a small foie gras, they should first master the fundamentals. The pork strips were done fine, as with the minced pork. However, the minced pork was seasoned in overly salty gravy. The mushrooms were cut to decent thickness for the right ‘bite’ - kinda like a basic expectation for a dish priced at $17++. Noodles were al-dente but lacked vinegar-ish hints expected in the typical bakchormee, if there had been any intended for the dish to begin with

Fusion dry ramen. There's clearly a lot of buah keluak 'sacrificed' for the buah keluak gravy - super rich, dense and complemented the ramen well. I'm impressed at the generosity of the buah keluak 'gravy' --> definitely ample to coat every single strand of noodles. It's served along with fall-off the bone tender braised pork - thick and chunky, CRAB meat shreds (tho kinda pity the taste is masked by the buah keluak and other stronger-tasting ingredients), minced pork - definitely very 'value for money'. There's also half an eggy (soft mushy yolk) too!

It's a... fusion of Malay, Indian, Peranakan and Japanese cuisine. Breaking it into parts, this is buah keluak seasoned pulled pork rolled in prata (replacing sushi rice) and seaweed to complete the 'sushi' look. It's served with a side of cabbage salad with this amazing in-house sauce. Not exactly sure what that is but it's tangy and slightly charred in taste - something which transformed the flavour of the cherry tomatoes altogether! For the tomato-hater boyfriend, he actually liked the seasoned tomato cos there isnt the typical 'tomato smell'. The innovative flavour is clearly pronounced in this dish! Taste-wise, it was alright - no dreadful aftertaste of stale seaweed tho is wasnt exceptional 'crisp'. I think the pulled pork and buah keluak element could be a lil' more intense tho. I couldnt quite taste the buah keluak or pulled pork here.

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‘zhng-ed' up savoury version of the original kueh pie tees, this small lil' dimsum basket comes with 4 kueh pie ties - 2 filled with overflowing bonito flakes, unagi and 2 filled with overflowing fish roe and unagi. The savouriness from these KPTs is a welcoming twist to the original. Tho rather teeny and slightly on the pricey end ($8+) for 4, the 'premium' ingredients sorta justified the price point. Must-try!

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I love how the Asian-fusion take went on to another level - in terms of plating, the tiny shreds of mee siam rolled within the pork belly took away points! It comes served on a pool of mee siam gravy and served alongside a portion of Kim Chi too. Not too sure about the choice of Kim Chi here, or the fusion recipe behind the Kim Chi. It certainly didnt taste like the typical Kimchi - tasted like normal cabbage with really slight hint of sourness but lacking the appetite-whetting pang from typical kimchi. The roast pork was VERY well roasted - 3 distinct layers of lean meat, fats and crackling skin. It's so crispy and cackling - you kinda lose the 'silent dining' etiquette the moment you bite into it. The well seasoned pork remains flavourful despite the pretty intense flavour of meesiam gravy. Caution tho, it can be a tad too salty for those who have a lower threshold for sodium (like me) This is good for peeps who prefer more protein and more 'flavourful' meal - as the bf calls it.

Breadtalk’s the time-go place for flossies! Over the years they’ve innovated their flavours - salted eggy floss, spicy floss, hae bee hiam floss. You name it, they have it (well if they don’t, it’s only probably because it didn’t make it through the R&D stage!) This time, happy that they’ve their flossies in mini bite-sizes! Take away 4 for $5, you get to mix spicy vs non-spicy!

Side note: Besides the lava floss buns, I also love their momoji floss chiffons!

I chew like a hamster 🐹 with my chubby cheeks. Apply CHUB857 for 20% off Burpple Beyond!

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