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The set comes with cajun fries and a soup, which was cream of mushroom the day I visited. I appreciated the large portions and variety of different foods to alternate bites from as flavours are rather heavy here. The cheese skirt was fun to peel off and eat, but it got a bit too much and too salty after a while. The beef patty was nice and juicy, though, and the cajun fries were the perfect snack. The cream of mushroom soup was not as impressive, but it did come with a free flow of croutons.

I have been a loyal patron of Fish & Co. for years, and have always ordered their Seafood Platter for 2. Unfortunately, it seems that this is the year that the quality suffers the biggest drop. The paella rice was not as fragrant, the mussels were small and hardly fleshy (probably frozen), the grilled fish lacked flaky bite and the fries were not as crisp nor salty. The only thing that remained delicious were the butterflied prawns.

I really love the sweet-spicy marinade and sauce of the pork belly burnt ends, and each cube of meat was barbecued to charry perfection. The fat really melts in your mouth and is such an indulgent treat! I also really enjoyed the surprising tanginess of the curried coleslaw, and appreciated the innovative spin on a classic western side-dish. The only slightly disappointing part of the meal was the garlic butter rice, which I found a bit too mushy for my liking. It could also have done with a stronger garlic flavour! Nevertheless, overall I am still very satisfied with my experience here and would love to try their full meat platter next time. 🤭

The batter is delicious but unfortunately the onion rings were really hard -- not sure if it is a result of overfrying, but it had a very strange, almost biscuit-like texture.

I could write a really long review but I think it's not worth the effort so TLDR, this place to me feels like a huge scam, even with the 1-for-1 Burpple Beyond deal. I ordered roast vegetables but got roast potatoes only...okay.... Chicken is overcooked and lacks flavour, while rosti is soggy and limp. Only good thing is the sauce - cumin mustard or something like that.


I felt a little scammed going into a restaurant known for their rostis, and then having to pay an additional $1 to get their "signature rosti" as part of my build-your-own meal. 🧐 Most of the other main and side options require paying a premium as well, including their wursts (sausages). So honestly it does feel a bit like a huge scam.

That aside, the food was so-so. The rosti was not as crisp despite me eating it about 5 minutes after purchase, and the chicken schnitzel was over-grilled and lacked flavour. The creamy mushrooms were all right but definitely not worth paying an additional $2 for. The only good thing is the sauce - spicy chipotle.

This is my second time having the cheeseburger and it is as delicious as before. The onion marmalade especially boosts the flavour profile of the whole burger. Fries are also very addictive, so thank goodness for the generous serving of side salad with balsamic vinegar to balance the grease out.

Saying that the mentaiko is subtle is an overstatement here. To be honest, I wonder if we were served the wrong dish because this pasta tasted nothing like mentaiko. That aside, the prawn bits are juicy and crunchy but really small, so if this were my only main dish, I wouldn't feel particularly satisfied. Next time, I would skip this in favour of their other pastas instead.

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This was a plate of FLAVOUR BOMBS! The chicken leg was pull-apart tender and marinated rather simply so that the spice stars of the dish - the rice and side vegetables - could shine through. I never expected to be blown away by rice, of all things, at a café, but this did it.

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I tried the tilapia instead of regular dory fish on my second visit here, and concluded that I much prefer the former. The tilapia was meatier than the dory, but lacked the flakiness that I enjoyed on my first visit. The coleslaw remains delicious, and service is great too.

The enormous mound of pulled beef brisket was truly sublime. However, it got a bit jelat toward the end. I think more relish, tomato or lettuce would have balanced the flavours out better! Fries were thick-cut and crisp as well, though it gets soggy quickly.

The mentaiko sauce was really rich and creamy, unfortunately the fries were soggy and cold by the time they were delivered. Not sure how this could have been mitigated, so I will probably wait till dining-in resumes to have this again!


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