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Featuring Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant Singapore, Benjamin Barker Cafe, d'Good Café (Holland Village), Two Men Bagel House (Novena), Fish & Chicks (Ang Mo Kio), Five Guys, Arteastiq (Plaza Singapura), Munch (One Raffles Place), Wok in Burger (Alexandra), Fish & Co. (Velocity)
Wee Jinwen
Wee Jinwen

This was part of their Set Lunch menu, and possibly the best item there! When the dish was presented to us, what caught our attention immediately was the generous slather of truffle mushroom cascading down from the thiccc beef patty. Biting into the burger, it became clear that the real superstar were the burger buns. I couldn't really tell what type of bread was used for the buns, but the charred buttery taste complemented the buns' inherent sweetness very well. Quite a sweet note for an otherwise extremely savoury dish. On the other hand, the accompanying fries were very bland, though crisp. Perhaps it was intentionally seasoned (or not) like this in order to balance out the richness of the burger. Either way, it was good to munch on, but not out-of-this-world extraordinary.

This was one of the main courses available under their Set Lunch menu. I ordered my steak medium rare, but I suspect the meat was not cooked evenly as only a certain part of it had the pinkish centre, while the other parts were a flat brown shade. That aside, the steak was very well-seasoned and I especially enjoyed the fatty bits that melted beautifully with the meat in my mouth. The medley of beetroot, green beans, carrots, bell peppers and potatoes were also delicious.

This was the appetizer of the day, which came with the Set Lunch ($12). I didn't see it on the menu, which is quite a pity because I thought it was very flavourful, for something called "cauliflower soup". I could taste the cauliflower very distinctly and the texture of the soup was very smooth and creamy - hardly like the powdered instant stuff.

This comes with a side of fries, coleslaw and a canned drink of choice so it is quite value-for-money if you are into all that extra stuff. For me, the burger alone was good enough. I savoured the slab of pork rib, coated with a sweet and crackling coffee marinade. The burger buns were also well-buttered, though I felt they could have been toasted a bit longer because the stickiness of the pork made the buns a little soggy after a while. Having tried this, I can't wait to try the other burgers on the menu!

When I picked apart the sandwich, I was pleasantly surprised to find creamy scrambled eggs on top of the omelette. The combination of eggs, together with the smoked cheese, made for a delicious breakfasty flavour. However, the croissant "bun" was underwhelming as it was neither flaky nor buttery as proper croissants should be.

A staple disu every time we eat at Fish & Co. because of the sheer variety of seafood we can enjoy. However, they have recently changed the calamari rings to octopus heads (?!) and I did not think it was an improvement. The octopus heads are also tossed in lemon butter sauce, but I felt they were too briny and lacked the chewiness of the calamari rings.

The white fish was unfortunately tough and did not have much taste other than the lemon butter sauce it was doused with. The grilled salmon fared much better in terms of a softer, juicier texture.

Not the tastiest salad but is all right for a quick and relatively healthy lunch in the CBD.

For $13, the Little Cheeseburger with "all the way" toppings was very value-for-money. I especially loved how the mayonnaise complemented the grilled mushrooms and beef patty in the bun. It was a tad watery though, so my burger was leaky quite early in. Nonetheless, Five Guys is known for being a messy, grubby feast. On the other hand, the fries were lacking in flavour for me. I felt that the exterior was a bit too salty while the inside, though fluffy, hardly had any flavour. Perhaps it is because they use fresh potatoes and wanted to preserve its natural taste, but it wasn't very enjoyable to eat.

My FAVOURITE place to go for pancakes in Singapore. The pancake itself is delicious, and the maple syrup just goes perfectly with it, I really don't need any other topping. However, they don't have plain pancakes on the menu so my favourite is the blueberry pancakes. Truly a classic combination that is done incredibly well here.

I was very confused by this...appearance-wise, it looked a lot like a prawn omelette I would order at a zichar restaurant. Perhaps that had some impact in influencing how it tasted to me - an eggy sort of pancake (???) Thoroughly confused, but still a nice dish to eat in a café with friends. They are definitely not stingy on the plump prawns and generous serving of salted egg sauce!

Scallops were well-seared and pasta cooked al dente. 👍🏻

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