Featuring Alter Ego, Rakki Bowl, Umi Nami, Tendon Ginza Itsuki (Tanjong Pagar), LECOQ, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (Clarke Quay Central), Shin Minori (UE Square), Gyu Nami, Poke Theory (Telok Ayer), Kei Kaisendon (Square 2)

I chose the pork katsu + chicken katsu, and pork katsu + breaded shrimp for my two sets. The pork katsu and breaded shrimp were the best and I would definitely return for these. The owner was really nice as well and shared with me how business has been slow these days due to low foot traffic in the mall. His food is really delicious and very worth the money with the Burpple 1-for-1, so pls support if you’re able to!

I enjoyed the donburi bowl but would not have minded skipping over the yakitori skewers (my friend commented it was similar to the frozen ones she gets from the supermarket).

Miso soup, salad and tea were nice but really not anything out of the ordinary. You can get better donburis elsewhere for an equivalent price but without the ancillary sides and some may prefer that.

Each set allows each diner to have:
120g pork loin tonkatsu
1x ebi fry
1x chicken karage
1x fried oyster
free flow of miso soup, pickled daikon / ginger, side salad, egg mayo and furikake white / brown rice (any a la carte order would entitle you to these as well)

So the main difference with ordering through Burpple is really having the chicken karage, oyster and ebi – for a premium of $3.95, I suppose it’s a decent deal but nothing to shout about la. Prices aside, this was a very satisfying meal and everyone enjoyed the crisp panko crumb which was oily enough to be tasty yet remained light enough to further dunk in the delicious egg mayo (sounds weird but it works!) I also loved the fried oyster (very plump) and pickled daikon / ginger.

There is service charge, but the service was attentive and overall very good – it is on instances like these when I wish Singapore had a tipping culture instead of a mandatory service charge so the money goes straight to the service staff.

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Smokey chicken thigh is delicious but the rice is dry, there is no sauce, lava egg has no flowy yolk and the edamame / corn is paltry.

The sous vide chicken was delicious due to the special marinade and slight smokey edge from being aburi-ed. The soba and truffle shoyu sauce was delicious as well, though it did border on being overly sweet to me. The onsen egg was great for mixing some creaminess into the otherwise light bowl!

I have patronised Shin Minori for close to 5 years now, and I must say that while the expanded menu is exciting, the reduction in portion size was very disappointing! The quality also dropped a bit as the ratio of seafood to rice in their maki rolls (arguably the best thing on the menu) increased. Thus, our dining experience didn't feel as "shiok" as before, and subsequent visits would be few and far between.

A small portion but it was good enough for me as I wasn't particularly hungry. The chopped up cubes of char siu were melt-in-your-mouth tender and the onsen egg was tasty in itself, even without the sauce. A great option for people who aren't into ramen but who find themselves here!

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The serving of roast chicken was extremely generous that was a really pleasant surprise. It was well-marinated and cooked just right as well, achieving the sought-after crispy skin. The pairing with seasoned quinoa and hanjuku egg was just perfect.

Le Coq is hands-down my favourite restaurant on Burpple Beyond and I was thrilled when they offered 1-for-1 takeaways. I managed to place my order ahead via WhatsApp and they were nice enough to send me a text to update me when my order was about to be ready.

As usual, the mentaiko mayo was delicious and generous, and the onsen egg was perfect.

From Buta Kabayaki, one of the stalls at [email protected]'s Food Republic. This was sooo delicious, and absolutely worth-it for the price! The slices of pork were grilled right in front of me and retained their smoky flavour. The slices were quite generous and thick, and there were just enough for me to feel fully satiated. The onsen egg at the side was also perfectly cooked.

Some small gripes: rice used was normal rice as opposed to the Japanese sticky short-grain vinegary rice, and I could have done with more pickled vegetables to balance out the rich flavours of the pork - or there could have been less sauce as I felt it was a bit overpowering, and indeed gave some away to my friend. 😝

The smoked duck was very tender and portions were generous. However, the edamame tasted a bit too nutty for my liking.

(Note: I ate this for dinner, and came back again a few days later for lunch where I noticed the same item cost $16.90!)

This is wonderful, and the gold standard for salmon mentai bowls for me now (being an avid fan of the dish). I like that there is the option of swapping out white rice for healthier options like quinoa and cauliflower rice. However, I feel it js tastiest with Japanese white rice. The serving of salmon is very generous and the mentaiko sauce is strong without being overbearing. Two thumbs up from me!


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