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Jessica imSOHhungry
Jessica imSOHhungry

Building your own food is always a hit or miss.

As someone who does order customisation pretty often, I really love this concept. I was so close to ordering all the toppings, just imagine how it would look.

There were 3 pasta types to choose from and I picked Mafalde bc I want one that could hold the sauce really well and the shape seems ideal. Texture was just the way I like it, firm to the bite.

When I first saw Pink Sauce, I thought it would be some exotic flavour. Realised it’s actually a blend of Cream & Tomato, resulting in a creamy yet tangy flavour without being too heavy.

The black paste you see here is actually the Truffle Pate. It was good, definitely satisfy the truffle desire. However, I can do without bc the the paste & sauce were good on it’s own.

Here is my exact order for anyone who is interested.
Pasta: Mafalde | Sauce: Pink Sauce
Toppings: Smoked Duck Breast | Sous Vide Egg | Truffle Pate | Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Grated Parmesan

I can’t wait to be back!


How to spot a popular stall in a hawker center? One that has a queue even before lunch crowd arrives. Though popular stall does not always means you will enjoy the food, I certainly enjoyed this Lor Mee.

Following my grandma’s usual lor mee order in the past, I asked for more vinegar and garlic, enhancing the taste of this bowl of lor mee.

Comes in 3 pricing, but note that only the $4 & $5 bowl contains fish skin. Added $2 worth of fried fish because I really love it.

Though Golden Mile Food Center will be close for renovations from December 2020, you can still enjoy their Lor Mee as they are opening second branch at Ghim Moh!

Little gem here in Lavender.

Do check out this hawker center when you come ICA, it’s just across the river, though it might probably be sometime before most of us need to.

Only open for breakfast, also a common breakfast for people that work in this area. Freshly cooked and quickly sold out.

Beehoon mix Noodle (Small) $1
+ Chicken Chop $1.50
+ Fish Fillet $0.90
+ Egg $0.70


Golden Mile Food Center to close for renovation from December 2020 and this is one of the food I will miss.

I love peanuts, hence, I love dan dan mian. It’s one of the item I would always try first if available. I’m glad that their dan dan mian did not disappoint. The noodles thickly coated with sauces might felt dry at first, but it was certainly flavourful.

If you happen to be there, might want to consider giving xiao long bao or spicy wanton a try too. Those are pretty decent.

#01-85 Flourful Delight
11am ~ 2pm, 6pm ~ 8pm (except Mon)

Dan Dan Noodles $4

Golden Mile Food Center to close for renovation from December 2020 and this is one of the food I will miss.

Love the noodles texture. They offer a variety of noodles and the noodles are made fresh daily. Free to add chilli on our own, I would give it a good mix and chomp down the noodles in no time.

Please ignore my century egg. I added because the option was available but frankly, I don’t think they are meant to be.

#01-86 Boon’s Noodles
9am ~ 3pm (except Thu & Fri)

Minced Pork (Dry) $3.50

Nian Gao is glutinous rice cake, often seen during Lunar New Year period. 3 in 1 is niao gao sandwiched in yam & sweet potato. Had this snack often because my grandma made when I was young but didn’t know it’s actually a thing. It’s always warm when I bought from the store, my new favourite snack

Enjoy the food and ambiance here! I was quite surprise when I found out that there is a cafe that is only a short walking distance from Lavender, probably less than 5 minutes? The Rosti I had was decent, crispy and tasty. Saltiness of the smoked salmon complimented the rosti, I enjoy this combination.

Nearest MRT: Lavender

Wow, so there is this huge portion egg fried rice with pork chop at Golden Mile that is inexpensive yet delicious. Additional options available for customisation but I like the original!

Egg Fried Rice w/ Pork Chop $6.50

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Coffeeshop western food that serves delicious meat. Comes with 2 sides of your choice. Happy Chef has recently moved to 465, just one block behind the previous location.

Honey BBQ Chicken $7

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Banana + Chocolate, I never understood why this is widely accepted as the best combination, until recently. This Banoffee, interesting creation of banana, toffee & choco mud pie, together with the chocolate lava cookie is my new found favourite.

Choc-A-Lot w/ Banoffee $9.90

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They have crispy crackling siobak and fatty charsiew here. Very satisfying lunch. Siobak is usually sold out by dinner time.

[closed] Comfort is having a warm bowl of Kway in this weather. Kway chap, usually set of one person portion includes assorted braised ingredients which are customisable. I would specifically order braised pig intestine and pig skin. Good kway chap shop are hard to come by, where the food are delicious and the pig intestines are clean.

Kway Chap $4.50
Nearest MRT: Lavender

Documenting food that I would eat again My friends use me as a food directory 👇🏻 30% off Beyond

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