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1 For 1 Deals

1 For 1 Deals

Featuring Umi Nami, Mad For Garlic, The Mad Sailors, Maxi Coffee Bar, Carrara Cafe, Olla Specialty Coffee (Sunset Way), The Glass Onion Bistro and Bar, The Forage Cafe, U-Cha (Lavender), Madrinaa Italiano
Samantha Lim
Samantha Lim

👍🏻 love the thin crust pizza!! If only we could dine in :-( think the crust would be crispier if pizza was fresh. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our Mother’s Day celebration 🥳

Belated Mother’s Day treat!! Yum yum

Price: $2.90 per drink after 1for1 burpple! Typical coffees, good enough for your slow-going afternoon. Would come back again if I’m around the area.

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Loved both. Coffee was strong and refreshing. Surprised my taste buds!

Price$2.60 for 2. $2 milk tea + $0.60 pearls.
Drinkable, neighbourhood average-quality kind milk tea. Cheap. Worth its price value! Would recommend if you have a milk tea craving and you just need an easy fix.

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We ordered 4 gelato waffle sets
1) earl grey lavender
2) salted caramel
3) espresso
4) salted gula Melaka

All sets come with ice lemon tea

We (6 of us) shared these 4 sets after a heavy dinner. Quantity: sufficient.

Our favourite gelato flavour is salted caramel. There was just enough cream and you can taste a good blend of salt and caramel. Our Next favourite has got to be the earl grey lavender gelato. When our dish finally arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how fragrant the earl grey tea in the ice cream was. Good choice. Espresso was enjoyable too, for the coffee-lovers out there.

The waffles were extremely crispy and light, just right for me.

Ambience at the cafe was great too. Many plugs for those who want to study here.

$12 for 2 sets of gelato-waffle with drinks. (1 for 1)
Staff was friendly and polite.

Value for price, would recommend.

We got the meatarian as well garlic snow pizza (thin-crusted).Toppings were generous on both and there was the same white sauce on both that we really liked.

Garlic snow pizza: it seems to be their signature dish and we bought it on the basis of its good reviews. The cheese-pineapple-garlic combination on a crispy base was a fresh combination; the pineapples were soft and sweet and shrimps were succulent. We both don’t usually like prawns much but the shrimps blended very well with the pizza.

7.5/10 for taste

Meatarian pizza: we picked this partly because it was the only pizza of the same price as the garlic snow (25++) and it did not disappoint. I think this will be the go-to pizza if you’re craving for the regular ham/cheese/mushrooms pizza.

7/10 for taste

The pizzas are a bit salty and you may need drinks to accompany them. (There is a charge of $1 per glass of water)

Value: 8/10 after 1 for 1
Ambience: 6.5/10
Service: 6/10

Good for group gatherings
Ok for dates

We ordered the Pesto Cream Dory Fish and it was such a colorful masterpiece. The ingredients used were fresh. The pesto wasn’t overbearing and allowed the flavor of the dory fish to shine. The dory fish was silky, soft and decadent. It had a crispy layer of fish skin, which gave a nice change in texture to the velvety fish. The mashed potato ain’t your regular mashed potatoes. It was so smooth and buttery, and it absorbed all the essence of the dory fish and the pesto sauce. The dish was light on the palette yet so satisfactory.
We also ordered the Butter beer (Homemade butterscotch soda, $8) excluded from the 1-for-1 deal and it was totally worth it. The soda wasn’t as sweet, with a hint of bitterness and was fragrant. The foam was sweet, smooth and flavorful, which blended harmoniously with the soda. However, it gets sweeter as you drink because of the foam.
Overall, it was truly a unique experience with great ambience. Definitely coming back again!


Ordered Smoked salmon & egg grilled waffle sandwich and Panko coated truffle chicken. Both dishes were really good and a must try!
The waffle was fragrant, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The smoked salmon and egg mayo complemented the waffle really well. Drizzling the honey over gave a light sweetness to the overall savoury dish. There are truffle mushrooms as side too.
For the Panko coated truffle chicken, the truffle was not overbearing on the chicken. The batter was light and well seasoned, not overly greasy. Chicken was juicy.
They were generous with the portion as well. Such a wonderful dining experience.

The onion rings are superb, though a lil on the oily side. Ordered the zesty crab paste, it's a bit more on the drier end but the zestiness was refreshing. The wagye beef cubes were tender and juicy. The sides generally were good and the hot chocolate was nice! The staff was also friendly!

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Humble food explorer

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