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Jessica imSOHhungry
Jessica imSOHhungry

Here is my favourite Pad Thai.

I think I might have use the word favourite a little too much, there is a favourite for everything.

Overall, this is my go-to place for Thai food, other food that we would always order is Green Curry. Though do expect a waiting time as lesser seats now due to the small area & COVID-19 restrictions.

Amuse Bouches
Fresh Hyogo Oyster w/ Ponzu Sauce ⭐️
2-kind Sashimi (Flounder & Chutoro w/ Caviar) ⭐️
Beancurd Skin
Flower Crab w/ Vinegar Jelly
Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki ⭐️
Kinmedai Nigiri
Otoro Nigiri
Kanpachi Nigiri
Surf & Turf Nigiri (Beef Tartare, Sweet prawn, Uni & Ikura) ⭐️
Aburi Sanma Nigiri
Anago Nigiri
A4 Wagyu w/ Tuna Fats ⭐️
Cheesecake w/ Sorbet

⭐️ being my favourites

Double Cheesecake!

Made with 2 layers. A layer of baked cheesecake, topped with another layer of mascarpone & cream cheese. The texture was light and smooth.

Double Cheesecake $8.50

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A small platter for those who can’t decide, that’s me 🙋🏻

Shrimp was unexpectedly my favourite, though I’ve seen quite a few similar opinion around, not that their lobster wasn’t amazing. But their shrimp, being so juicy & succulent, really did hit the spot.

Scroll to see my personal ranking in order from left to right.

Lukes Trio $33.50

Pocket-friendly meal at town.

Known for their salted egg pork rib and I wasn’t disappointed. The boneless pork rib was tender & crispy, well covered in their creamy salted egg sauce.

Special love for their add-on egg. My kind of perfect sunny-side up would be when the outer layer is crispy while the yolk is runny.

Delivery: $8 for Islandwide Delivery(min. $65)

Salted Egg Pork Ribs w Rice $6.50
+ egg $1


Had been eyeing this since the start of Circuit Breaker.

I still enjoy dining home at my own comfort with food delivered right to my doorsteps. The Fat Cow Donburi arrived with cling wrap wrapped and there was a burst of truffle aroma once I uncover the bowl.

Particularly love their Fat Rice, fluffy white rice seasoned with their signature “truffle shoyu”.

Delivery: FREE Islandwide Delivery(min. $100 & promo code required)

The Fat Cow Donburi $48++

Hidden gem within the menu. Shiok maki is good and this has been my must order ever since I tried it. If I were to choose between this and shiok maki, no doubt I will pick this. However, I do noticed the swordfish is thinner on dinner’s order.

When I first had this dish, my mind was, “something like that exist and I didn’t know?” I totally love century egg and this so amazing, with spring onions to enhance the taste and tobiko to add to the texture.

They have very fresh sashimi and delicious food which are very worth it for the price. Craved for some oyster and decided to order it, did not disappoint. Steak is well prepared and tasty!

I would say, WOW! The salted egg yolk sauce is really tasty. The rice texture is just right, not mushy at all. Add 1$ for a really well fried sunny side up, with flowing yolk.

Who needs Chocolate in their life? 🙋🏻 This place is basically heaven to dark chocolate lover. Their chocolate comes in various forms; ice creams, pastries, beverages. Love the Affogato & tart they serve here.

88% Very Dark Chocolate (w/ 88% Sur del Lago) $9.50
70% Cuba Dark Chocolate Tart $9
Signature 66% Dark Chocolate (Hot) $7
Frozen Chocolate Cube Latte (Hazelnut Dark Chocolate) $10
Frozen Chocolate Cube Latte (Matcha White Chocolate) $10
70% Costa Rica Dark Chocolate Brownie $7.5

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Some of my favourite food from their menu. Bento J is available during lunch and comes with a bowl of udon which is super worth it considering there are variety of sushi & sashimi included. Shiok Maki needs no introduction, but I found Shiok Sushi on the menu, which has the same ingredients as Shiok Maki but more ingredients to rice portion. Emperor Maki is my favourite, consists of purple rice, sword fish, avocado & ebi.

Bento J 17.90++
Shiok Maki (Generation 1) 16.80++
Emperor Maki 18.80++
Shiok Sushi $6++
Pidan Tofu $4++
Gyoza $6++


Documenting food that I would eat again My friends use me as a food directory 👇🏻 30% off Beyond

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