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Smoked brisket, mustard, soy pickled jalapeños, cheddar on blueberry bagel.

Smoked brisket was not bad - not too tough but not really tender either. Mustard and jalapeños were a good match with the brisket as it helped to relieve greasiness.

Not bad, especially if you are a meat lover. I still prefer their breakfast bagels though.

Avocado+cheddar+sunny+habanero jam on Jalapeños Cheese bagel.

Jalapeños cheese bagel is so good; it is cheesy and spicy - my favourite savoury bagel at TMBH. My customised bagel taste really good and I will order this exact combo again. I imagine it will taste really good too with the addition of a protein.

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onions, capers, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes (which I omitted). On blueberry bagel.

Love the addition of capers, pickles and onions which add acidity and freshness to the heavy cream cheese and salty smoked salmon. Blueberry bagel is a fantastic choice as the sweetness of the blueberries complement the other salty elements perfectly.

Good option if you want a lighter bagel instead of the other greasy options.

Seared chicken liver, tahini, spring onion, salsa, chilli

There were at least 5 pieces of thick, creamy, not overcooked chicken liver inside. Think I overestimated my love of chicken liver (lol!), the taste was pretty strong for me so I didn’t finish the livers but get this if you love ‘em as they were tasty.


Cauliflower, tahini, tomato salsa, chilli, spring onion.

Get this if you love roasted cauliflower. The flavours can be more monotonous than the ratatouille (not everyone loves eggplants) but this was still quite good.

Their pitas might seem pricey but they are huge and generously stuffed with ingredients. It will fill you up.


The falafel was crispy on the outside, along with tomato and sour cream - not bad but I prefer the Ratatouille flavour-wise and also tahini instead of sour cream with the pita.

Highlight is still the pillowy, chewy pita. Guess you just have to try afew to know which suits your tastebud.

The highlight is their soft, pillowy pita and tahini. Not had a better pita (bread itself) in sg.

It came with lots of eggplant topped with heaps of green chillies and hard boiled egg. I wished I had mixed everything up before eating though because I thought the balance of flavours were abit off as I started with a mouthful of green chillies and ended with just lots of eggplants. Enjoyed the flavours though - prefer it to the falafel burger and was more filling.

I thought this tasted better when I had it in Melbourne. Maybe this had too much eggplants at the bottom for me.

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Beetroot Black Bean Mushroom Patty, Truffle Mayo, Black Garlic Cashew Spread, Arugula, Avocado.

Pick this if you love strong flavours. The smell of truffle oil hits you before you even take a bite. The garlic cashew spread is quite salty savoury but so flavourful and full of that garlic pungency. I picked garlic bagel so it’s double dose of garlicky goodness 😆- love the crunchy fried garlic on top and it goes so well with heart beet. Always love the beetroot patty + avocado combi and this patty is tasty with a variety of textures including the crunch from walnuts.

Even better than lulamon (V) at their tanjong pagar outlet.

Pate, pork ham, stew pork, chicken floss.

It’s yummier and more filling with the addition of an egg. Love that they are generous with the pickled daikons and carrots. Bread is crusty, not too heavy and the stew pork and ham both taste good. I just wish it is more saucy and has more meat. 🤭

Nevertheless, it is still one of the tastier yet affordable banh mi around.

Taiwanese Fried Chicken, House White Kimchi, Fermented Bean Curd Mayo, Cilantro & Scallion

Fried chicken (breast meat) is really huge, thick, not dry and really taste like Taiwanese fried chicken! However, I find that it overpowers everything else including the sauce and the taste of the bagel. Not really a fan of the kimchi too - I don’t think it’s the best match with fried chicken or bagel.

It is a super filling bagel and I didn’t finish the chicken - I was just sick of so much chicken lol. Maybe I just don’t really like chicken with my bagels.

Not ordering this again.

Smoked turkey ham, bechamel, cheddar, swiss cheese, caramelised onions, mustard, whole-wheat sourdough

Need a lot more caramelised onions to balance the richness of this sandwich. Didn’t really want to finish even half of the sandwich. It was too gelat for me but maybe for grilled cheese lovers and way overpriced.

Prefer the tuna melt


Crispy luncheon, cheddar, arugula, fried egg, hot mayo, potato bun

It taste good but not better than the fried egg, luncheon meat sandwich I make at home, you know what I mean? Nice, but get something else lah.

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