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Taiwanese Fried Chicken, House White Kimchi, Fermented Bean Curd Mayo, Cilantro & Scallion

Fried chicken (breast meat) is really huge, thick, not dry and really taste like Taiwanese fried chicken! However, I find that it overpowers everything else including the sauce and the taste of the bagel. Not really a fan of the kimchi too - I don’t think it’s the best match with fried chicken or bagel.

It is a super filling bagel and I didn’t finish the chicken - I was just sick of so much chicken lol. Maybe I just don’t really like chicken with my bagels.

Not ordering this again.

Crispy luncheon, cheddar, arugula, fried egg, hot mayo, potato bun

It taste good but not better than the fried egg, luncheon meat sandwich I make at home, you know what I mean? Nice, but get something else lah.

Avocado, Tomatoes, Mesclun, Smoked Garlic Aioli, House Smoked Bacon, Sunny Egg

Smoked bacon was flavourful but abit dry and tough. Aioli was too runny though and I thought the combination with of runny sauce + avocado + tomatoes made this abit too wet for my liking.

Sunday Best taste better.

Fennel Sausage, Sunny Egg, Cheddar, Hash, Onion Marmalade, Smoked Garlic Aioli

This is like their previous “Winner” but without sausage casing -yay! I hate eating the casing. Really filling bagelwich as the sausage was thick. I thought the onion marmalade was abit too sweet though. Love the combi of protein + sunny egg + hashbrown + cheddar so no wonder I love this.

Prefer this to their pork-gasm.

I was afraid it’s going to be too mayonnaise-y and heavy but it’s not.

The tuna salad has a sauce that is tangy and the diced cucumber and onions along with tomatoes and pickled chillis makes the tuna mix quite refreshing. Fried egg and cheddar brings in additional flavour and they never go wrong in sandwiches.

This is a lighter sandwich compared to their Breakfast Sammy, which can get cloying if you are eating one on your own. I prefer Tuna melt to the Breakfast Sammy.

wholewheat ciabatta, dijon mustard, pulled pork, emmental, honey baked ham, pickled cucumber, pickled jalapeno

Pulled pork is really moist, juicy, flavourful. The dijon mustard, pickled cucumber and jalapeño brings acidity and heat that complements the pulled pork perfectly. The side salad lightly dressed with balsamic vinegar is a nice touch as it acts as a good counterbalance to the rich, meaty sandwich. If I have to nitpick, I’ll have to say the bread is less impressive - it is on the drier side and quite bland. But all’s good when you eat it together with the filling (you can’t really tell lol)

A tasty pulled pork sandwich without that bbq sauce nonsense.

Even though this is one of the more expensive sandwich at Lowe’f, they are really generous with the meat and it will definitely fill you up.

Honey baked ham, black forest ham, onion jam, comte, brie, lime aioli.

LOVE the onion jam. It is richly caramelised and really flavourful. The highlight for me. Lol. The hams are also not too salty. The hashbrown (must add!) provides a nice crunch and goes really well with the other ingredients.

I will order this again and again.

Overall, abit dry - could do with more sauce. Chicken was okay - abit dry with one big glob of fats and skin found. Bread was soft on the inside and crusty outside - the only saving grace.

Maybe I really should have picked the signature 😐

Toasted focaccia with roasted mushroom, cheddar cheese, honey mustard, mesclun mix.

The fillings taste like you imagine it to be. The bread is soft but is a bland focaccia - it tasted like some supermarket bread. I feel like I am eating a subway sandwich actually.

I’ll stick to their bagels going forward.

Sun dried tomatoes, mesclun mix, herb marinated artichokes, black olives (although I asked to have it removed), plain cream cheese on salted bagel.

The artichokes tasted like they have been marinated in some sort of vinegar. Sun dried tomatoes are also not overly salty. They are really generous with the ingredients and gave me lots of cream cheese.

It tasted like bagel with cream cheese, yet sour and refreshing with crunch from the vegetables and slight saltiness from the chewy and fluffy salted bagel. I love their bagel - so soft, fluffy and chewy.

I didn’t expect to like this as much as I do, simply because bagels and vegetables?! Who likes that? But it works. I actually like this more than their portobello truffle bagel. However, only order this if you like vegetables, obviously.

Cooked ham, cheddar cheese, egg, gruyere peppercorn sauce, mesclun mix on sesame bagel.

The ingredients are simple but the combination works. The gruyere sauce brings everything together and the peppercorn adds a hint of heat to counterbalance the creaminess.

The bagel itself is chewy and fluffy - I actually prefer their bagel (the bread itself) to TMBH’s. TMBH has more flavours but the quality is inconsistent and their bagel is stodgier.

I have tried this and the smoked chicken bagel. I enjoyed both and I intend to work my way through the other bagel sandwiches.

Lamb kofta, harissa feta, arugula, mint gremolata, parmesan aioli on chocolate chip bagel.

The lamb was dry - not really flavourful on its own except the lamb taste. The bagel itself was over toasted and thus, was hard. Basically, it was 2 lamb meatballs with some arugula and sauces. I can really only taste harissa as it overpowered the other sauces.

Since I didn’t enjoy the lamb, I’m left with hard bagel with sauces. My least favourite bagel from this outlet so far and definitely not as interesting a combination as their other bagelwich.

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