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Fish sauce caramel trout flakes, scallion cc, trout mayo and brie make this a rich and creamy bagel - too rich in fact for me. The ingredients do do complement each other. It was okay, not something I will order again.

Bread was so good - tangy and crusty on top with lots of seeds. Lots of eggs, sharp cheddar, pickled onions, tomato, kale. Delicious and filling.

Cheddar, sunny egg, pork steak (replaced fennel sausage +$1), hash, onion marmalade, smoked garlic aioli.

Tasted better with pork steak instead of fennel sausage; pork was tender and not dry. The one with sausage was greasier and I enjoyed meat slices more than minced meat. I either get this or customised mine with cheddar+ sunny+ onion marmalade+ avocado. Best paired with blueberry bagel.

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Rempah smoked hamachi, sweet potato leaf pickle, cherry tomatoes, red onions, gulai crema, potato curry leaf serundeng.

Like cold curry with smoked fish. SE Asian flavours with lemongrass and turmeric. Loved the added texture and savoury-sweetness from the spiced grated coconut. Smoked fish taste great with blueberry bagel, I always get lox on blueberry too.

Interesting combination that works in a bagel. Try this if you are bored of the usual lox.

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Shokupan was soft, fluffy and slightly sweet. Chicken thigh was tender, kinda like chicken rice roasted chicken with skin but with yuzu marinate. Enjoyed this more than their tamago sando because there’s greater textural and flavour contrast in this with its yuzu chicken+smashed avo+fried egg+tomatoes+greens.

I can see myself getting this for lunch if I’m working around the area as it’s a tasty and affordable sandwich but wouldn’t travel for this.

Shokupan was soft, fluffy and sweet. Tamago was also fluffy and sweet. It was tasty along with bonito flakes and kombu mayo but missing differing textures and flavors - maybe I should have picked the tamago + spam/bacon.

I see myself getting their tamago sandos for breakie if I’m working around the area but don’t think will travel for this again.

House smoked mackerel mix, smokey American cheddar, onion marmalade, brioche.

Mackerel version of your tuna mayo sandwich. Onion marmalade added sweetness to the mackerel mix which was not overly creamy - yay. Brioche was crisp and buttery. Tasty but the beef sando is what I’ll return for.

smoked beef brisket, smokey American cheddar, ratatouille, jumbo pickles

Smoked beef brisket was flavourful, nicely charred with both lean and fatty bits - yum. I was hesitant about ordering this because... so many jumbo pickles 😐 andihatepickles. I picked most of them out and it still tasted great! It was not too rich even without the acidity from the pickles as the ratatouille helped. Brioche was very nicely toasted - crisp and buttery.

Very satisfying sandwich. I’m already thinking about trying their other sandwiches.

Smoked brisket, mustard, soy pickled jalapeños, cheddar on blueberry bagel.

Smoked brisket was not bad - not too tough but not really tender either. Mustard and jalapeños were a good match with the brisket as it helped to relieve greasiness.

Not bad, especially if you are a meat lover. I still prefer their breakfast bagels though.

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Avocado+cheddar+sunny+habanero jam on Jalapeños Cheese bagel.

Jalapeños cheese bagel is so good; it is cheesy and spicy - my favourite savoury bagel at TMBH. My customised bagel taste really good and I will order this exact combo again. I imagine it will taste really good too with the addition of a protein.

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onions, capers, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes (which I omitted). On blueberry bagel.

Love the addition of capers, pickles and onions which add acidity and freshness to the heavy cream cheese and salty smoked salmon. Blueberry bagel is a fantastic choice as the sweetness of the blueberries complement the other salty elements perfectly.

Good option if you want a lighter bagel instead of the other greasy options.

Seared chicken liver, tahini, spring onion, salsa, chilli

There were at least 5 pieces of thick, creamy, not overcooked chicken liver inside. Think I overestimated my love of chicken liver (lol!), the taste was pretty strong for me so I didn’t finish the livers but get this if you love ‘em as they were tasty.


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