Featuring Xin Yuan Ji (Bugis), PS.Cafe (Ann Siang Hill), Seasonal Tastes (The Westin Singapore), Honeymill, 49 Seats (The Centrepoint), Big Fish Small Fish (Bugis Junction), BIZEN Okayama Wagyu Steakhouse (Funan), Sakae Sushi (Lot One), Siam Kitchen (Lot One), Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (Jurong Point)
Zoey Belle Wannabe
Zoey Belle Wannabe

BIZEN Okayama Wagyu Steakhouse one of the many brands and outlets of the Aston Group. Went with some expectation since is under Aston Group shouldn't be too bad. Only to find myself rather disappointed. We order different cut of steaks and steaks are decent but the taste was not exceptional. The sides came heavily seasoned and salty that did not play well with the steak taste-wise. Service is not so great. There were only a few tables the night I was there, staff was not very attentive. I’d rather pop over to the nearby Astons if I want a decent meal. 

Curb my hungar pangs with Faves and on my way to a tummy good time! Dig into delicious crispy-succulent cup of handmade popcorn chicken drizzled with Homemade Truffle Aioli sauce, top it off with Butter Button Mushroom and Chives! Fried to golden-brown perfection, right amount of crunch, nicely seasoned and not overly oily. Chicken with truffle and mushroom is a comforting dish with a luxurious feel and horribly addictive! Also available in 4 others flavours with their own garnishes 😋😋

Eng's specialty lies in the thick egg noodles and super spicy chilli sauce.

I like the noodles which are springy, offers nice al dente bite and has no alkaline taste. The noodles were interestingly slightly thicker. The chilli is spicy which adds a kick to the taste but be careful as too much of it will spoil the taste. The wantons are serve beneath the noodles instead of on top of the noodles or in the soup, this makes the wantons really moist, flavourful and tasty as they soak in the sauce. The char siew is very traditional old school, thinly sliced with the right lean meat to fat ratio, tender with no unpleasant porky taste.

Fried Wanton is another must order. Fried to a light and crispy texture and juicy inside. The size is not overly plump but enough filling. Highly addictive.

Order extra boil wantons to satisfy craving. Love the large and meaty wantons filled with minced pork with a nice chewy meaty bite and tasted real good.

Having my honey drink prepare by Honeybot from start to finish at Honeymill.

There are a couple of Signature Honey Drinks or you can have option to create your own honey drink.

Choose from an assortment of honey ranging from floral, fruity, herbal, nutty and woody flavours.

Add toppings such as honey jelly, coffee jelly and calamansi.

Select your drink to be served iced, warm or sparkling.

Thanks to burpple beyond deal, got my 1 for 1 drink. Order the signature Manuka Mystic ($6.80) of Manuka honey added with basil seeds, calamansi and aloe vera. And customised my own warm honey drink, Manuku Honey with Goji Berry (Wolfberry) topping.

Overall I enjoyed the refreshing good quality honey drink.

Popeyes new Fiery Cheesy Chicken, extremely crunchy outer and tender juicy inner. Comes quite generously sauced with the cheesy sauce.

I like this new menu, it’s spicy, cheesy and crunchy, everything you ask for. If only the chicken parts were bigger🤣 it's really rather small.

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My family and I enjoy its signature Rong Yu Sheng dish featuring fresh thick cut Air-flown Norwegian Salmon which is the star of Sakae Sushi Yu Sheng, and with all the veggie fixins; white radish, white ginger, red ginger, brown melon, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, jellyfish, candied lime, peanuts, sesame seeds and pok chui crackers in yu sheng plum sauce.

Sakae Sushi Yu Sheng is available in Small ($36.88), Medium ($51.88) and Large ($64.88). If you purchase a large you can nab yourself a $30 cash voucher for your next visit (you’ll get $10 for a Small and $20 for a Medium, too).

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First time dining at Siam Kitchen. The menu is authentic but the food is just decent and in my opinion I feel lack the usual Thai ommph factor. The dishes were just either too salty or too sweet and very oily. There wasn't much customers in the restaurant but the food took so long to be serve. Overall the food wasn't awful but I definitely won't be going back there again.

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LEGIT Fish & Crisps! Choice of SEABASS! Love the batter that was fried to perfection thin, light and crispy on the outside while the fish remains juicy soft and moist inside. The size of the fish is huge. What was great is the chips that comes with it! They slice the potatoes freshly and thinly to make the chips and is not at all oily. 
Amazing DIY station offers a wide array of free-flowing sauces such as Salted Egg Sauce and  XO Sauce. Enjoy the burst of flavors over an interesting experience when you scatter the fish & crisps onto the table and dig in with gloves. Will be back for sure!

Tom Yum Seafood Pasta has always been one my most favourite ordering dish. Love it's fresh seafood compliments the robust thick cream sauce packed with good punch of sweetness, tangy and spiciness in every mouthful that tastes like a cheesier version of Tom Yum. 

A good alternative if you are not keen in spicy Tom Yum will be Seafood Marinara. Pasta is pretty tasty with mussels and prawns paired with tomato sauce.

Creamy Smoked Duck Pasta is another favourite.
The slices of smoked duck was very tender, not tough at all and well marinated and flavourful, and the cream sauce totally not jelat. Definitely satisfy any cream pasta lover.

Their crunchy fries which they are very generously drenched with cheese and mayo that there's always enough sauces till the end. Fries are not overly oily and it’s addictive! Perfect for sharing.

The food is all served on tin plates it gives off an old school vibe. One good thing about 49 Seats is that it does not charge GST or service charge. Hooray!


Some of the dishes I enjoyed at PS Cafe. Truffle shoestring fries drizzled with truffle oil and parmesan cheese come in gigantic serving. Is crispy golden that is not overly greasy, which helped to give the fries a good crunch and great for sharing. Beer battered Fish & Chips, crispy batter that coated the delicate fish and more importantly, it felt clean and fresh, without leaving that stale oil after taste nor greasy lips. They also does a wonderful Aglio Olio. The garlic flavour shines through, and with the use of some good quality olive oil, the sauce is perfect. The pasta is served with really fresh seafood too, making this dish a delight to eat. The crispy garlic bits on top provides a nice crunch as well. Overall PS Cafe is a place that I will go for great ambience. Is utterly serene and cosy atmosphere. Their mains are okay but consider the price, which to be honest, is a rip-off. It is the kind of place you would go for a date night with love ones for its quiet ambience or with your favourite girls.

Mandarin Orchard Singapore signature, Honey Glazed Gammon Ham boneless. An all time Christmas favourite. It's golden brown and gorgeous on the outside, succulent and decadent on the inside. Juicy, moist, sweet and aromatic. Not at all fatty and just salty enough. This mouth watering goodness is definitely a delectable delight in my party! A crowd pleaser. I’m saving my remaining portion to make Cheesy Ham and Broccoli Frittat as well as homemade pizza and pasta!
Did I mention their service was excellent as well? Thumbs up for the customer service.

Buffet with a modest variety. There's about maybe 4 to 5 selections only per station which are really very limited choice. I can easily count them with 2 hands. You won’t find premium items like oysters or snow crab or parma ham which the other same priced buffet dinner will have. The quality of food was quite good and most are well seasoned and delectable. Seafood on ice are fresh. I love the dessert bar most, is like a candy store for adults and children. Dessert bar has wider selection and all so delicately make and definitely appetizing. Service wise needs improvement. Clearing of plates was slow and most times. The buffet suppose to be till 10pm but around 9pm, the service staffs actually start packing and clearing the food which is still full on tray. Personally feel is quite rude to clear so early when there's still plenty of guest still dining. For the price and service don't think I will visit again.

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