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Jie Yin Tay
Jie Yin Tay

Definitely my MUST GO restaurant in GZ~

Previously reviewed the November’s menu: hehe preferring the Nov menu more though~

I really love their concept of changing the menu monthly because its just so excitinggg!!! For the december’s menu, I love the miso soup and the dessert the most !! The truffle claypot rice was good but I personally felt that truffle taste could be more prominent and intense!

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I prefer unsweetened desserts which they do not offer. Nonetheless, i must admit that despite being quite sweet, the black sesame aroma was very distinct and fragrant!! The walnut paste is the least sweet among the pastes that they sell. However, to me, the most fragrant would be black sesame. Glad that they sell their ground powder (black sesame, walnut and almond) which they freshly grind daily and is UNSWEETENED!! Hehehe bought some back to SG to make my own black sesame paste🤤🤣😅 yums

Would really recommend this place especially if you want to buy their powder to make your own paste at home (so that you can control the sweetness level). Its really fragrant and niceeee!! And you can see the boss grinding the paste powder right in front of the shop!

Ratings: 8/10 (10/10 if there was unsweetened option😅) No go
Can go
MUST GO😊👍yaaas

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We ordered their top few most popular recommended dishes:
1. 金沙红米肠 (Prawn with dough fritters, wrapped in rice roll) 7.5/10
- The prawn was fresh, firm and springy.
- The dough fritters was crunchy and not overly fried nor oily
- The chee chong fan skin was not too thick and was soft, springy and perfectly chewy.
- Overall, this dish is very interesting as it isnt one-dimensional and the dipped sauces were very unique -> light soy sauce or peanut sauce. However, the portion is really HUGE (there were 10 pieces in total) so it could get quite jelat after eating >3 pieces. Recommend for 3 or more pax.

2. 金牌鲜虾饺皇 Har Gao 8/10
- The skin was a little too thick for my liking. - The prawns were very plump, bouncy and super fresh. Probably the best har gao prawn fillings i have ever tasted.

3. Xiao long bao 3/10
- This isn’t their specialty. Give this a miss. The soup inside tasted pretty average and the dumpling skin:meat ratio was way off. The filling was super little and (probably 30%) and hence made it felt like the skin was too much.

4. 特色蒸排骨 3/10
- The pork ribs were quite fatty and had very little meat; too much fats for my liking. However, I must admit that the sauce was really well-made; very aromatic and not too sweet nor salty.

Overall taste: 6/10
Ambience: 4/5; the branch we went had 3 stories so it was really spacious
Service: 3.5/5
Value: 4/5 (SGD 10-20 per pax)

No go
Can go 🙂 there were a few hit and misses so you really need to choose wisely.
Must go

#burpple #guangzhoufood #广州美食 #广州 #guangzhou #china

We ordered their top few famous dishes:
1. 高汤桑叶 Mulberry leaves in superior broth (RMB 28) 8/10
- I love how that the broth wasnt overly salty. It had just the right amount of flavour and was really light and drinkable!佛跳墙

2. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall 7.5/10 (RMB 68; they were having promotion!)
- The soup was rich and flavourful but not mind-blowing. It tasted very homey. Love how it was generously filled with many ingredients like small abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, chicken meat, etc.

3. 黄埔炒蛋 Scrambled egg omelette (RMB 36) 7.5/10
- The egg was really soft, creamy and rich in eggy flavour. I love how it is perfectly cooked - not too dry not wet and a little flow~
- The portion is really HUGE!! So it will get a little jelat and sian after eating too much, especially since its one-dimensional. Recommend to order this for 4 pax or more.

4. 白灼牛肉 (RMB 48) Beef slices with wasabi soy sauce dip 8.25/10
- The beef slices was really tender and well-cooked! It was also very flavourful and well-seasoned. Though the beef didn’t had that strong beefy taste nor creamy mouthfeel like premium wagyu, i really appreciate its tenderness and smoothness.

5. 特色茶 (RMB 5 per pax)
- This was the best tea that i had in GZ. Love the floral fragrance coupled with the natural sweetness from the luo han guo. It really was a great palate cleanser.

There are other specialty dishes like their char siew doused in special homemade sauce, poached chicken (老广白切鸡) and 鸡丝煎面 which we didn’t get to try

Overall Taste: 7.75/10
•Ambience: 3/5 Air-conditioned zichar-style restaurant/shophouse
•Service: 3.5/5 Friendly owner who will recommend you their special dishes
•Value: 4/5 In terms of food pricing in Guangzhou, this is considered quite pricey for a shophouse restaurant along the street. But its considered quite cheap if you convert to SGD. We ordered so much food with decently big portion at

1. 水晶大虾饺 Har Gao 10/10
- Hands down the BEST HAR GAO I have ever eaten in my entire life! Super on point skin-to-filling ratio! I really love how the plump, juicy, springy chunks of big well-marinated shrimps were veiled in crystal clear translucent skin that was thin and chewy. We came back twice just to order this again! REALLY A MUST EAT!

2. 香煎海皇韭菜饺子 Pan-fried chives and shrimp dumplings 10/10
- This chives dumpling is seriously the BEST i have ever eaten too! Its huge and super-packed with chives, shrimps, pork, crunchy water chestnut and probably fish/shrimp/cutterfish paste!! Love how the skin is thin and that the ingredients inside were juicy and flavourful! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

3. 海苔抹茶流沙包 Seaweed matcha salted egg custard bun 6/10
- The matcha taste in the salted egg custard wasn’t distinct enough and was a little too sweet for my liking. I love more savoury salted egg custard fillings than sweet. I feel that the sweet:savoury ratio is about 55:45 here. Nonetheless, I love how the custard inside was filled till the brim and that the skin had the right thickness and was chewy and soft/fluffy at the same time.

4. 香芒夹心椰汁糕 7.5/10
- This has a texture of agar agar and is really smooth. Glad that it wasn’t overly sweet. The coconut and mango combination was surprisingly good and super refreshing! The coconut taste is distinct but not overly strong and hence didn’t mask the mango aroma. Not jelat or clogging at all. I feel that this as an ending dessert is a good palate cleanser.

5. XO酱汁金钱肚 XO sauce beef tripe 7.5/10
- The beef tripe was super-well marinated and soft. The sauce is really good!

6. 白灼菜心 8/10
- I really love that their crunchy 菜心 wasnt bitter and had that natural sweetness that complemented very well with the soy sauce that wasnt overly salty.

7. Scallop, prawn and chives spring roll 6/10

Overall taste: 8/10
•Ambience: 4.5/5 (restaurant with spacious sitting)
•Service: 3.5/5
•Value: 5/5 (SGD 10-20 per pax with AMAZING food YAAS)

No go
Can go
Must go 😊 DEFINITELY MUST GO DIMSUM PLACE!! WILL 100% return if i go GZ.

#burpple #GZ #guangzhou #guangzhoufood #china 广州 #广州美食 #中国 #中国美食

They offer a 6-course set menu that changes every month with the season, priced at RMB148 per pax (~SGD30)
Best to make a booking before coming!

For the November 2019 menu, they offered:
1. Soup: Longan, walnuts, Catathelasma ventricosum stew 7/10
2. Appetiser: Purple perilla sour papaya roll + Pepper tree osmanthus fungus + Osmathus with candied chinese chestnut 6.5/10
3. Main dish (1): Truffle with Beibei pumpkin ❤ (One of the star for this menu! Perfect harmonisation between the sweet, smooth and creamy pumpkin and hint of truffle aroma. 10/10
4. Main dish (2): Fennel wild rice stew with white reddish (I love how the reddish had this good wok hei aroma that complemented well with the light stew) 9/10
5. Main dish (3): Crispy skin monkey head mushroom with satay sauce (The satay sauce tasted more like otah spices and is a little too sweet for my liking) 7/10
6. Second main course: Cauliflower and red rice hot-stone bibimbap❤ 10/10
7. Vegetable: Choy sum soup 8/10
8. Dessert: Baked sweet potato with yogurt and berries + Grapefruit black tea ❤ 9.5/10

November menu taste: 8/10 •Ambience: 5/5 Cozy fine dining •Service: 5/5 Friendly, quality, A+ customer care
•Value: 3.75/5 In terms of food pricing in Guangzhou, this is considered quite pricey. But in SG terms, i feel that it is considered quite affordable and reasonable.

No go:
Will go
Must go😊 I will definitely return~

#burpple #GZ #guangzhou #guangzhoufood #chinafood # china #广州 #广州美食 #中国 #中国美食

I love eating clean. Not a fan of desserts that are TOO sweet. MAJOR MATCHAHOLIC😍😍

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