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Breakfast & Brunch

Breakfast & Brunch

Featuring The Populus Coffee & Food Co., Lola's Cafe, The Lokal, Artichoke, RONIN, Brawn & Brains Coffee (Guillemard), Tolido's Espresso Nook, Group Therapy (Cross Street Exchange), Baristart Coffee (Tanjong Pagar), Gather
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Looking at the reviews, this seems like the must order dish from Lola. It is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside - well fried wings indeed. I wish they would have put more paprika on the wings though.

But it is just fried wings sprinkled with paprika powder and honey poured over it. Good wings but certainly not a must order and didn’t wow me.

I am honestly mystified - what am I missing?

Scrambled eggs, fresh herb melange, marinated feta, back bacon, toasted croissant.

Scrambled eggs are soft and creamy. I don’t taste any feta but it’s still good scrambled eggs. Bacons are crispy but not crispy as a cracker, which I appreciate.

Add-on mixed mushrooms are also tasty (although slightly expensive at $4.50 for such a small portion). They taste like they have been cooked with balsamic vinegar.

It is not as wow as their french toast for me but still a yummy, well executed plate of food.

I like their coffee. It is bold and not acidic - choose the 6oz white coffee over the 8oz and ‘Magic’ for a bolder, less milky cuppa

Their most iconic dish. Everyone’s favourite here. But I didn’t like it. The ingredients do not go well together and the dish does not make sense to me.

Cheesy oven baked molten eggs on tortilla with side of smoked salmon, avocado, greens, cherry tomatoes and toast. The tortilla does nothing except acts as a vessel to contain the melted cheese and eggs. The avocado has no value-add as it is overpowered by the salty smoked salmon and cheese. The taste of the smoked salmon overpowers everything else (including the cheese)

The greens are very much needed to counterbalance the gelatness of everything else. The toast acts as a crunch element and something to eat gooey cheese and salty smoked salmon with.

It’s mouthful after mouthful of salty something. Guess it’s just a case of “It’s not you, it’s me”.

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Baked vanilla brioche, butter rum bananas, pistachio crumb, natural yogurt.

It is a well thought out dish and all the components works so well together

The french toast is custardy in the middle and yet flaky and crisp around the edges. The bananas are yum - they are nicely caramelised and the pistachio crumb adds another textural dimension when you eat it with the mushy bananas.

The yogurt itself is not sweet and thus, is the perfect addition that brings the dish together - another sweet sauce like honey would have made the dish overly sweet.

This is now my favourite french toast in Singapore. Their coffee is also not bad - strong and not acidic. My first time at this cafe but definitely not my last.

Banana bread, caramelised bananas, macadamia nuts and housemade vanilla yogurt.

I used to loveeee this. I don’t think the taste has changed but maybe mine has. The banana bread goes well with the yogurt and butterscotch-like sauce. It taste good when you get all the components together in every bite, with the nuts providing a nice crunch.

However, I would not say the banana bread itself is a good one. On its own it’s actually quite bland and not banana-ey enough. But the dish as a whole works and it’s a good dish. I just don’t see myself paying $17.65 nett for it again. I’d rather get their sticky date pudding.

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Galette with salami, diced potatoes, melted brie and egg.

Salami is nicely cooked and this flavour combination works. Tasted like dosai with egg and potatoes to me - with salami of course. So, abit of a let down after all the rave reviews.

It taste good. Just not worth the price for me since I get the same satisfaction from a dosa. Long wait for the food. Service is good. Place is noisy even though the place is not full.

Will not come for their galettes again but should I try their sweet crepe? Is it worth it?

2 slices of french toast with cream cheese filling topped with stout glazed bacon and maple syrup on the side. The portion is generous.

The bacon is nicely cooked (crispy yet not the super dry crispy bacon that I hate) with a balsamic vinegar taste-like glaze. It goes well with the fluffy french toast, however the taste of the cream cheese is very subtle and I wish there is more of it.

The dish does get boring once you finished the bacon and are only left with bread. It is not a bad dish but it definitely sounds more decadent and more promising than it tasted.

Their coffee as usual is good. Flat white is strong, bold and not acidic.

Christmas season special menu. Think french toast but using fruit bread instead and lemon sauce. It was delicious.

French toast was crispy on the outside with bits of raisins inside. It goes very well with the lemon sauce and the walnuts provide a nice crunch and contrasting texture to the dish.

I also ordered the ice blend sea salt caramel latte ($7.50). The ice blend is good - not too sweet with bits of cookie crumbs inside.

Will be back to try out their bacon french toast and other offerings. Cafe was crowded on a Monday slightly before noon😱. I can’t imagine the crowd on weekends.

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Fried cauliflower, Egyptian jewelled rice, rocket leaves, smoked egg. This is our favourite dish during our brunch here. The flavours just work so well together and who doesn’t like fried cauliflower?

We also ordered mezze platter ($24), crab and bacon toast ($30), crispy lamb floss ($28). Overall the dishes are good but portions are small for the price paid. We 4 ladies shared 4 dishes and left slightly hungry still.

I like their bread and hummus. They are known for their crab and bacon toast but that was my least favourite dish - I find the bacon slightly too tough.

Will give their dinner a try next time

Eggs Ben, Bayonne ham, mushroom on rustic bread with side salad. Most overrated brunch places I’ve been to in a while. I always see queues in the Tiong Bahru branch and decide to see what’s the hype about.

Eggs Ben are eggs Ben. I know. But there are fantastic egg bens, good egg bens and meh egg bens. This definitely falls into the I-can-make-it-better-at-home egg bens.

Side salad is tasteless - I can’t taste any dressing. Rustic bread is average and I don’t think it works with the other ingredients. Poached eggs are cooked perfectly though. The ham is crispy but I prefer it soft. Portion is small. I ate half of the dish because it’s not worth the calories.

Service is quite good, one of the staff is quite friendly and tries to interact with customers. Prices are on the high side for brunch. Will not be back.

Are they the best scrambled eggs in Singapore? Nah. Quite good - needs more seasoning - although not the best. The scrambled eggs are creamy with a tofu like texture but rather bland. Just some more salt and pepper would have helped greatly. The toast are well toasted and are decent bread.

Added wilted spinach for a balance diet (carbs+protein+fibre right) and I think they don’t really go well with the other components. Basically boiled spinach with salt.

The portions are huge, filling and reasonably priced (nett) for cafe food. I prefer their french toasts to scrambled eggs on toast.

Servers are very friendly. Very crowded and noisy on weekends so not ideal for big groups but quiet and dark on weekday. Good for solo emo time

2 baguette sliced French toast with maple, butter and soft serve. It tasted like creme brûlée french toast with a crunchy sugar top. The French toast itself is soft, eggy and has soaked up the mixture very well.

I do not like soft soggy French toast so I didn’t enjoy it. If I knew it’s going to be a creme brûlée type of French toast I would not have ordered it.

Soft serve itself tasted like white rabbit candy. Portion is small - good as tea break but not filling for lunch/brunch.

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