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Breakfast & Brunch

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Ting C
Ting C

Berries compote, creme fraiche, maple syrup & vanilla ice cream.

French toast itself was slightly dry in some parts and too salty in others as the butter was unevenly spread. I prefer my french toast to be more eggy. Berries compote and vanilla ice cream went well with the french toast. Didn’t care much for the creme fraiche - it was slightly heavy and didn’t add much (except calories) taste wise.

Expensive french toast that was just okay.

Buttermilk waffles were crisp outside, soft and fluffy inside and went so well with the melted cheddar + mozzarella and ham. Drizzle the honey on top and I got that sweet & savoury combo that I adore. Truffle mushrooms and salad with goma dressing on the side were good too. Didn’t expect to like this so much actually.

Will come back again.

Don’t think unagi needs to be wrapped in gyoza skin. Okay dish. Won’t order again.

Shio kombu, chilli oil, brandy, ikura, capellini.

It tasted like those oriental chilli oil noodle to me - nothing special - although I liked the addition of kombu, ikura and ebi which worked to enhance its textures and flavours.

Taste good but not worth ordering.

White loaf, maple syrup, berry compote, salted cream, berries.

French toast was eggy and buttery and reminded me of a HK style french toast that was not greasy at all. Toppings were well thought out with tart berry compote, fresh fruits, sweet maple and salted cream - all went really well with the toast.

Liked this more than the grape & ricotta toast. Tasty dish that is good for sharing.

Grapes, red gum honey, ricotta, pistachio, lavender, brioche.

Enjoyed everything but the floral aspect which I was ambivalent about. Lavender kept the flavour combo interesting (fresh, fruity, creamy, nutty, crunchy, sweet, floral, bitter) yet it reminded me of soap.

Worth trying if you love lavender in your food.

Buttermilk waffle, double-fried chicken thigh.

Chicken skin was really crispy but chicken was over fried. One piece was slightly tough and dry. Waffle - the crisp and airy type - was okay (read: nothing special) but I wished honey was served on the side instead of poured over the waffle as some parts were soaked with syrup and quite sweet.

Not worth the calories.

It came with maple syrup, chantilly cream & fresh berries. Liked that the crusted brioche was really very crispy 👍🏻 and the salted butter on the side. The bread was pretty tasteless on its own so you really need the toppings - which were nothing special and taste meh to me.

Maybe because I’m not a huge fan of chantilly cream in general, I got bored of the dish 3 bites in. Cappuccino was not bad though.

Never getting this again.

110g handpicked lump blue swimmer crab meat, smoked crab fat tobiko, snow pea shoots & carrot salad, asian dressing.

Favourite of 4 dishes we’d tried. It was creamy and flavourful, especially with the addition of tobiko to the crabmeat. They are quite generous with the filling and omelette was well cooked. Did not enjoy the snow pea shoots as much (abit raw for me) but still okay.

Decent dish. In general, all 4 of us agreed that food at slate were okay - not horrible, not fantastic. Not going back.

Fried chicken, banana ketchup, yested pancake, pink peppercorn maple syrup, burnt oranges.

Enjoyed the super thin, crispy skin and meat was tender. Pancake was crispy outside but quite plain and stodgy. Didn’t enjoy the banana ketchup, the maple syrup was okay - didn’t really get the peppercorn taste in the syrup and it was quite unpleasant (not tasty) when I bite into a peppercorn lol.

Not worth to spend $25 on.

Egg battered deep fried bread, sweet red bean, coffee butter, tea flavoured condensed milk, coffee tuile, black tea jelly, adzuki cream.

It was very buttery, slightly greasy and filled with too sweet (for me) red bean that also overpowered the tea jelly and rendered the adzuki cream redundant. Didn’t really get the tea flavours because all I tasted were sweet red bean and butter.

Get this if you have a sweet tooth and love buttered fried bread.

Enjoyed eating layers of soft, chewy, warm crepe together with the ice cream - love the juxtaposition of hot and cold on my palate. Roasted buckwheat together with honey reminds me of sugar crystals actually and it provided a nice contrast in texture to the crepe - makes the dish more interesting.

Will go back for their crepes.

Ting C

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