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Most thick hot cakes in cafes are actually cakey - which I don’t like - instead of having a pancake texture. This was fluffy, moist and like pancake! Very filling, good for sharing and pretty tasty with cream cheese, fresh and dried berries, flax and pumpkin seeds and walnuts.

Reg cappuccino was strong but slightly acidic so get the large if you want a weaker cuppa as both has 2 shots of espresso.

French toast with guava compote between crispy pan-fried brioche that tasted like apple pie french toast instead. The bread itself was not eggy nor was it custardy soaked. But with ice cream, syrup and filling, it was not dry at all and biscuit crumbs added crunch to the soft elements. Pretty healthy plate with lots of fruits and plenty of ingredients accompanying the bread.

Decent enough french toast but the corned beef maple toast is what I’d return for. Cappuccino was much better than the coffee slushie

With house cured corned beef, smoked potatoes, caramelised onion, cheddar french toast, poached egg, maple hollandaise, it was as tasty as you imagine. You get a subtle taste of maple syrup that alleviates the richness of the savoury elements and keeps you going back for more.

The sides of the toast was crisper while the middle was fluffy topped with gooey cheese and you get 2 different textures while you eat it with the other ingredients.

Really filling, tasty, well thought out dish. Like this better than their salmon roasti although that was quite good too.


Roasted pears, bacon, caramelised onions, ricotta on ciabatta.

Ciabatta was toasted till crisp along the sides. Roasted pears with lots of sweet caramelised onions paired well with ricotta and bacon. Just thought there could be more ricotta. Get this only if you are a fan of the sweet & savoury combo. I like it.

Coffee was quite good and I like the ambience of the cafe. I can see myself coming back.

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Lemon curd, house-made ricotta, butter, pure maple syrup

Super huge soufflé-like pancakes that were very airy and fluffy with incredible height topped with lemon curd that was not too sweet - hate sweet lemon curd - or too sour.

Good to share amongst 4 pax as the taste was too monotonous for me to want go beyond 3 bites. Ricotta gave it the slightest hint of savouriness but I tasted mostly egg whites and wished there were more butter. I liked the slightly crisp surface a lot more than the centre which I thought there were too much of. To be fair, I’m not the biggest fan of Japanese soufflé pancakes.

$20 for pancakes seem expensive but portion is huge so worth a try if you like Japanese soufflé pancakes.

Buttery vanilla brioche, tea poached pears, guava rosewater coulis, whipped honey ricotta

I usually like my french toast eggy. This was not but I don’t mind. The bread was like some super soft, fluffy Japanese bread - not dry at all and yet not soggy. Enjoyed eating it with liberal amount of whipped honey ricotta, a small cut of the tea poached pears and a little guava rose water coulis.

Seemed rather pricey for french toast but it was surprisingly quite filling. Not wowed but it was above average for cafes’ standard. I actually liked this more than their Butterscotch banana pancake and Candied bacon waffles.

Liked the ambience and vibe of the cafe. Enjoyed their cappuccino - bold, nutty and not acidic. Don’t mind having this again if I’m here.

Pistachio crusted Norwegian salmon, potato rosti, watercress and rocket salad, citrus mint mayo.

Loved the nuttiness and crunch of the pistachios. Salmon was nicely cooked - not dry. All the components complement each other perfectly and the citrus mint mayo tied everything together nicely. Nothing mind blowing but it was tasty.

Don’t mind ordering this again. Food was good for cafe standard.

Berries compote, creme fraiche, maple syrup & vanilla ice cream.

French toast itself was slightly dry in some parts and too salty in others as the butter was unevenly spread. I prefer my french toast to be more eggy. Berries compote and vanilla ice cream went well with the french toast. Didn’t care much for the creme fraiche - it was slightly heavy and didn’t add much (except calories) taste wise.

Expensive french toast that was just okay.

Buttermilk waffles were crisp outside, soft and fluffy inside and went so well with the melted cheddar + mozzarella and ham. Drizzle the honey on top and I got that sweet & savoury combo that I adore. Truffle mushrooms and salad with goma dressing on the side were good too. Didn’t expect to like this so much actually.

Will come back again.

Don’t think unagi needs to be wrapped in gyoza skin. Okay dish. Won’t order again.

Shio kombu, chilli oil, brandy, ikura, capellini.

It tasted like those oriental chilli oil noodle to me - nothing special - although I liked the addition of kombu, ikura and ebi which worked to enhance its textures and flavours.

Taste good but not worth ordering.

White loaf, maple syrup, berry compote, salted cream, berries.

French toast was eggy and buttery and reminded me of a HK style french toast that was not greasy at all. Toppings were well thought out with tart berry compote, fresh fruits, sweet maple and salted cream - all went really well with the toast.

Liked this more than the grape & ricotta toast. Tasty dish that is good for sharing.

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