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Breakfast & Brunch

Breakfast & Brunch

Featuring The Lokal, Lola's Cafe, The Populus Coffee & Food Co., Brawn & Brains Coffee (Guillemard), Artichoke, Group Therapy (Cross Street Exchange), RONIN, Tolido's Espresso Nook, Baristart Coffee (Tanjong Pagar), Kafe UTU
Ting C
Ting C

110g handpicked lump blue swimmer crab meat, smoked crab fat tobiko, snow pea shoots & carrot salad, asian dressing.

Favourite of 4 dishes we’d tried. It was creamy and flavourful, especially with the addition of tobiko to the crabmeat. They are quite generous with the filling and omelette was well cooked. Did not enjoy the snow pea shoots as much (abit raw for me) but still okay.

Decent dish. In general, all 4 of us agreed that food at slate were okay - not horrible, not fantastic. Not going back.

Fried chicken, banana ketchup, yested pancake, pink peppercorn maple syrup, burnt oranges.

Enjoyed the super thin, crispy skin and meat was tender. Pancake was crispy outside but quite plain and stodgy. Didn’t enjoy the banana ketchup, the maple syrup was okay - didn’t really get the peppercorn taste in the syrup and it was quite unpleasant (not tasty) when I bite into a peppercorn lol.

Not worth to spend $25 on.

Egg battered deep fried bread, sweet red bean, coffee butter, tea flavoured condensed milk, coffee tuile, black tea jelly, adzuki cream.

It was very buttery, slightly greasy and filled with too sweet (for me) red bean that also overpowered the tea jelly and rendered the adzuki cream redundant. Didn’t really get the tea flavours because all I tasted were sweet red bean and butter.

Get this if you have a sweet tooth and love buttered fried bread.

Enjoyed eating layers of soft, chewy, warm crepe together with the ice cream - love the juxtaposition of hot and cold on my palate. Roasted buckwheat together with honey reminds me of sugar crystals actually and it provided a nice contrast in texture to the crepe - makes the dish more interesting.

Will go back for their crepes.

Goat cheese, tomato chutney, basil, roasted bell pepper.

The tomato chutney and roasted bell peppers were so sweet (in a good way!) and went incredibly well with the salty goat cheese. I love this flavour combination so much and I was glad I didn’t pick the usual egg+cheese+ham/mushroom options. The server also mentioned this is her favourite😄.

However, I wish the galette was crispier - especially along the edges - as it was soft throughout but the flavour was 👌🏻. At least it did not taste like angmoh dosai.

This was not too filling though so you can have both the galette and crepe together in one meal.


Ricotta hotcake:
It may seem pricey, but the hotcake is actually quite huge and thick. I like the texture of the hotcake as it is not cakey like many other cafes. The vanilla bean ice cream is good, hotcake is good, but would be better if the hotcake is thinner as only the surface is sweet and it is quite bland on the inside and I finished the ice cream before I finished half the pancake -opps.

Mocha with peanut butter, roasted almonds and pink peppercorn on the rim. Taste more like hot chocolate than mocha to me as the taste of coffee is not prominent. But I like that it is not sweet. Not sure if the PB, peppercorn really do play a part in enhancing the taste of the mocha though I enjoyed eating them - separately.

Like the decor, music, vibe. Good place to chill, eat, hangout and take photos for the gram.

Soft eggs, blue foot mushrooms, vegemite custard, mushroom consommé.

I love mushrooms but this was a really average dish for me - with normal cooked mushrooms and toast with soft eggs.

Just get their not hot chicken instead.

Not Hot Chicken aka Hot Quail. Really crispy, spicy skin. Fluffy waffles. Dunk everything in that smoked maple syrup with mustard seeds (so good, I asked for more).

It’s quail so there’s not a lot of meat and lots of bones, but I don’t care. I was scraping my bowl for fallen crispy bits.

Looking at the reviews, this seems like the must order dish from Lola. It is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside - well fried wings indeed. I wish they would have put more paprika on the wings though.

But it is just fried wings sprinkled with paprika powder and honey poured over it. Good wings but certainly not a must order and didn’t wow me.

I am honestly mystified - what am I missing?

Scrambled eggs, fresh herb melange, marinated feta, back bacon, toasted croissant.

Scrambled eggs are soft and creamy. I don’t taste any feta but it’s still good scrambled eggs. Bacons are crispy but not crispy as a cracker, which I appreciate.

Add-on mixed mushrooms are also tasty (although slightly expensive at $4.50 for such a small portion). They taste like they have been cooked with balsamic vinegar.

It is not as wow as their french toast for me but still a yummy, well executed plate of food.

I like their coffee. It is bold and not acidic - choose the 6oz white coffee over the 8oz and ‘Magic’ for a bolder, less milky cuppa

Their most iconic dish. Everyone’s favourite here. But I didn’t like it. The ingredients do not go well together and the dish does not make sense to me.

Cheesy oven baked molten eggs on tortilla with side of smoked salmon, avocado, greens, cherry tomatoes and toast. The tortilla does nothing except acts as a vessel to contain the melted cheese and eggs. The avocado has no value-add as it is overpowered by the salty smoked salmon and cheese. The taste of the smoked salmon overpowers everything else (including the cheese)

The greens are very much needed to counterbalance the gelatness of everything else. The toast acts as a crunch element and something to eat gooey cheese and salty smoked salmon with.

It’s mouthful after mouthful of salty something. Guess it’s just a case of “It’s not you, it’s me”.

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Baked vanilla brioche, butter rum bananas, pistachio crumb, natural yogurt.

It is a well thought out dish and all the components works so well together

The french toast is custardy in the middle and yet flaky and crisp around the edges. The bananas are yum - they are nicely caramelised and the pistachio crumb adds another textural dimension when you eat it with the mushy bananas.

The yogurt itself is not sweet and thus, is the perfect addition that brings the dish together - another sweet sauce like honey would have made the dish overly sweet.

This is now my favourite french toast in Singapore. Their coffee is also not bad - strong and not acidic. My first time at this cafe but definitely not my last.

Ting C

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