Roman Radiance

Roman Radiance

Food from Rome, Italy!
halfeaten (Ella)
halfeaten (Ella)

A fancy looking eatery near Vatican City, this restaurant sells pastries for only 1 euro if you take them away. Prices are often more expensive if you eat in.

They were generous with the jam and the croissant pastry was soft. Good for breakfast to-go!

Price: €1 for takeaway, €2 to eat-in

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Tried the original flavour cannoli. It was sweet, but I liked it! The pastry is really crispy (like a really crispy curry puff), and the cream inside is sugary and creamy. Every bite has crunchy pastry with smooth cream.

Price: 3.50 euros

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Stopped by this cafe located near Circo Massimo station as we desperately needed to escape the heat after a long day of walking. Smoked salmon and poached eggs atop fresh bread - nothing special but it satisfied our cravings. Service was very friendly.

Price: 8 euros

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This is their Firenze panini, made with turkey, lettuce and cheese. Think Subway but with simpler, better quality ingredients and a crusty ciabatta bread.
Price: 6 euros

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Had to try the famed gelateria while in Rome. Realised how stressful it can be trying to choose multiple gelato flavours not knowing what's good, with a long line of customers behind you. I got the pistachio, raspberry and oreo cookie in a medium cup!
The raspberry was tart and fruity, while the pistachio was light and creamy. Didn't like the oreo one much - tasted a little strange to me and not like regular oreo/cookies & cream. I thought their fruit flavours were the best!

Price: 4 euros

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One of my favourite pizzas in Rome. Just a short walk from the Trevi Fountain, pizzas here are freshly made when you order. The crust is delicate and chewy. The mozzarella cheese is very soft and light; very different from what we can get in Singapore. And the mushrooms added an earthy fragrance - complementary but not overwhelming at all.

Price: 7 euros

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Even though it's a chain, I really liked the concept and their pizzas! You can choose however many flavours you want, tell them how small or large a slice you would like, and they will weigh the slices and charge you accordingly! I ordered tiny slices because I had already eaten lunch and was just feeling greedy.

Price: 1.80 euros (for the small portion I got). A normal portion of 6 square pieces is about 6 euros.
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Their pasta was so al dente I had to do a lot of chewing. Wanted to try the cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) pasta that's unique to Rome, which I've seen so many posts about online. The cheese sauce was really thick and creamy, and became even thicker as the sauce cooled throughout the meal. Worth a try, but I think I prefer tomato-based pasta.

Price: 10 euros

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Within walking distance from the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, this gelateria has indoor seats and offers sweet respite from the heat. I got the stracciatella and pistachio flavours, with a lemon macaron.
Price: 4.20 euros

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You'll like this tiramisu if you're a fan of cream. There was lots of cream in their rendition of this Italian classic, although we felt it could do with more chocolate and liquor.

Price: 5 euros

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Love that you can mix-and-match your preferred type of pasta and choice of sauce in this small pasta joint. This is the ravioli with ricotta cheese and spinach, in a basil pesto. Swipe right to see their menu. Prices were also very reasonable for their substantial portions.

Price: 7 euros

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Decided to go somewhere fancier for our last meal in Rome. Their pumpkin ravioli was highly raved about so we ordered a mixture of pumpkin ravioli, fish ravioli and seafood spaghetti. The pumpkin and fish ravioli were both bland, and the pumpkin ravioli came in a miniscule portion. Only the seafood spaghetti was worth ordering.

Price: 15 euros

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