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Agnes Ng
Agnes Ng

Enjoyed this pasta with Truffle Mushroom Carbonara ($16+) and 2 Hot Chocolate drinks ($6+ each) using 1-for-1 Burpple deal. The tom yum pasta looks unassuming but it is surprisingly packed with flavour! Love the fragrant sauce which comes with a good balance of spice and tartness. The serving is generous as well. The Truffle Mushroom Carbonara (not in picture) is less desirable as the truffle taste is very faint and the cream makes it taste flat. Would love to come back to try other pastas when I’m in the vicinity!

Ordered one of the Chef’s Signatures as it looks like a good deal with 1 protein (chicken) and 2 sides (mushroom and cherry tomato). I requested for less oil and it is a good decision as the dish still turned out oily with the butter base 😂 The umami flavour is very enjoyable for the first mouthfuls but the taste gets flat after a while. Suggest to add more chilli flakes when you collect the order to give it another depth of flavour.

Scrambled eggs in a bun sounds good but it’s tough for the wallet at Eggslut :(

Menu prices are misleading as $1.50 top up is needed to change fried egg to scrambled eggs.

Common observation for all buns: they are pretty filling but very very very very oily.

In the picture:
🔸Truffle hashbrowns ($4.50) - Around 6 pieces were given. Truffle smell is very brief, otherwise taste like normal hashbrowns.

🔸 Sausage, egg & cheese sandwich ($12 + $1.50 to change to scrambled eggs) - Sausage is pretty tasty but I wonder why it’s greenish 🤔 Otherwise it tastes like an expensive version of McDonald’s chicken sausage burger with scrambled eggs.

🔸 Bacon, egg & cheese sandwich ($12 + $1.50 for scrambled eggs) - My friends find the bacon nice but again, very overpriced for what is inside.

🔸Cheeseburger single ($13.50) - My friend thought it tastes very normal and he will be better off having Shake Shack across the road.

Interesting combination of duck confit and waffle with a side of cabbage slaw and fried egg. The duck has a crispy skin and meat is not too dry. The disappointment lies in the waffle which is almost tasteless if you don’t pair it with the sauce provided. The mustard maple syrup is mind boggling - I expected it to be sweet but it tasted sour like a plum sauce. Overall it’s an interesting concept but doesn’t make much sense when being eaten together.

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Great ambience for dinner but pricey food. Enjoyed this plate of linguine and found the seasoning on point, but the serving is quite small for the price. Given that Dempsey is not a very accessible place, I will not make a trip down specifically to dine here.

Slightly crispy on the outside and well cooked on the inside. Calamari served that day was not too chewy which is a good sign that it’s fresh. Good starter and great for sharing.

Must order!!! Onion rings are sliced thinly and fried in crispy batter. The mystery sauce that accompanies it is so good. My friend and I finished it before the mains came 😂 I wouldn’t mind coming back just to have these onion rings 🥺 Highly addictive!

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Good portion for ladies but might not be enough for big eaters. The sauce matches well with the steak and the sides are decent. Worth it with Burpple one-for-one deal. Cafe was quiet even during lunch hours despite being in town - hopefully more people will show their support!

I love love love this dish so much. Salmon was cooked perfectly, with crispy skin and flaky inside. The hummus paired well with other components (cauliflower, tomatoes, pomegranate seeds), making it a harmonious and complete dish. 50% off mains with Burpple Beyond is so worth it! The flat white ($5) was great too, it reminded me of coffee in Melbourne 🤩 Can’t wait to be back for more!

Buttery toasted brioche coupled with generous serving of fresh lobster is pure bliss. I love how the warm bun contrasts with the cold lobster. Highly recommend this over the whole lobster ❤️

Went on a Saturday around 5pm and did not make a reservation. Staff told us that the waiting time is around an hour, however they called us after 15 min saying they have a bar table for us and we gladly took it :) Read the reviews that grilled version is better than steamed so we opted for that. Lobster is super fresh and feels alright to break down while following the instructions shown in the menu. Really enjoyed the lemon & garlic butter sauce which pairs really well with the lobster. We used it as a dipping sauce for the fries, which otherwise would have been bland.

Compared to the lobster roll, the grilled lobster is more pricey and for less meat (and more effort to extract the meat!). Will recommend to try the grilled lobster once and thereafter stick to the lobster roll 😁

The Halibut fish & chips ($26++) was not available when we went, so I had the Grouper ($32++) that day. The fish is fresh and flakes nicely. Love that they battered the fish thinly so that I could enjoy the flesh of the fish more. Sweet potato fries are a nice surprise and I would very much rather swop all my potato fries with those! Price is quite expensive but for the ambience and quality, it’s pretty worth it 😃

Loves sourdough and a cup of joe 😃

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