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Melissa Lim
Melissa Lim

I usually don't like eating too much cheese as it gets overwhelming, but the ricotta here is light yet creamy and so good. Micro bakery is still my favourite place for sourdough toast. Theirs has a crusty crust and a soft chewy middle.

Aside from the main menu items, you can also choose your own selection of breakfast items to create your own plate. I had scrambled eggs ($4), sourdough toast ($2), mixed greens ($2) and a roasted tomato ($3). All tasted good.

I like how the scrambled eggs looked like they has more whites than yolks. Scrambled eggs were thick and creamy, the with bread with with toasted, and there was a little spice from black pepper.

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Creamy, thick, soft, golden scrambled eggs with bits of salty furikake on a hunk of chewy toasted sourdough, topped with crunchy snap peas and asparagus. It may be a little overpriced but I keep coming back for this.

The toast was supposed to be sourdough but it was crusty rather than chewy, though it was saved by the coffee creme fraiche smeared lightly over it. Otherwise, the smoked salmon, poached egg and greens were all tasty. Overall a satisfying but overpriced dish.

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This is a sesame seed bagel lathered in dill cream cheese and topped with smoked salmon, raw onions and spinach, with a side salad dressed in sesame dressing. The bagel was tough and stale, and there was too much cream cheese, but the other ingredients were good in quantity and quality.

It's a sign of the popularity of this cafe (and perhaps of the propensity of its customers to sit and chat long after their food is finished) that, despite its inflated prices, at 2.40pm on a Thursday, all the seats were filled and there was a short queue outside the door. The food and coffee were excellent. The scrambled egg whites were firm, rich, and generously portioned. The greens comprised kale cooked till tender and edamame on a bed of guacamole, topped with shredded parmesan.

The scrambled eggs and smooth and creamy, and pair well with the smoked salmon and scattered vegetables. The toast has a nicely crisp crust. The whole dish is a little too salty, though I still enjoyed it. Prices are reasonable. I liked the ambience of this cafe, with the modern interior and plenty of daylight streaming through the windows. I came during the weekday lunch hour and although most tables were filled, it wasn’t difficult to find a seat, and wasn’t too noisy either.

It’s been 5 years since I last came here and the waffles are still as good as I remember. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, with a texture that’s neither too light nor too dear. I like it that many of the waffles have the option of Greek yogurt rather than ice cream – ice cream always feels too heavy for brunch, and Greek yogurt is tasty and healthy. The coffee is good too. I had Magic, one of their specialties, a double ristretto with milk.

Overpriced but I love it so much, I keep coming back for it. There’s a mix of vegetables here, not just kale but also broccoli, sweet pea and asparagus. The white flakes are parmesan cheese and the brown bits in the middle are crunchy lemon zest crumbs. It’s healthy and full of texture and flavour. If only it was cheaper.

Beetroot avocado tartine with pickled radish and candied pumpkin seeds. Love the chewiness of the thick slab of sourdough! The flavours of the toppings meld together well.

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