Japanese Food

Japanese Food

Featuring Rakki Bowl, Firebake - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant, Gyu Nami (Orchard Gateway), Kei Kaisendon (Square 2), Yakiniku Like (PLQ), Ramen Bari-Uma (Novena), BAFO (International Plaza), Sushi Plus (Bugis Junction)
Jinghui Huang
Jinghui Huang

Decent and worth it

22 nett for usual price, very worth it for Burpple 1 for 1 (no gst or service charge so its one of the rare true 1 for 1s). Given tuna, salmon, scallop (not common at this price point), ikura, tobiko

Nothing truly stood out, but all the pieces were not bad. Overall very decent


Yakiniku Like at Paya Lebar is the first store in Singapore for the famous Japanese Yakiniku chain. Their creative no fuss grilling dining concept and affordable prices have earned them long queues and rave reviews.

The beef Short Plate was so damn good. Nice and fatty, and screamed good quality (for the super affordable price). There is a difference between grills using racks and those like a hotplate. With their rack grill the meat tasted smoky and caramelised as the flames kissed the meat. The pork Jowl, as usual had very nice intramuscular fat that benefited from the grilling. The belly was quite nice, decent quality. Many sauces to try, which was pretty fun.

Overall good quality yakiniku, and given the price (paid about 10 bucks/pax for 150g of meat total, if you pick the right meats) just makes it super worth it. Can't stop thinking of the grilled meats and can't wait to be back

Bari Uma serves an honest bowl of hakata style pork broth ramen.

Very good bowl of ramen. The soup is thick, with the right collagenous consistency. The soup is cloudy with a good amount of oil emulsified within it. There is a bit of a bloody taste though, but not something that affects the dish too much.

The pork is well marinated and seasoned. Noodles are nice and Al dente, and according to them made handmade.

Sushi Plus is a recent new addition by Sushi Express. The concept is a zhnged up version of sushi express, having premium options that can be ordered with your phone and delivered on a train (similar to a jap restaurant which starts with gen and rhythms with donkey). The jumbo salmon sushi was very worth it (on offer: $3 for 2 pieces of huge salmon sashimi

Other dishes tried:
Salmon sushi: okayish
Ika sushi: very nice and flavourful
Unagi (thick cut) : good quality but was cold and oils were not rendered well

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Bought this using Burpple Beyond
Good points first: the Don was decent, salmon was nice and fatty. The salad was pretty nice
About the negative points:
-about the dish: The scallop was not good quality, and different from the ones the photos portrayed
-Price and offerings (disclaimer, this is written in their "menu" under their t&c): the 1 for 1 is for a special Burpple set which consisted of a main, drink, salad and side (note: the side was meant to be a prawn but they changed it to yakitori sticks which were reheated pieces worse than tori q). The "usual price" was supposed to be 29+, but adding the items up in the menu gave me 22 (before adding the off menu chicken yakitori sticks which weren't good). Besides that their existing promotion alr gives u free sides and soup when you order a don so... Not saying anything about how the deal is designed, but having a Burpple special set (which alr consisted of some free things (or not worth it things)), and then giving up a discount leading the price to something not much different from the original, is misleading

But overall a decent chirashi bowl.

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Very simple, yet well executed dish.

The onions inside were well sweated, adding sweetness to the entire dish. The mussels tasted really fresh and high quality, and was cooked just right. Everything in the dish, whether the garlic to the onions, to the white wine, worked well together. Very well done dish. Clams may have been a better shellfish for such a sauce though.

Decent quality salmon, at extremely affordable prices. Used the beyond 1 for 1 and got 2 bowls for around 23 bucks. The salmon taste fresh, and the sauce they marinate the salmon with fits well. The sauce is soy sauce based, tastes like a wafu dressing with some mirin, oil and maybe some vinegar, giving a slight tang and sweetness. The oil helps with the salmon as the salmon was quite lean. Personal preference but the salmon could have been a bit fattier (maybe I was just unlucky)

Reasonable bowl of beef don.

Bought this as part of a Burpple Beyond promotion (so this is $10). The beef was cooked to a good doneness (medium/medium rare), which is the most important thing actually. The sauce complemented the dish well, and plating was very pleasant. The beef was not cooked to order, or even kept warm, and thus had a bit of a stale taste, and a loss of juiciness. The meat was not the best in terms of quality, and felt like it had a lot of connective tissue, but they circumvented with making thin cuts. Also did not taste like wagyu as there was not a lot of intramuscular fat.

However, given the price, this is very affordable and worth it. Would come back if i in the area.

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