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Clarke Quay

Featuring 8 Korean BBQ (Clarke Quay Central), Peony Jade Restaurant (Clarke Quay), BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers, HEYTEA (Clarke Quay), DON DON DONKI (Clarke Quay Central), Kanda Soba (Clarke Quay Central), CHICHA San Chen (Clarke Quay Central), Wagyu Bites
Jessica imSOHhungry
Jessica imSOHhungry

I’m a huge fan of taro, also a huge fan of CHICHA drinks. So, how could I not try this! 😍

Chicha just released their taro series, which includes 4 drinks! In short, 3 of them have taro paste & taro bubble but with the following drink; fresh milk, tea, milk tea. The 4th one is milk tea as well but black pearl instead of taro bubble.

Bought the fresh milk with taro bubble today, it’s pretty good! Would prefer it without taro bubble(personal preference here, don’t like chewy in drinks) but the drinks are fixed so no customisation allowed.


I’m Soh greedy 🤪

Juicy beef patty, made with A4 wagyu. On the menu, it was either double cheese burger or foie gras cheese burger. But I went ahead and asked if I can add additional patty to my foie gras cheese burger.

They have some tasty onion rings as well, dipping it into sour cream, that’s perfection.

Pretty sinful and that’s the kind of feeling I’m looking for.

Foie Gras Double Cheese Burger $27++
+ Onion Ring(Set 4) $6++

The Original Ex-Crown Prince Hotel's Flaky Teochew Orh-ni Mooncakes.

Love a freshly baked hand made pastry. Three options available, including no yolk(orh ni + pumpkin), double yolk(orh ni + 2 yolks) & my favourite single yolk(orh ni + pumpkin + 1 yolk) because I can have the best for all worlds. Reheat for best experiences, heating instruction included on the box.

Fun fact: I used to sell mooncake for them in mooncake fair years back and I’ve been buying their mooncake every year since. Converted from selling to buying 🌝

Delivery: FREE Islandwide Delivery(min. $280) or delivery fee based on distance if lower

Flaky Teochew Orh Ni Mooncake (Single Yolk) $68.40+

“It is a heavy, luxurious milk shake. We use many milk & ice cream”

Heavy? Many milk & ice cream? I’m sold.

Often find myself looking for something to snack on or drink when I’m at Donki. Loving this thick hokkiado milkshake. Item seems to be only available at Clarke Quay Donki.

Hokkaido Premium Milkshake $5.90

This piece of black rock looking thing, photo definitely does no justice to it. It might looks hard and dry but it is actually very soft, dense and rich, not overly sweet

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Delicious pork, their signatures 8 type of marinated pork allow us to experience the different taste of pork. Free flow of kimchi & beansprout. Highly recommended for pork bbq

Good lunch set deal! Set includes 1 bowl of Original Maze Soba(beef/pork/both), 2 pcs Sushi(beef/pork) & 1 bowl of Soup. Additional $0.50 for spicy version of maze soba.

I personally prefer the original version as the taste of meat sauce is stronger. Lunch set sushi comes with 1 mentaiko & 1 cream cheese, all are equally nice.

Very friendly staffs who patiently explained to me the items on menu and directions to enjoy the maze soba fully.

I just want to add on, please try the soup since it comes with the set, it’s good too! Not just any free soup.

Highlights: original maze soba

Documenting food that I would eat again My friends use me as a food directory 👇🏻 30% off Beyond

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