SG: Chinese

SG: Chinese

Featuring The Salted Plum (Circular Road), Xiao Ya Tou, FOOK KIN, Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo (People's Park Complex Food Centre), Tan Yu ([email protected]), Dumpling Darlings (Circular Road), Yakitori Yatagarasu, Victor's Kitchen (Chinatown Point), Kam's Roast (Jewel Changi Airport), Fong Yong Tau Foo
Carmen Chan
Carmen Chan

We had the truffle roasted duck, mala fish, brussel sprouts and lobster pai tee. All of them were not bad but quite overpriced IMO. The lobster pai tee was the best dish out of the 4 with a generous amount of lobster, slathered in rich mayo and topped with ikura. Truffle roasted duck was not subtle with the truffle which I appreciated. The mala fish was average, while the brussel sprouts was a bit too sweet with Thai chili sauce-like taste.

Not bad but not great either. The kuey chap was smooth and silky, but the broth was overly sweet and I could only drink less than half the bowl. Salted vegetable was also too sweet, but I appreciated the whole garlic cloves in there that gives it extra flavour. The duck and intestines were also average, intestines were pretty rubbery.
Pictured is for 2 pax, portion is decent at least! (cabbage rice also included which is not pictured)

A very generous portion of lei cha! But for $6, it better be. Chock full of vegetables/rice and basil broth was not bad, but wayyyy too much garlic. I felt like every spoonful I had just had bits of raw garlic in it. I love garlic but this was overkill, my mouth just reeked of garlic the whole day so don’t eat this if you have face to face meetings 😂
The chili (which is the chicken rice chili in the same store) is the bomb though.

Most chicken skewers are $2.50 each while most of the pork skewers were $3.50. Of all the ones I had, my favourite skewers were the chicken thigh, chicken giblet, chicken wings and pork slice wrapped with enoki. They even have some creative ones like noodles or rice wrapped with pork slices. For those who like liver, the chicken liver is also really well cooked, still tender and not over cooked. Wished there was more variety on the menu though.

As others say, the skewers are little towards the salty side but not a big deal. We also got the chicken soup which while good, was nothing special.

In-house handmade noodles with Braised Mushroom, Miso Tare, Sofrito, Fried Shallot, Sesame and Spring Onions. Savoury and sooo mushroom-y. A little salty but overall pretty good noodles!

Pan fried dumplings stuffed with Smoked Bacon, Truffle Potato, Caramelised Onion, Cheddar with a side of Sriracha Mayo sauce. Not bad if you’re looking for something different from your normal run of the mills Chinese dumplings.

Interesting hotpot concept! They stir fry the meat (choice of chicken, pork belly, beef) with vegetables and some sauces firsy in the stone pot first then add a mild broth. It is the other ingredients you put in along the meal that help strengthen the broth’s flavour. You can choose the ingredients yourselves and every plate colour has a different price. Not bad, but price is not cheap as it ended up costing $30+ per person to be full. And we chose ‘fish cake with mochi’ but it turned out to be fish cake with potatoes and cheese. Misleading 😂

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While the fried rice had sufficient wok hei, the blandness leaves much to be desired. It was so flavourless 😂 Same goes for the noodles broth. Tasted like food for sick people lol. But the pork chop was tender and flavourful!

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In descending order of favourite to least favourite dish, we ordered the signature biang biang noodles, minced pork noodles in sour spicy soup, spicy stir fry noodles (pictured) and chinese hamburger.

I really liked the springiness of the noodles here, feels very handmade. Each dish had different shapes/sizes of noodles! The sour spicy soup was quite salty though and I can’t imagine someone finishing a whole bowl by themselves. Spicy stir fry noodles was not spicy at all and had a lotttt of bell pepper. Tasted like a milder version of the biang biang noodles. The Chinese hamburger which had some shredded pork inside, was not good in my opinion.

Our favourite which we’d come back for is the biang biang noodles. I’d love to try the sesame noodles too next time.

Loved the meats! My favourite in descending order were the siu yok, duck and char siew. A lot of these noodles can be quite dry and flavourless out there, but this one was packed with flavour and if you choose chili, there will be belacan added as well. $11+ for a bowl, but I can’t complain with the amount of meat and noodles that greeted me. You can also opt for only char siew or siew yok.

Not a fan at all of the choices of sauces they gave. The only one that tasted normal was the belacan (1st sauce from left). But the main stars which were the char siew, siu yok and duck? Succulent and juicy. The bao and lettuce were great vessels to accompany the meat.

It’s ironic how the dish that is literally the name of the restaurant didn’t taste as good as I expected it to be 😅 Personally, the soup was quite bland for me, wouldn’t go back for this.
The hor fun however, was pretty good. Flavourful with a touch of wok hei and generous with the bean sprouts and fish slices. The prawn paste chicken and stir fried kai lan are also good!

My favourite men is ramen

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