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Kugel Special

Kugel Special

Our A-Z festive eats. Roll in a jolly spirit with us!! 🕺💃
Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee

15 out of 15 dishes 🎉

First time to try ‘pistachio’ muah Chee. It is nutty crunchy and everything you would wish for dessert except the portion. Too tiny!! 😄

14 out of 15 dish

A star dessert (sweet mango 🥭 base with sago) served chill

13 out of 15 dishes
Not sure if they are right to call this main course as we are already full at this stage. They serve this dish in a big plate and the waitress suggests splitting for us. It looks petite when it arrive but we don’t mind. 😆

12 out of 15 dishes

Sneaked away for a toilet break and by the time coming back, the condiment for this set has been taken away. 😅 The lobster porridge nonetheless is superb with generous chunk of lobsters and well flavored rice porridge. 🍲

11 out of 15 dishes

Coffee lovers like us simply can miss out on this dish! It is sweet with coffee aroma but the ribs are quite hard to munch on without using the knife.

10 out of 15 dishes
No way would we have guess it contains chunky meat cube. Flaky pastry with medium rare wagyu beef.

9 out of 15 dishes

We think this might be a ‘deconstructed’ version of spring roll. Taste like spring roll but look as if ready to launch into stratosphere 🚀

It has crispy exterior with beansprout, carrots, vermicelli fillings. How interesting! 💯

8 out of 15 dishes
Tasty XLB that we simply can’t miss from the set. Good proportion of soup and filling inside the XLB👌

7 out of 15 dishes

Mixed vegetable And mushroom fillings with blue pea dumpling wrap. It is soft and delish!

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6 out of 15 dishes

They are Yin-Yang twins ☯️ !! Sweet taro mixed with savoury truffle smell wrapped within a cocoon pastry. Feeling like we are in good hands here 🐥

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5 out of 15 dishes

“Looks can be deceiving”. The bun might not look as much but it is fully packed with fine crab meat and chilli sauce. 🦀

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4 out of 15 dishes
Making the right choice to pick this dish from their CNY menu. By far ‘Seafood beancurd roll’ is our most favourite dish at Jade Fullerton hotel 👏Crispy beancurd skin wraps around moist & succulent prawn. It is delightful & reassure why we are back here after all these years!! 😍

Healthy foodie obsessed w/ ☕️ 🍫 Instagram: @kugelkaffee Follow our Live! Food journey on IG!! 🎊

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