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Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

I liked the flavors in this delicious salad ($16). Creamy goat cheese and avocado, tangy balsamic and beetroot, and the earthy, nutty bitterness of rocket leaves. It came with two bread sticks which were made with the same dough as their dough balls and had the same problem; they were too cold.

The Festive Sampling Platter is one of their a Christmas specials which comes with 4 dough balls, 4 mozz sticks and 4 chicken wings. Ok this was kinda meh, the dough balls had a lot of potential (chewy with a nice texture) but were cold. But I did like the dips though; there’s a tangy chili dip, garlic butter and cranberry sauce.

This is homemade ravioli stuffed with burrata cheese (a super mild tasting buffalo cheese which I am absolutely adoring at the moment) and black truffle, bathed in a porcini mushroom cream sauce and topped with crispy parma ham and caviar. ($29.90)

I really like the fact that the sauce is on the light side and neither the truffle or the creaminess is too heavy or overpowering. It's just very well balanced, with the parma adding a crispy crunch and the caviar adding a touch of umami and saltiness. Spam the parmesan cheese they provide on the side if you like an additional cheesy kick.

Food aside, the best thing this place has is the amazeballs view and ambience. Plonked by the riverside with a lovely cool breeze and the lights reflecting off the surface of the river, the whole place just encapsulates romance.


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This consisted of thinly pounded chicken breast in a marsala sauce with mushrooms and garlic spinach. ($44) I love how the chicken breast is not dry and rubbery at all despite being so thin. On the contrary, it was tender, flavorful and a terrific example of chicken breast done right. The sauce is a tad on the salty side but complements the garlicky spinach and mushroom.

I paired this with the hugest bowl of truffle fries in the background ($16), which were super crispy and delicious. I liked that they weren't shoestring, they were thick cut and every bite was super satisfying.

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This is a special off their Valentine's Day💕 menu; freshly made ravioli is stuffed with lobster and paired with a creamy sea urchin brandy sauce.

The plump pillows were full of the mild tasting crustacean, while the sauce was resplendent with the creamy umami of sea urchin. Topped with a little bit of caviar for that salty pop. The other members of the party in the mouth experience included some string beans and cherry tomatoes.

The pasta itself was al dente and unbelievably satisfying with a good stuffing to pasta ratio. Might I also add that it was really aesthetically appealing; that bright red ravioli against the pale creamy sauce. It was the most perfect appetite-whetter to start off a delicious meal.


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This is my first time trying gnocchi and I was so excited because it's not a common Italian dish. The dish consists of chewy soft potato pillows rolling in a creamy mushroom ragu with a heady dash of truffle oil. ($40)

The most unique thing was the texture of the pasta; really chewy but not overly starchy and also had a mild interesting potato flavor. But I wasn't particularly impressed by the taste of the pasta. The sauce though, was really good. Rich, creamy and the truffle oil cut through each and every bite with its almost obnoxiously loud and strong flavor. It paired with the mushrooms and potato really well.


The name of this dish ($32) is misleading. This isn't a cocktail glass of shrimp, but a huge metal plate at least the size of my face filled with ice and topped with four of the largest shrimp-like sea creatures I've ever seen. Each of those monstrosities was at least the size of my entire hand.

The shrimps were ice cold, fresh and tender. They paired perfectly with the squeeze of lemon, spicy cocktail sauce (the Italian standard of spicy is rather amusing because the sauce barely tickles the taste buds) and garlic aioli dip. And there was so much shrimp because of their size; all in all, it tasted very satisfying indeed.


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