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Boom Za
Boom Za

Very flavourful, better w lime and chilli!
Generous portion of beef!
$8-10 (forgot 😅)
Hum ❌❌

Dishes are generally very nice (except hum)

Broccoli + egg + 2 prawns + angel hair + fries and two fish fillet

Very generous portion & delicious!
Everything from the fries to the pasta were well prepared! Didn’t feel that the meal was very heavy as it was not loaded with oil unlike many western food.
+ 2 prawns in the set 😱
Highly recommend everyone to try this!

The jiejie is also very friendly and polite when dealing with customers too!

Havent tried but the pasta portion looks big for the price of $6! Definitely gonna try it someday

Simple yet delicious! Very wallet friendly too
Portion is bigger than it looks in photo. Took this photo halfway through eating 😂

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NGL the first time I had this it was pretty amazing! Noodles v springy and very flavourful. Never in my life had I thought BCM could taste this good. Bought the $3.50 one and regretted as it tasted so good that I wanted more. Portion felt a little smaller than usual.

Second time I went… ordered the $4 portion and was very excited. However, the dish turned out to be very disappointing… maybe also because I had my expectations up after the first time I had it. It felt like a normal BCM.

Would nevertheless try again when I have feels for BCM. Second try wasn’t bad, unless compared to the first time I had it

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Tender yet Firm. Extremely flavourful down to the breast.

Ginger haters like me should give the ginger sauce a try. Not too sure what they have added but I think it tasted rather good even though the ginger taste was still rather strong… the taste/flavour was not overpowering unlike the usual gingery taste. Goes very well with the chicken and whatever ingredients they have used to make that sauce. Extremely generous with the amount of ginger provided too.

Not a fan of tau gey but gotta admit that the tau gey here is amazing! Chilli too!

Gotta be one of the best chicken I have tried so far.

Price may be a little on the steep side. $22 for tau gey, chicken and two bowls of rice noodles

Would eat this everyday if only I were staying around that area. Very generous portion of chicken. Chicken is v soft and tender. Not loaded with msg - didnt feel thirsty at all after. Auntie even gave me the drumstick even though no request was made 😭
Different sizes available. Would pay $4 for this over any wanton mee anytime. Cheers to the aunties for working hard and providing such tasty meal options

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Portion looks small but after i finished my meal, i felt that the size was rather decent for a lady. Kept me full. Might not be enough for big guys. Very good proportion of beef to rice + yogurt ratio. Will definitely be back



$15 Mul naengmyeon
$18 Spicy pork without rice
$18 Beef stew?
$14 CASS beer (big)

Highly recommend all to try the beef stew! Price of the beef stew is on a higher side. Doesn’t look like there is much beef in the photo (all hidden below).
When it was served, i was pretty disappointed to see the amount of beef on the top of the stew. Surprised me first was the taste of the soup. 😋I thought hmm maybe i will just grab all the beef and some noodles. Unknowingly, i finished the entire bowl, finding pieces of beef even right till the last sip of the soup.
The quality, taste and tenderness of the beef, definitely worth $18. On top of that, the soup was amazing! Wasn’t salty yet packed with rich flavours! Not the kind of soup where you will feel thirsty after finishing the entire bowl 👍🏻 Beef had the milky taste too 😋😋😋

Spiccccy pork! Very generous portion with thick cuts of pork! It was super deliicious too!!

Only had a mouthful of the Mul Naengmyeon therefore cannot comment much. But it was good too!

Very refreshing bowl of beef noodles! The broth was not salty unlike most of the soup dishes you find in hawker. Simple yet delicious. Easily “sup” the entire bowl.

Order 1x mixed and 1x beef only kway teow noodle soup. $4, $5, $6 portion available.

Personally prefer the mixed one. Somehow a “milkier” taste to the broth. The organs were cooked very much to my liking - Very tender and flavourful!
Wouldn’t mind having a bowl of this every day.

I love chilli and lime…but…
-0.5 for the chilli. Didn’t rly like it 🤨
Uncle q generous i guess.. left the lime outside for customers to take.
I do prefer tho, the soup without the lime. Felt like it masks the milky taste if the broth

P.S Seems like it is the only dish available at the stall 😱

Tendon Beef ball soup $4
Looks plain and boring but it is surprisingly flavourful! I thought the soup was light and refreshing but my friend described it as plain and unimpressive. I think it really depends on what kind of person you are ( zhong kou wei or not). Would definitely be back for the tendon beef ball soup! The tendon beef balls are undeniably more flavourful than the beef balls 😋 Skipped the chilli as i felt that it spoils the flavour of the beef balls.

Sliced beef beehoon soup $4
Sliced beef kway teow dry $4
Sliced beef is tender but not v flavourful imo. Initially thought that the sliced beef would have a ‘beefier’ taste as compared to the beef balls

Prices starts from $4
Didnt manage to get the suan pan zi :( Looked amazing tho 😢

Enjoyed every dish i ordered. Felt like a v healthy n hearty meal. 家🏠


Super flavourful! Must try! 有家的味道
Finished the soup and didnt feel thirsty after 👍🏻

V flavourful soup and lots of ingredients used. Some parts of the chicken were a little dry but no issue with that. Chilli provided was delicious 🤤

Boom Za

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