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Salad Bowls

Salad Bowls

Featuring Sarnies (Telok Ayer), Maki-San (The Cathay), Haakon Superfoods & Juice ([email protected]), Urban Mix (One Raffles Place), Munch (One Raffles Place), Stuff'd (City Square Mall), Plain Vanilla Bakery (Cluny Court), SaladStop! (Velocity), Fireless Kitchen, Sumo Salad (Holland Village)
Anne Tay
Anne Tay

Base: Romaine lettuce
Protein: Moroccan-spiced salmon (+$2)
Sides: Arabian-spiced chickpeas, Zucchini and tomato salad, Wakame seaweed
Dressing: Carrot ginger

Nice variety of cooked ingredients and raw seasoned sides. I didn’t need the dressing as all the ingredients were tasty on their own. This made for a fresh and filling lunch.

Chunks of tempeh, quinoa, cucumber, juicy tomatoes, edamame, mesclun salad and a creamy yet light coconut ranch dressing make up this salad. It’s a good salad, filled with tastes and textures that are different from the norm, and of just the right portion for lunch. I used Burpple 1-for-1 and paid just $7.75.

Indoor seating is claustrophobic and dark, while outdoor seating is warm during lunch time. Still, it’s a good time to go now during Phase 2 when there aren’t any CBD crowds to queue and jostle with.

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A small salad consists of two out of three possible options, which rotate on a daily basis. I had an artichoke french bean pasta salad, and a lettuce microgreens and egg salad. The former was predominantly conchiglie pasta and soft sweet onions, with a single artichoke and several french beans. The latter was a very "green" tasting salad of slightly bitter salad vegetables, edamame and half a hard boiled egg. Not one of my favourite combinations of salads amongst those I've had from Plain Vanilla, but stil good for a simple lunch.

In this bowl is
Protein: Sous vide teriyaki chicken
Base: Butterhead lettuce
Sides: Za'atar cauliflower, balsamic onion confit, maple roasted carrots

Fireless refers to the predominantly sous vide and roasting methods of cooking without a flame, and it made a big difference. The chicken was so tender and juicy. The cauliflower and carrots were beautifully roasted and seasoned. The onions were caramelized till wonderfully soft, sweet and plump. The lettuce was surprisingly fresh and crunchy. I've tried many salad bowls and this was easily one of the best I've had.

The salads are pricey but I like them a lot! This was a mix of kale romaine caesar and couscous tomato aubergine. The kale salad had some croutons as well. Both were flavourful and tasty.

The portions here are huge, so I usually come here only when I'm very hungry! They have two options, regular for $12 and large for $15. A regular gets you a base (you can mix two types), a protein, 3 sides and a dressing. Mine had:
- Base: Quinoa and lentil + Romaine
- Protein: Quinoa falafel (comes with hummus)
- Sides: Roasted cauliflower, chickpeas, tomatoe zucchini salad
- Dressing: none (because the ingredients were already so flavourful!)
I loved every single part of this bowl. The falafels were a little too dry, but the dollop of hummus made up for it. The sides were all super delicious. Plus its healthy!

I ordered this from Grab. There are different sizes of salads, and a small gets you two choices. When the box arrived it looked small, but it's actually a deep box so the portion was just right for lunch.

I chose the kale and orrechiette salad, and the greek salad. I think they replaced the orrechiette with a cous cous/brown rice mix – the first had cous cous, brown rice, edamame and kale. The second had capsicums, onions, zucchini, green olives and feta cheese. Both were well-dressed, delicious, and complemented each other well.

Again very impressed by the selection of ingredients in Haakon's bowl. I love scrambled eggs and Haakon is one of the few places that offers it in a grain bowl.

Base: Cauliflower rice
Protein: Falafel
Sides: Scrambled eggs (+$0.50), Cucumber and pineapple, Snow peas
Toppings: Goji berries
Dressing: Ponzu ginger

One of the limited specials. Quinoa, spinach, red and white cabbage, corn, edamame, daikon, mandarin oranges, grilled tofu, seared tuna and yuzu soy dressing, plus a choice of breadsticks or crackers.

I wish I stirred this so you could see the seared tuna, which was fresh and generous in quantity. I really liked this bowl, which was fresh, filling and tasty enough that I didn't have to mix in the dressing. The breadstick was a nice complementary snack.

Clearly in a feta cheese mood today, as all my three options had feta cheese in them. My options were:
- Beetroot salad: beetroot, feta, rocket
- Tuna and dill pasta: fusilli, feta, pesto mayo, dill
- Pesto chicken and avocado: avocado, feta cheese, romaine, chicken, pesto

Everything was well dressed. Beetroot salad was refreshing, while the other two were creamy. Dressings were probably not very healthy but they were full-flavoured and tasty.

The choice and freshness of the ingredients at Haakon seem to have gotten better. I enjoyed every single component in this bowl. They were all moist and tasty enough, even without the dressing.

Base: Shirataki noodles (+$0.5)
Protein: Veggie patty
Sides: Mango and tomato salsa, Snow peas, Scrambled eggs (+$0.5)
Topping: Furikake
Dressing: Miso tahini

Love the choices in Urban Mix! They have lots of ingredients that you can't find in other places. I had a small mix but added an extra side salad and got some premium options, so it was $12 in total.
Base: rainbow riced vegetables
Protein: chicken meatballs
Side salads: crab mayo, fajita fajita vegetables
Toppings: edamame, seaweed salad, feta cheese
Sauce: soy sesame

Anne Tay

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